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Welcome to the England Project!

Join us in the England Project!


The England Project is a Sub-Project of the United Kingdom Project

Before joining, build your confidence and expertise by working on your own English family

It's always good to begin with your own family. You don't need to be a member of the project to do this. It's a good idea to get comfortable with checking that dates, places and names on your profiles are correct, providing strong and reliable sources, adding wonderful photographs if you have them, and writing lovely biographies of your ancestors that bring them to life for the reader. If you need help with any of these, the England Project team would love to help out. Just message Susie or Gillian and they'll connect you with the right person.

However, if you are keen to join and still learning all the 'ins and outs' of WikiTree, no problem! We are currently developing ways for people new to WikiTree to be involved in the project. Contact Gillian for more information.

Ways to get involved in the England Project

The England Project is divided into four main teams:

  • Counties Team
  • Sub Projects Team
  • PPPs Team
  • Profile Improvers Team

In order to be included in the England Project, and be added to the Member Contributions page, you need to be active in the project as part of one or more of these teams. For more information see our Teams page. Have a think about how you would like to get involved and speak to either Susie or Gillian. Here are some ideas of how people can contribute to the project:

  • Sponsor or help with a county: Sponsors and helpers make sure English profiles are properly categorised, using the simple [[Category:place, county]] format. See the Teams page for the current list of counties and sponsors for ideas.
  • Manage a sub-project: For example, you might like to take on English authors. This would mean creating and maintaining a free-space page, and helping to ensure the categories are consistent and correct. See the Teams page for the current list of sub-projects and managers for ideas.
  • Join the PPPs Team: If you have the pre-1500 badge and are interested in collaborating on interesting and key profiles for England please contact either Susie MacLeod or Gillian Thomas.
  • Commit to improving English profiles: Whether it be as a sourcerer, data doctor, arborist, profiler, connector etc, joining the Profile Improvers Team is a great way to get involved in the project and help make English profiles the best that they can be.

Counties of England

London and Greater London

Unitary Authorities

Past Counties of England

Major Cities

Kingdom of England

Links to England Maintenance Categories

WikiTree England Resources

External England Resources

WikiTree Resources

Remember a lot of questions can be answered by referring to the help pages link at the top right of pages.

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