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The Black Sheep Project and the Gangsters sub-project have been dissolved. The profiles in this sub-project can now be found under its category: Category:Gangsters

Welcome to the Gangsters Project!
A sub-project of the Black Sheep Project

A gang is an organized group of criminals. A gangster is a criminal who is a member of a gang. Our Mission is to highlight the profiles of those people who became gangsters.



  1. Add profiles, checking for existing profiles to avoid duplication. If any duplicate profiles exist, request merges, starting with the oldest generation.
  2. Use WikiTree Styles and Standards to cleanup kludge and remove broken links from GEDCOM generated profiles.
  3. Seek original rather than derivative documentation and add as sources.
  4. Write comprehensive, well-sourced biographies.
  5. Add any relevant categories.
  6. Check family connections and add sources to those profiles as needed.
  7. Connect profiles to the Global Family Tree.


Top level category: Category:Gangsters

Project Template


5-Star Profiles/What to do


  • Check that facts are sourced. Try to find sources for ones that aren't. Including family members
  • If there aren't dates/locations, see if you can find them and add with sources. If you can't find them, it would be helpful to add notes about where you searched so that others don't have to repeat your efforts.


  • Check if there are any duplicate family members and propose merges when necessary.



  • See if you can add photographs, pictures, maps or other visual items.
  • Add categories, project templates, stickers and/or succession boxes if appropriate.

5-Star Gangsters Profiles

ID-name View Count who's working it Notes '
George Kelly Machine Gun Kelly Barnes (abt. 1900) Gangster 9208 Done A good example on how a Profile should look - Profile of the Week
Charles Arthur Pretty Boy Floyd (1904) Gangster 3556 Done
Tommaso Tommy Thomas Gagliano| (1883) Mafia 2692
Angelo Gagliano (1862) Mafia 1130
Pablo The King of Cocaine Escobar (1949) Cartel King 2116

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