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Project:Global Family Reunion

Part of AJ's reunion was showing how he was connected to attendees and donors. This list covers those folks we've yet to find a connection for and need to, hopefully before the next reunion.

If you are willing to help find a connection, please add your name to the table in the column next to their name, and let us know ASAP when you make a connection. Please, please make sure you are using actual sources as you add individuals, not just other family tree sites. Though swiftness is fantastic, accuracy is far more important.

Thank you all so much!

Last Name= The Last name of the person (using the name their known by is most likely easiest. You can put their birth name or other names in the notes section). Once a profile is created for them, be sure to put it here.

First Name= The First name they are known by.

Volunteer Research= Your profile number and name so we know who is working on what

Notes= Any extra information that will help researchers, progress reports, etc.

Once you've made a connection, shoot Abby or Eowyn a message and let us know who. Thanks!

Priority Connections

last name first name volunteer researcher steps to AJ Connection Combat Ideas notes researching for
FavreauJonVolunteer Needednot yetactor, writernot yet
FeyTinaVolunteer Needednot yetnot yetcomediennenot yet
SonnenfeldBarryVolunteer Needednot yetnot yetfilmmakernot yet
AllenTedVolunteer Needednot yetnot yetTV personalitynot yet
NovakB.J.Volunteer Needednot yetnot yetcomedian and writernot yet
TapperJakeVolunteer Needednot yetnot yetCNN News correspondentnot yet
O'BrienConanVolunteer Needednot yetnot yettalk show host, comediannot yet
RogenSethVolunteer Needednot yetnot yetactornot yet
MeltzerBradVolunteer Needednot yetnot yetauthor/comic book author-artistnot yet
HodgmanJohnVolunteer Needednot yetnot yetauthor/actornot yet
ParkerMary-LouiseVolunteer Needednot yetnot yetactressnot yet
ShteyngartGaryVolunteer Needednot yetnot yetnovelistnot yet
FoerJ.S.Volunteer Needednot yetnot yetauthornot yet
DawsonRosarioVolunteer Needednot yetnot yetactressnot yet
WeirBillVolunteer Needednot yetnot yetCNN anchornot yet
BlackJackVolunteer Needednot yetnot yetActornot yet
JacksonSamuel L.Volunteer Needednot yetnot yetActornot yet
KunisMilaVolunteer Needednot yetnot yetActressnot applicable
SchatzBrianVolunteer Needednot yetnot yetHawaiian Senatornot applicable
RothAlvin ElliottVolunteer Needednot yetnot yetNobel Award Winning Economistnot applicable
RothAlvin LeonVolunteer Needednot yetnot yetWorld Renowned Bridge Player and Statisticiannot applicable
WaldenAdam RossVolunteer NeededNot YetElla Reva Sudin, painter/illustratorPresident of Gen Artnot applicable
DreyfusAlfredVolunteer Needednot yetnot yet1859, involved in the Dreyfus case for treason in Francenot yet
PotterBeatrixMichele Berginnot yetnot yetChildren's book authornot yet
SussmanBerniceVolunteer Needednot yetnot yetstage name Bunny Summersnot yet
GoldthwaitBobcatVolunteer Needednot yetnot yetRobert Francis Goldwaithe, actornot yet
BroadusCalvinVolunteer Needed not yetnot yetSnoop Doggnot yet
LinnaeusCarlVolunteer Needednot yetnot yetSwedish Botanist
PealeCharles WIlsonShirley Davisnot yetnot yetAmerican Revolution Painter
SavardDenisVolunteer Needednot yetnot yetCanadian Hockey Playernot yet
RatherDaniel Irvin JrBeverly J Rothmannot yetnot yetAmerican Journalistnot yet
PennerFredErin Breennot yetnot yetChildren's Musiciannot yet
LaxnessHalldorVolunteer Needednot yetnot yetNobel Laureatenot yet
CartierJacquesVolunteer Needednot yetnot yetFrench Explorer of the Breton Regionnot yet
HorsburghJamesVolunteer Needednot yetnot yetScottish Hydrographernot yet
JayroeJaneVolunteer Needednot yetnot yetbroadcasternot yet
HartJohnVolunteer Needednot yetnot yetBritish Columbian Premiernot yet
PappJosephVolunteer Needednot yetnot yetPapirofsky, producer/directornot yet
Habsburg-LothringenMarie AntoinetteLianne Lavoie22not yetLouis XVI Bourbonnot yet
PortilloMichaelVolunteer Needednot yetnot yetjournalist, British politiciannot yet
RenniePaulineVolunteer Needednot yetnot yetCanadian voice actress, Care Bearsnot yet
EastonPeterVolunteer Needednot yetnot yet17th Century Piratenot yet
OdescalchiBenedettoJohn Atkinson32not yetPope Innocent XInot yet
SartoGiuseppe MelchiorreVolunteer Needednot yetnot yetPope Pius Xnot yet
CarraRaffaellaVolunteer Needednot yetnot yetLatin musiciannot yet
GervaisRickyLianne Lavoie36 N/A actor comediannot yet
SkoronskiRobertVolunteer Needednot yetnot yetPlayed for Green Bay Packersnot yet
BenalcazarSebastianVolunteer Needednot yetnot yetSpanish Conquistadornot yet
SarandonSusanAlison Andrus 30not yetactressnot yet
FinnbogadottirVigdisVolunteer needednot yetnot yetPresident of Icelandnot yet
BrodyAdrienVolunteer Needednot yetnot yetActornot yet

