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Welcome to the Facilitators Project, a sub project of the Tree Huggers Project on WikiTree!

Facilitators are the social networkers of the WikiTree community. Our goal is to help connect people with others who share the same interests, make them feel at home and valued, and to give them a sense of ownership in the community. tree_hugger.gif
Member List

Picture this:

You walk into a party and see someone in the corner on their own. You approach them and start chatting about what they are interested in. His name is Remco and he mentions that all his ancestors are from the Netherlands. “Ah,” you say, “there’s someone you should meet!” and you lead him to the other side of the room where Bea is standing with a group of friends. “Bea, this is Remco, he has Dutch Roots!” and “Remco, this is Bea. She knows a lot about the Netherlands!” After just a short time Remco is clearly part of the group standing with Bea. Remco is no longer alone in a corner. Remco feels at home.

If you can imagine yourself in this scenario then the Facilitators Project might be right up your street. It’s not about formulas or saved messages to be copied and pasted. It’s more organic and relational, encouraging them to meet others on WikiTree and get connected. It can often take messaging back and forth a few times to figure out who to introduce them to, and get them connected.

A Facilitator Is…

  • … a member who joined WikiTree more than six months ago.
  • … a Wiki Genealogist who has signed the Honor Code.
  • … a natural networker who has built relationships with others in the community.
  • … a friendly communicator who instinctively knows who to introduce people to.
  • … someone who is passionate about the WikiTree vision and mission.

How to join the Facilitators Project

Are you interested in the Facilitators Project?
  • Project Leaders:

On joining:

We will…

  • ... award you the project badge
  • … invite you to the Google group
  • .... give you any extra permissions needed
  • … show you what we do and how we do it
  • … help you feel at home as you learn the ropes

You will…

  • ...familiarise yourself with our task list and project pages
  • ...introduce yourself in the project Google group
  • ...don’t be afraid to ask questions if you have them!


  • To encourage volunteers to become more involved, and stay connected with the WikiTree community.
  • To help volunteers explore their interests and introduce them to people they might enjoy working with.
  • To ensure that people feel valued, invested in, and encouraged.
  • To nurture our culture of being the most polite and friendly website on the Internet.

Task List

  • Network with key people across WikiTree, building relationships, and establishing good connections.
  • Familiarize ourselves with the different projects on Wikitree and who leads them.
  • Work from the spreadsheet of unconnected volunteers and facilitate them becoming integrated into the WikiTree community.
  • Answer any questions from volunteers, making referrals to others where necessary.


  • Unconnected volunteers spreadsheet
  • Google group - the best place to ask questions
  • List of Projects and their leaders and coordinators
  • G2G
  • Help Index and Help Category

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