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This is a sub-project of the First Peoples Project. For the Native American project in the US , please visit The Native Americans Project

First Peoples Canada Project

The mission of the project is to add and improve profiles of First Peoples Canada, create genealogies and relevant free-space pages about the history of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis people. Project members take primary responsibility for relevant profiles or family groups and work on merging duplicates, cleaning up profiles, adding sources, removing incorrect information and offer research assistance as needed.[1]

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To see our current members, please see the list below or check out the First Peoples Project Category Page.

To join the project:

  1. Post to this G2G question to request a Badge.
  2. Add the line [[Category:First Peoples Canada Project]] to the text area of your profile page. This will add you to the list of participants on the Category page.
  3. Add "First Peoples Canada" to your G2G tag feed.
  4. Add the tag first_peoples_canada to any discussions in G2G involving the First Peoples project or any of its sub-projects.
  5. Check out the To-Do list below to find something to help us work on, and add yourself (or ask one of us to) to that task.
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  • For each person:
  1. All duplicates merged into lowest number
  2. PPP added only for individuals who are historically significant or are the subject of many merges.
  3. pertaining categories added
  4. templates added
  5. biography cleaned up and written, using the WikiTree Style Guide (can work with Profile Improvement Project for help)
  6. Attached family meets these goals, too
  7. Attached to the main WikiTree family tree (ask the GFR for help)
  • To identify important historical events, and create free-space pages.
  • To create categories for each band and nation, and their affiliated towns and reservations.
Task Volunteers Related Category Notes G2G link to Discussion
Find and add resources to the project page N/A Helpful resources for aboriginal Canadian genealogy?
Create categories for nations and bands Erin Breen & Hannah Berney See G2G Using Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada list.

Project Scope

The First Peoples Canada Project is a Sub-Project of the Canadian History project, that encompasses sub-projects according to tribe, event or other area of historical or cultural interest. The geographic scope will be Canada its territories as well as the Arctic and Greenland. The time frame will cover pre-colonial until the present. This First Peoples Sub-Project serves as a central directory of all that is going on in the related sub-projects.


Add your name to the list below, along with a note about what you're working on in this project right now.

  • Hannah Berney- Lead Volunteer. Categorization of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada and working to improve quality of the Metis Section, as well as related profiles.
  • Cheri Gervais- Volunteer. Working to improve information about Aboriginal Peoples in Canada, and attempting to connect lines of Metis families. I am also wanting to start a project to address the lost names (including those which were anglicized) of the many women listed in (Metis) scrip (and profiles)- who ended up being written as (Eg.) "Scrip for _____(named applicant), son/daughter of: ______ (Father's name) and "Indian woman".
  • Navarro Mariott Volunteer, verify and pass along the stories that make up the history of the Red River Settlement and its people.
  • Arora Anonymous Working on Nova Scotia Mi'Kmaq and anywhere else I can find myself useful.
  • Laurie Giffin Working on Canadian History and Mi'kmaq and Metis tribal groups.


Please note that the Project Sticker Template should be placed beneath the == Biography == heading. The Project Box for Project Protected Profiles will be placed above it. Normally, only the Project Sticker will need to be used.

The Metis nation sticker or box should only be used for those individuals which meet the Canadian national standard for a person of Metis status. Otherwise, please just continue to use the tribe of origin for people of mixed descent, not Metis Nation.

Project Sticker

Sample usage:

{{First Peoples Canada Sticker|nation=Metis}}


... ... ... was a Canadian First Peoples and member of the Metis Nation.

Project Protected Box

Sample usage: {{First Peoples Canada|nation=Metis}}


... ... ... was a Canadian First Peoples and member of the Metis Nation.
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WikiTree Resources


Sub-Project Project Coordinator Project Space Page Notes G2G link to Discussion
West Coastal Area Sharon Runolfsson no Primarily British Columbia Nation, Sorting None
Central Canada Arora No Central Canada_Ontario & The landlocked Provinces_ Alberta & Saskatchewan None
Eastern Coastal Canada Jason Grant, Arora Space:Mi'Kmaq Maritime regions and Quebec None
Métis Hannah Berney Space:Metis Sorted by birth/residence Metis, Métis
Renaming Practices Cheri Gervais, Sharon Runolfsson Space:First_Peoples_Canada_Quebec_Parish_Registers Recovering Anglicized names, especially for women

Proposed Sub-Projects

Sub Project Space Pages Template

Please use this Template Page to create any sub-projects. Please leave the structure and no-project specific information in place while adding project specific information and graphics into the formatted page.


  • File contains census returns related to Six Nations divided into the following: Upper Mohawks, Moses Walker Mohawks, Brant Family, Lower Mohawks, Bay of Quinte, Upper Cayugas, Lower Cayugas, Onondaga Clear Sky, Bearfoot Onondaga, Tuscaroras, Delawares, Kanetaga Senecas, Peter Green Aughgnaga, Aughgnaga (spelled also Aghwaga), Oneida Joseph, St. Regis, Nanticoke Old Family, Nanticoke Young Family, Monture Family, Kayendagoweah, Canada Family, Delawares, and Nikarondasa Senecas. Also contains census returns related to the Wyandot (Wendat), Chippewa (Ojibway), and Odawa at Amherstburg, Munsee-Delaware Nation, Chippewas of the Thames, Aamjiwnaang First Nation (Chippewas of Sarnia at the upper and lower reserves of River St. Clair), Chippewa (Ojibway), Pottawatomie, and Odawa at Port Sarnia, and the Mississaugas of the New Credit. Textual records All or some of the documents described have been digitized and are available at the following address (see image 5-257): 90 (Electronic), Library and Archives, Canada, Census, Indiens, 1833-1857,
  • Project Naming - This is a collaboration between Nunavut Sivuniksavut, CLEY (Nunavut's Department of Culture, Languages, Elders and Youth), and Library and Archives Canada. The goal is the identification of Inuit portrayed in some of the photographic collections of Library and Archives Canada (LAC) in Ottawa.
  • Land sale receipt records for Haudenosaunee (Mohawk, Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida, Seneca, Tuscarora); Anishinaabe (Mississauga), Wyandot (Wendat), and Lenape (Munsee-Delaware) communities in Ontario. Specific communities include Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation, and Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte (Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory). (Library and Archives, Canada/collections) /, A digitized copy of this file is available online through (Microfilm Reel C-13402, pages 422-659.) 90 (Electronic),
  • Upper Canada Account Book, Land Sales. 1836-1842. File. RG10-A. Volume/box number: 671.Textual material. [Access: Open]. Government.Finding aid number: 10-1, kehá:ka (Mohawk), Anishinaabe (Ojibway, Mississauga), Wyandot (Wendat), and Lenape descendants of Chippewas of Lakes Huron and Simcoe). [1], Title-Department of Indian Affairs, Montreal Superintendency - 13402, Identifier, lac_reel_c13402, C-13402, 157750, 161997, 157755, 157766, RG 10, Document source, Library and Archives Canada / Bibliothèque et Archives Canada,
  • Ekkian Augustine Mi'kmaq Creation Story Explanation YouTube video: link to the Mi'Kmaq Creation story told by an Elder of the Nova Scotia. This video is loaded with great information not only of Mi'Kmaq creation story, but song(s) (including "the gathering song", uses of some of the natural materials found in nature, etc.

First Nations Military Records

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  1. First Peoples Seal Clipart used with permission from

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