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The mission of the France Project is to support research and collaboration on profiles of French people, as well as people of French heritage or origin, from 1500 to now. For people who were living before 1200, please see the European Aristocrats Project. Also note that due to sparse resources, the France project may not be able to help for profiles of people born close to 1200.

How to join

France project members actively work on improving profiles. If you want to actively work on improving French profiles, please take the following steps:

  1. Make sure you are a confirmed member of WikiTree. If you are not yet a WikiTree member, see Help:How to Use WikiTree to get started.
  2. Review the Project Guidelines on places and names.
  3. Add france to your list of followed tags on G2G.
  4. Being able to use the French archives is essential to be able to contribute to nearly all French profiles. Join our Orphelin Trail, our special program to learn how to use them.
  5. Post an answer, expressing how you’d most like to contribute to the project, to the G2G post about joining.
  6. Find a France project team you'd like to join.
  7. You will be invited to join the France Project Google Group. Though this is optional, it is strongly recommended to join this group to be allow to track changes to profiles managed by the project.


Our goal is to make every French profile the best it can be. By improving the presence and quality of French profiles on Wikitree, we hope to make WikiTree an attractive place for visitors who are French or have French ancestry.


In order to be included in the France Project, and be awarded the France badge, please identify your region of interest and join one or more of these teams:

  • Profile Improvers Team: this teams work towards the goal of the France Project, which is to make all French profiles the best that they can be.
  • Topics Team: bringing together profiles that fit in specific themes.
  • G2G Team, dedicated to answering G2G questions about france.
  • Ancestors Cleanup Team: consolidate lineages from migrants to their deeper ancestors in France (being comfortable with using the French archives is required to join this team).



France Project Box

When a profile is eligible to be managed by the project, the French Roots Project template should be added. Add

{{French Roots Project}}

at the top of the profile, just below Categories and above the == Biography == heading:

... ... ... is managed by the France project.
Join: France Project
Discuss: france

For the French version, use:

{{French Roots Project|lang=fr}}

Ce profil est géré par le projet France.
Join: France Project
Discuss: france

Note that all profiles with the France project template should be managed by the project. Previous managers of the profile will not be removed.

Do not use the France project box template on a profile if it is not managed by the project.

French Roots Sticker

If you wish to recognize the French ancestry on a profile which is not to be managed by the project, use the French Roots Sticker. Add

... ... ... has French origins.

{{French Roots}}

at the top of the Biography section, just under the == Biography == heading:

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