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The Global Family Reunion Project is a sub-project of the Connectors Project. The mission of Global Family Reunion project on WikiTree is to work to connect profiles to the Global Family Tree that were specifically for AJ Jacobs' Global Family Reunion, which happened in June 2015, and are featured in his book, It's All Relative: Adventures Up and Down the World's Family Tree.

One of our WikiTree Leaders, Mags, with AJ at Rootstech 2016

Inspired by author AJ Jacobs, his New York Times op-ed "Are You My Cousin?", and his book It's All Relative: Adventures Up and Down the World's Family Tree, members of the project work to make connections to our Global Family Tree, which also connects them to AJ.



  • Work to connect all those who were part of the reunion.
  • Have all connected profiles well-sourced as possible and conforming to the WikiTree Style Standards
  • Include correct parents, spouse, and children, or mark the profile as having no children or spouse so that work can continue elsewhere.
  • Use appropriate categories listed in Biography.

To-Do List

This is our list of to-dos; these folks need connected to the global tree.

If you have questions, just ask. G2G is a great place to do this, as other members can benefit from your questions, as well. The answer to your question may even already be there if you look around.

Unconnected Cousin Profile Links Volunteer Notes and Links to G2G threads on research progress
Erika LockeGeorge and Christine Debus
Helen RatzlowRose Kuster Family Tree
Margaret NortonNorton Allen Family Tree
Gwendolyn KellyKelly Squire Family Tree
Meghan FitzsimmonsFitzsimmons Barry family Tree
Christopher AhearnAhearn O'Rourke Family Tree
Catherine PeacockPeacock Evans family tree
Daniel RobertsRoberts Cance Family Tree
Tiffany WalkerWalker Baggett Family Tree
Kathy MalatestaBetty Micola and Robert Ryan
Tori GriffinGaines-728 and Griffin-4432
Josh Rafka Researching the Rafka Family Line
Christine Eccles Help Us Connect Christine to Our Global Tree
Andrea Crosta di Moncalvo Someone Familiar with Italian Research to Help Connect Andrea's Family
Desmond Titherington Titherington Family Needs A Hand
Hugh Morgenbesser
Jon Friedman
Alice Golomb
Amelia Kline
Amjad Mustafa
Clif Hoogterp
Elizabeth Horowitz
Jesse Rifkin
Joanne Peterson
Kimberly Van Ryn
Elizabeth Samet
Maurice Strasfeld
Celine Papillon
Robyn Brewer
Mindy Kornhaber
Paige Thombs
Manoli Wetherell Has fantastic family tree-just needs entered and research done to branch out. No names on WikiTree beyond those volunteers have added
Victoria Oltarsh
Caroline MT Also on Notables list
Anthony Randazzo
Rachel Salvo
Crystal Lewandowski
Ryan Lewandowski

Guide for Research

  • Keep all profiles as either Open - so anyone can jump in and help - or if the person is still alive (or might be) Private with Public Biography and Tree, so it can be easily referenced for others working on the same tree.


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