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Welcome to the Galicia Project!



The purpose of the Galicia Project is to: Identify and correct WikiTree profiles indicating ancestry residing in The Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria; creating correct village categories for those from Galicia, educate members on pre-1918 Galicia and post-1918 Poland/Ukraine geography, and to provide resources on how to better research records in Galicia.

How to Join

Are you interested in the Galicia Project?

Galicia Resource Page: This page is filled with resources, history and information to help you in your genealogy research of the region.

Category: Galicia. This is the category page where you will find we are categorizing villages from Wikitree profile's ancestral homeland.

Ways to Participate

Why is Galicia important? From 1900 through 1920, over 1,000,000 individuals emigrated from their homeland of Galicia to the United States alone. They also emigrated to Canada, Australia, South America, France and other parts of Europe. Galicia was dissolved after WWI (1918) and is presently located in southeast Poland and western Ukraine. Between WWI and WWII border changes included the Second Polish Republic and the USSR, so records may have recorded your ancestor was born in Galicia, Austria or Poland (because they were also confused as to what to call their homeland.)

  • Add category "Galicia, Austria" to profiles which need a village identified and who are clearly from Galicia (do not confuse with Galicia, Spain.) They will appear here: Category:Galicia, Austria From here, volunteers will research the profile to find a specific village and then create a category for the village. Finding other researchers who share the same village category equates to the ability to share resources!
    • Search profiles listing Poland or Ukraine in pre-1918 place fields; more specifically from Lesser Poland Voivodeship (Województwo małopolskie), Subcarpathian Voivodeship (Województwo podkarpackie), Silesian Voivodeship (Województwo śląskie), Lviv Oblast; Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, Chernivtsi Oblast (not consistently from 1774-1918), and Ternopil Oblast.
    • Correcting birth fields for profiles indicating they were from the region of Galicia (pre-1918) but yet indicate Poland or Ukraine in the place fields. If a specific village is indicated, it needs to be checked against this list: for the proper Administrative District. If you do not see your village, here is another great list:
  • Add category "Emigrants from Galicia" to profiles where the person has emigrated from Galicia to another country. Currently there are more specific categories for Galicia to the United States and Galicia to Canada; including Migrants from Galicia to specific states. Use the most specific category. If a category needs to be made, place them in the general "Emigrants from Galicia" category. Category:Emigrants_from_Galicia
  • We would like to keep the categories under Galicia as consistent as possible. Using "District" in lieu of "Gmina"; Gmina is being used for Poland categories post 1918. Please view the category for Galicia for correct protocol regarding categorization. At this time, categorization uses the Polish version of village names (in lieu of German) for navigational purposes. Though German would be the 100% most accurate version of a village name for this time period, it would only cause more confusion (however, it is recommended you use the German version on Wikitree profiles.) This may change in the future.
  • When a district or village category is set up, please add a sentence (from Wikipedia) describing the pre-1918 information and present day location; including language variations. For example:
    • Pre-1918: Village: Lemberg; Administrative District: Lemberg (Lwów); Judicial District: Lemberg (Lwów); Roman Catholic Center: Lemberg (10 parishes); Jewish Center: Lemberg (2); Green Catholic Center: Lemberg (4 parishes). [1]
    • Presently: Lwów (District): Presently, Lviv (Ukrainian: Львів [lʲʋiu̯]; Russian: Львов Lvov [lʲvof]; Polish: Lwów [lvuf]; German: Lemberg; Latin: Leopolis) is located in the Ukraine. [2]
  • You can also help the project by transcribing and sourcing profiles from records that are available online from the archives in Przemyśl:
  • If a profile listed under the general category has been researched and no other information can be found to narrow down to village, the category will be changed from "Galicia, Austria" to "Galicia Project" in order to avoid duplicative research.

Proper Location Fields

Please notice the proper language for location fields on Wikitree profiles is in German.

  • 1772 - 1804: Village Name, Village District, Königreich Galizien und Lodomerien, Erzherzogtum Österreich
  • 1804 - 1867: Village Name, Village District, Königreich Galizien und Lodomerien, Kaiserthum Oesterreich
  • 1867 - 1918: Village Name, Village District, Königreich Galizien und Lodomerien, Österreichisch-Ungarische Monarchie (For example: Cieplice, Jaroslau, Königreich Galizien und Lodomerien, Österreichisch-Ungarische Monarchie)

Adding the Project Sticker

Sticker used for Project Members (Project Members also receive a badge.) Please only use this sticker if you are a Project Member as it will group us into a category. [3]

  • {{Member|Galicia}} results in:
... ... ... is a member of the Galicia Project.

Sticker used for Galicia managed profiles. We use this sticker for notables (including military.) [4]

  • {{Galicia Project}} results in:
... ... ... is a part of the Galicia Project.

Sticker used for all other Galicia profiles. Anyone is welcome to place this on any Wikitree profiles from Galicia. (born in, lived in, etc)

  • {{Galicia Sticker}} results in:
... ... ... lived in Galicia.

Adding Other Stickers

Ukrainian Greek Catholic

  • {{Religion |image=Religion_Images-14.png |text=was Ukrainian Greek Catholic }} results in:
... was Ukrainian Greek Catholic

Roman Catholic

  • {{Religion |image=Religion_Images-16.png |text=was Roman Catholic }} results in:
... was Roman Catholic


  • {{User Ethnicity |flag=Abby_s_Tools-27.png |ethnicity=Jewish }} results in:
... ... ... is Jewish.

Ruthenian (pre-Ukrainian)

  • {{User Ethnicity |flag=Cieplice_Jaroslaw_Galicja_Austria-1.jpg |ethnicity=Ruthenian }} results in:
... ... ... is Ruthenian.


  • {{User Ethnicity |flag=Flags-17.jpg|ethnicity=Polish |ethnicity=Polish }} results in:
... ... ... is Polish.


  • {{User Ethnicity |flag=Flags.gif |ethnicity=German}} results in:
... ... ... is German.


  • {{Migrating Ancestor |origin = Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria |destination = United States |origin-flag = Galicia-5.jpg |destination-flag = 50star.gif }} results in:
Flag of Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria
... ... ... migrated from Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria to United States.
Flag of United States

  • {{Migrating Ancestor |origin = Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria |destination = Canada |origin-flag = Galicia-5.jpg |destination-flag = Flags-1.png }} results in:
Flag of Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria
... ... ... migrated from Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria to Canada.
Flag of Canada

  • {{Migrating Ancestor |origin = Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria |destination = France |origin-flag = Galicia-5.jpg |destination-flag = European_Flags-46.png }} results in:
Flag of Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria
... ... ... migrated from Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria to France.
Flag of France

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