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Bienvenue sur le projet French Roots!
Welcome to the French Roots Project!

Version française

The mission of the French Roots Project is to support research and collaboration on profiles of French people, as well as people of French heritage or origin.

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Project Goals

Our end objectives are to improve the presence of French profiles on WikiTree and make WikiTree an attractive place for visitors who are French or have French ancestry. We have two main areas of work:

  1. French Roots Regions Team - create, source, improve profiles of people who were born or lived in your region(s) of interest.
  2. French Roots Profiles - this team is about profiling selected individuals (most of them notables) from all over France.



French Roots Project Box

When a profile is eligible to be managed by the project, the French Roots Project template should be added. Add

{{French Roots Project}}

at the top of the profile, just below Categories and above the == Biography == heading:

... ... ... is managed by the French Roots project.
Join: French Roots Project
Discuss: french_roots

For the French version, use:

{{French Roots Project|lang=fr}}

... ... ... est Français ou d'origine Française.
Join: French Roots Project
Discuss: french_roots

Note that all profiles with the French Roots project template should be managed by the project. Previous managers of the profile will not be removed.

French Roots Sticker

If you wish to recognize the French ancestry on a profile which is not to be managed by the project, use the French Roots Sticker. Add

... ... ... has French origins.

{{French Roots}}

at the top of the Biography section, just under the == Biography == heading:

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