Secondary Priorities

These are Notable people who are not WikiTree yet, but need to be added and connected to AJ when we are able to work on them. The top table trumps this one in importance, but these will be nice when we have a chance!

last name first name volunteer researcher steps to AJ Connection Combat Ideas notes researching for
DoohanJimmyVolunteer Needednot yetnot yetScotty on Star Treknot applicable
BialikHayim NahmanVolunteer Needednot yetnot yetHebrew Poetnot applicable
CodyBuffalo BillVolunteer Needednot yetnot yetWestern Entertainer and legendnot applicable
HollyBuddyVolunteer Needednot yetnot yetmusiciannot applicable
PittBradVolunteer Needednot yetnot yetactornot applicable
EinsteinBobVolunteer Needednot yetnot yetactor and comediannot applicable
CardozoBenjaminVolunteer Needednot yetnot yetAssociate Supreme Court Justicenot applicable
ShahnBenVolunteer Needednot yetnot yetArtistnot applicable
BlumbergBarryVolunteer Needednot yetnot yetNobel prize winning physiciannot applicable
KarpBarrieVolunteer Needednot yetnot yetartist and feminist activistnot applicable
WaltersBarbaraVolunteer Needednot yetnot yetnews anchor and journalistnot applicable
TuchmanBarbaraVolunteer Needednot yetnot yethistorian and academicnot applicable
StreisandBarbraVolunteer Needed22not yetactress and musiciannot applicable
GardnerAvaVolunteer Needed29not yetActressnot applicable
ShawArtieVolunteer Needednot yetnot yetMusician and Band Leadernot applicable
GoodhartArthur LehmanVolunteer Needednot yetnot yetAcademic and First American to be Master at Oxford Collegenot applicable
JolieAngelinaVolunteer NeededNot yetnot yetActress and Activistnot applicable
SchallyAndrewVolunteer NeededNot yetnot yetNobel Prize winning Physiciannot applicable
CoplandAaronVolunteer NeededNot Yetnot yetcomposernot applicable
PogrebinAbigailVolunteer NeededNot Yetnot yetjournalist and authornot applicable
SteinAdielVolunteer NeededNot yetanother actor/tress from movie he's inactornot applicable
OchsAdolphVolunteer NeededNot yetconnectednewspaper publishernot applicable
BrooksAlbertVolunteer Needednot yetnot yetactornot applicable
PorterAlisanVolunteer Needednot yetnot yetActress and musician, "Curly Sue"not applicable
GinsbergAllenVolunteer Needednot yetnot yetpoetnot applicable

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