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Connecting the Unconnected

When we built the 100 Degrees of AJ tool we discovered that an amazing 65% of WikiTree profiles are connected to each other. That's over 4.7 million profiles within 100 degrees of separation. We've now built that to closer to 68% connected, and added others to our connection finder.

We had listed several hundred thousand of the Unconnected on the following pages to start working on making connections. Since then, many have been connected and we've also started the Connectors Project that focuses specifically on all those Unconnected. In order to make it easier for people to find areas to work on that they feel best equipped for, we've started moving people off these pages to the Unconnected Profiles Categories. Eventually, all these pages will be emptied and put in the categories, unless they've already been connected.

Can you help make some connections for them? There could be many opportunities where adding just one relationship ends up connecting hundreds or thousands of people. Other cases, no doubt, are much, much harder.

Although the task is daunting, the objective is not out of reach, and it gets to the heart of what the entire WikiTree community is working toward: a single family tree that connects us all.

When you have succeeded in connecting someone to the rest of the WikiTree Global Tree, just sign next to the name with a set of these "~~~~" which will input your profile and the date.

If you come across profiles that are clearly fictional or suspect, let a Team member know, and they can investigate.

If you're willing to help, first enter your name in the Contributors section below. Then start anywhere on any one of the pages above. Put your "signature" next to a name (enter four tildes: Whitten-1 12:02, 17 May 2014 (EDT)) when you work on it. Don't feel you have to keep working on one profile if it's a dead-end. See what works for you.


Onward and upward, for the single family tree!

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