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Welcome to the Genealogy in the Media Project!

Are you interested in the Genealogy_in_the_Media Project?

The Genealogy in the Media Project is a sub-project of the Global Community Outreach Project.



The goal of the Genealogy in the Media Project is to document the profiles of people who have appeared on genealogical media from across the globe, improving them to the best of our ability, with thorough and accurate sources, strong bios, and connected to the global tree.

Guidance for Working GITM Profiles

Full guidance is currently being drafted and will be available shortly (8 Aug 2018.) In the Meantime :-

Living celebrity and family profiles should have privacy level set to Unlisted.
Deceased family should be set to Open.

This is extremely important for GDPR privacy compliance.

GITM should be set as one of the managers for all celebrity profiles.


The project is divided into teams. A list of who is in which team can be found on the Teams Page. Below is a brief description of each team and what it does.


Launched in the UK back in 2004, this popular show featuring celebrities discovering their family history is now a global franchise. This team aims to work on the profiles of those celebrities who have featured in WDYTYA around the world, and connect them to the global tree.

Finding Your Roots Team

Finding Your Roots started back in 2012 on PBS America and has run for four seasons. The show features two notable Americans and chronicles their discovery of different aspect of their family history using records and DNA. This team aims to work on the profiles of those notables who have featured in Finding Your Roots, and get them connected to the Global Tree.

GITM Sticker

See GITM Sticker

To put this sticker on a profile, copy and paste the following below the biography:

{{Genealogy in the Media Sticker}}

This displays the following:

... ... ... has featured in a media genealogy show.

Other ways to Contribute to the Project

Whilst we are currently concentrating on WDYTYA, we are always on the look out for new teams. If you have an idea of a show you'd like to cover let us know and jump on board!

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