Project: Global Family Reunion/Notables Spring Cleaning Scavenger Hunt 2015

Welcome to the Notables Project's Spring Cleaning Scavenger Hunt! Starting April 1, seven prompts will be posted weekly in G2G, and participants search for existing profiles of notable people that match the clues, and then connect the profiles to the Global Tree.



1. Each week, starting April 1, seven prompts will be posted in G2G.

2. Participants must find profiles of notable people that match the clues, and are not already connected to the Global Tree. (To check this, use the drop down menu from the profile's ID number, and choose "Connection to AJ." If it says the profile isn't connected to AJ yet, it is eligible for this challenge.)

3. Announce your profile(s) by posting an answer in the G2G thread. For example, if one of the prompts is "Black and white film actors" you would post "Bela Lugosi for black and white film actors" or something similar. Answering a clue earns participants one point, and you can answer for as many clues as you like. Each participant needs to choose a different notable person for each prompt.

4. Once you have added 10 or more people to the notable person's tree, post as a comment in response to your answer. This earns participants 9 points.

5. When you connect the notable person to the Global Tree, post another comment. Connecting a profile to the tree is worth 20 points.

6. Once a participant has connected 3 notable people to the tree under the rules of the challenge, they earn a wildcard. This wildcard allows them to create a new profile to answer one of the clues.

7. The week starts on Wednesday, and ends on Tuesday. All profiles and connections must be declared in the G2G thread to count for points.

8. All participants get a badge at the end of the month, and the three participants with the most points get a Winner's badge.

Addendum to Rules


  • You?

Score Board To Date (April 14)

  1. Star Kline - 170
  2. Ron Norman - 124
  3. Scott Fulkerson - 113
  4. Sadie Whanger - 94
  5. Lianne Lavoie - 52
  6. Dan Thompson - 36
  7. Bob Fields - 34

April 8-14

  1. Scott Fulkerson - 106
  2. Star Kline - 105
  3. Sadie Whanger - 94
  4. Ron Norman - 43
  5. Bob Fields - 34
  6. Lianne Lavoie - 7

April 1-7

  1. Ron Norman - 81
  2. Star Kline - 65
  3. Lianne Lavoie - 45
  4. Dan Thompson - 36
  5. Scott Fulkerson - 7

Previous Prompts and Answers

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