Project: Example

This project page is an example of the ideal Top-level project layout. For more information, see Help:Project Pages.



Summarize the purpose of the project, i.e. why it exists and why someone would want to join. This should only be a few sentences. You can go into more detail lower down on the page if you like. This would also be a good place to put your Project Example Profile template (the same one that goes in the Example Gallery) to give people a glimpse into what your project ideals are.

How to Join

Are you interested in the Example Project?


Overview of the project's primary goals, followed by a table or listing of specific tasks.

Possible goals include (but are not limited to):

  1. All duplicates merged into lowest number
  2. categories added
  3. biography cleaned up and written, using the WikiTree Style Guide (ask the Profile Improvement Project for help)
  4. Attached family meets these goals, too
  5. Attached to the main WikiTree family tree (ask the Connectors Project for help)

To-Do or Task List

These should be specific tasks that volunteers (or team members) can take on to meet the above mentioned goals. Using a list with a post to a G2G thread about the task works really well, as it facilitates discussion and it is easy for people to join and volunteer to help. Here is an example:
To participate in the project, we have a list of tasks that we need accomplished. To see details about the task, volunteer, participate in the discussion, or ask questions about it, click on the link, which will take you to the G2G thread about the task. Be sure to post on that thread if you complete the task so we can take it off the list!"
For more information, see To-Do or Task List.


Top-level projects have at least one project box or other template for use on the profiles they manage. Instructions one when to use these templates, and links out to the specific template pages should be listed here.

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