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Les Filles du Roi

Filles du Roi Project
A sub-project of the Quebecois Project

Our mission is to create biographies and genealogies for the approximately 750 French women who emigrated to New France (Canada) between 1663 and 1673 as The King's Daughters, women sent from France who were specifically subsidized by the king to become wives of the men settling New France.


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Our Lists of Filles du Roi

Here are our lists of Filles du Roi and their profiles:

  • Surnames D-F coming soon... needs a volumteer!
  • Surnames L-O coming soon... needs a volunteer!


1. Généalogie des Français d'Amérique du Nord Denis Beauregard from Montréal, a well known international genealogist, has a list of Filles du Roi with their descendants on his site called

2. La Société des Filles du roi et soldats du Carignan Provides a list of the 770 King's Daughters as well as Soldiers of Carignan Marrying Filles du Roi. Marriage dates are provided.

3. American French Genealogical Society provides a pdf containing only the names of the King's Daughters.

4. Jocelyne Nicol-Quillivic, along with Gerald Menard, Bernard Quillivic, and Marguerite Lafontaine provide the following alphabetic lists and images[1]. They have also added baptism and funeral records for many of them, links for such on individual profiles.:

  • 700 Filles du Roy Detailed information including parents, marriages, ship of transport, children, etc.

5. Greener has a good description of the Fille du ROi and provides an alternate listing with some biographical material. Note that each Filles du Roi's name is highlighted in blue and is a link to her bio.

The Filles a Marier came to North America before the Fille du Roi, and may be of interest:

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