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Welcome to the England Project!

Are you interested in the England Project?

Please Note:

  • If you are working on a profile of someone born in England, and would like to do so, please add the England Sticker.
  • If you are working on a profile of someone with English ancestors, and would like to do so, please add the English Ancestor Sticker.
  • Please do not add the England project box to profiles. This is reserved for profiles which are project protected and being managed by the project. Thank you.
  • The England Category Page is the key page linking to the England Project activities.
  • English Resources


The goal of the England Project is to make every single English profile the very best it can be. It is our desire to leave a lasting legacy of work for future generations and current researchers that can facilitate their quest for family history, and bring them one step closer to discovering the myriad of people it has taken for them to draw breath.

Orphans Team

On joining the England Project, you start out in the Orphans Team. This is a sub-team of the Profile Improvements Team in which you adopt an orphaned English profile, starting with a relatively recent one, and working back through various historical periods, learning the ropes as you go. With over 80k orphaned English profiles this is a great way to begin contributing to the project, and give us a chance to get to know each other and what else you might like to do further down the line. The leader of this team is Ros Haywood.

Other ways to get involved in the England Project

Once you have worked on the Orphan Team for a while, you'll have the opportunity to contribute to the project in other ways. These include:

  • Counties Team
  • Sub Projects Team
  • Profile Improvers Team

In order to be included in the England Project, and be added to the Member Contributions page, you need to be active in the project as part of one or more of these teams. For more information see our Teams page.

  • Counties Team: The counties team is responsible for the category and space pages for all the English counties. The current leader of this team is Susie MacLeod
  • Sub Projects Team: The Sub-Projects team oversees all the Sub Projects managed by the England Project, and works alongside people who wish to begin new ones. The current leader of this team is Neil Perry
  • Profile Improvements Team: The Profile Improvements Team are made up of sourcerers, arborists, connectors, biography writers, data doctors, and others, who are dedicated to improving all English profiles. The work on profiles managed by the England Project, but also work towards the goal of the England Project - making all English profiles the absolute best that they can be. The leader of this team is Vivienne Caldwell.

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