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Welcome to the Finland sub-project, part of the Nordic Project!
Tervetuloa Suomi-projektiin!
Välkommen till projekt Finland!
Suomalainen sivu Suomeksi The Finnish page
Den Svenska sidan Svenska The Swedish page


How to Join

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The mission of the Finland Project is to unite people of Finland and those of Finnish descent in one place.

We want to help those who want to explore their Finnish roots further. We will have a tight collaboration with Project Sweden as Finland was a part of Sweden until 1809 and many families are part of both projects, especially among nobles, clergy and along the border area.


  • Make a tri-lingual introduction to Finland, different sub projects and categories.
  • Make a universal help page in Finnish explaining how WikiTree works.
  • Unifying the (top) category pages in different languages. Suomi Finland (swedish) Finland (english)
  • Add selected and relevant parts of above mentioned category pages to this page.
  • Adding categories for the 19 regions and sub-categories for as many parish categories possible. The category suggestions have been proposed to the Categorisation Project and will then be posted to G2G.
  • Start adding and cleaning profiles of prominent Finns, starting with the Presidents of Finland
  • Done Make a category page explaining the division and archive locations of divided parishes along the new border line 1809. See Parishes divided 1809
  • Done Have stickers made that identify people who a) lived in Finland and b) have Finnish roots. See Finland Sticker and Finnish Roots sticker
  • A long term goal is that no profile associated to Finland will be unsourced, lacking biography or have duplicates.

Project box

Project Box should be used only on profiles that will need project protection (PPP) and management by the Finland Project. Examples of this sort of profile include Notables, Progenitors of family lines, and those with name disputes that risk being merged incorrectly. Otherwise, use the Finland Project sticker.


  • The information in location fields for a profile should be in the order of (farm), village, parish, region, country. Example: Stackskär, Lemland, Åland, Finland. Please use comma as separator. Both Finnish and Swedish place names are allowed as Finland is a bilingual country. We use Finland or Suomi to describe the "Land of Finns" disregarding what country may have been ruling through history.
  • All given names go into the First Name field. Patronym goes into the Middle Name field unless there is no farm or last name. In that case the patronym is Last Name At Birth and Middle Name should be left empty. More information on Finnish naming policy @ Space:Finnish_names
  • Please make sure all the Finnish profiles you manage are sourced. You can find links to Finnish sources @ Space:How_to_start_researching_in_Finland and for more advanced sources Space:Finland_genealogical_resources as well as a list of reliable sources @ Space:Finland_Project_Reliable_Sources
  • If you are interested in starting a team to better some aspect of Project Finland, please bring it up in our Google group.

Finnish alphabet

Please use the correct letters when writing Finnish names. If your keyboard does not support some of these letters, please copypaste them from the list below.

Capital letters
Lower case letters
a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z å ä ö


  • Please do not use country or region categories on individuals. Parish categories are preferred unless they get too crowded, in which case village categories and eventually farm categories can be used. If a person is notable you can add the Template:Notables_Sticker and add category name "Finland, Notables" in the sticker.
  • If the category you need does not exist, you can create it following these instructions:
    • The category name should follow the parish names on the English language Hiski page. The second parish name (when applicable) is always written inside parenthesis like this: Närpes (Närpiö)
    • Project Finland is moving towards using Category Info Box for locations. The old instructions are hidden below the new instructions. The example profiles will be changed to accommodate for the new instructions. The use of the CIB will be implemented first to new categories and eventually to all categories.
  • Category Info Box (CIB)
    • Add the following categories below the Category Info Box:
      Category: Parishes, Finland
      Category: Seurakunnat, Suomi
      Category: Socknar och församlingar, Finland
    • Below the categories add the template changing the blue text and deleting the red text.

      {{CategoryInfoBox Location This is the name of the template. Do not change.
      |parent= Finland Proper Region Change to proper English region name
      |parent1= Varsinais-Suomen maakunta Change to proper Finnish region name
      |parent2= Egentliga Finlands landskap Change to proper Swedish region name
      |project= Finland Name of the project. Do not change
      |wikidataID= Q210987 Find the correct wikidata ID on the wikipedia page of the location.
      |webpage= Find the correct parish # on Hiski.
      |webpagetext= Link to HisKi project Do not change
      |coordinate= 60.3898525,23.0936323 Find the correct coordinates on the wikipedia page of the location.
      |image= Finland-2.png The Finnish flag. Do not change
  • You can copy the following code to the edit window of the empty/new category page and add parameters as instructed above.

    {{CategoryInfoBox Location
    |project= Finland
    |webpagetext= Link to HisKi project
    |image= Finland-2.png
    [[Category: Parishes, Finland]]
    [[Category: Seurakunnat, Suomi]]
    [[Category: Socknar och församlingar, Finland]]

  • A short explanatory text can be added under the CIB if any additional information is needed.

  • Example categories:


Space pages for subprojects:

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Finnish and Swedish pages are under construction.
Finska och Svenska sidor är under arbete.
Suomalaiset ja Ruotsalaiset sivut ovat työn alla.

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