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Requirements for Membership

On joining the England Project, members are paired up with Trailblazers who lead them through the first stage of our unique Orphan Trail. Completion of this stage is compulsory for every new member of the project. Because this is a considerable time commitment by our amazing volunteer Trailblazers, we ask that you stay in regular contact with them throughout your time on the trail. If we don't hear from you, we will assume that you are not currently in a position to work with your Trailblazer, and you will be removed from the project so that they can be free to work with the next person. You are welcome to rejoin at a later stage when you have the time to dedicate to this.

After completion of the trail, we ask that you join a team and work with your Team Leader, and that when the time comes, you respond to the six month check-in from the group leaders. We recognise that people lead busy lives and are grateful for any and all contributions you make towards the project's goals.


The goal of the England Project is to make every single English profile the very best it can be. It is our desire to leave a lasting legacy of work for future generations and current researchers that can facilitate their quest for family history, and bring them one step closer to discovering the myriad of people it has taken for them to draw breath.

Orphan Trail Team

When you join the England Project, you start out in the Orphans Team. You will begin by working on Orphan Trail I.
You begin by choosing and working on orphaned English profiles under the guidance of your Trailblazer, an England Project member who will be your guide and study buddy.
You will start with a relatively recent profile, and work back to 1700, learning the ropes as you go with sourcing, researching, writing the biography and decluttering the profile.
With over 80,000 orphaned English profiles, this is a great way to begin contributing to the project, and give us a chance to get to know each other and what else you might like to do further down the line.
Membership of the Orphaned Profiles Team lasts approximately 2 weeks. The Coordinators of this team are Ann Browning & Susie Officer

Teams Beyond the Trail

Once you have finished the Orphan Trail, you'll have the opportunity to contribute to the project in other ways through teams. In order to be included in the England Project, and be awarded the England badge, you need to be active in the project either on the Orphan Trail or as part of one or more of these teams.

  • County Teams : The County Teams are responsible for all work carried out on profiles of people born in, or associated with, their county. They also oversee the category and space pages for all the English counties. Each county team has its own leader, and the counties are organised into regions. The Coordinator of these regional teams is Dave Welburn
  • Profile Improvements Teams: Profile Improvements is made up of individual teams of sourcerers, arborists, connectors, biography writers, data doctors, categorisers and others, who are dedicated to improving all English profiles. They work towards the goal of the England Project, which is to make all English profiles the absolute best that they can be. The Coordinator of these teams is Malc Rowlands and Janet Wild
  • Managed Profiles Team The Managed Profiles team works on the profiles managed and protected by England. They work alongside the Profile Improvements Teams to ensure that our Project managed profiles look brilliant. The team also accepts new profiles to manage, on behalf of the England Project , and maintains the integrity of those we already manage. These are our Flagship profiles and therefore membership of this team comes under specific criteria which you can find on the Team page. Coordinated by Jo Fitz-Henry and Stephen Trueblood.

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