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Officiers Quarters of Grosse Ile (Archives Canada)

Welcome to WikiTree's Grosse Ile project. This is a subproject of the Canadian History project.

Grosse Ile is the name of the Quarantine Station of Grosse Ile. The station was in operation from 1832 to 1937. The island sits in the St.Lawrence River just in front of Montmagny and about 35 miles east from Quebec City.

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How To Join

The current leader of this sub-project is Maria Maxwell

To join the project:

  1. Contact Maria to let her know you would like to join.
  2. Ask Maria for the Canadian History project badge.
  3. Add Grosse_Ile to your G2G tag feed.
  4. Ask Maria to join the Grosse Ile Project's Google+ discussion group.
  5. Check out the To-Do list below to find something to help us work on, and add yourself (or ask one of us to) to that task.


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To identify all persones admited to the quarantine station, who worked or lived on the island from 1832 to 1937 and connect them to the big tree.

Sub goals

  • Identify all persons admited to the quarantine station.
  • Identify the persons who died at the Quarantine Station or on ships
  • Identify the persons who were released from the Quarantine Station.
  • Identify the workers and inhabitants on the island
  • Find their family
  • Add a category from other project if any (ex: Irish Roots)
  • Connect the profiles to the global tree.



Please copy/paste this box in your profiles:

{{Grosse Île, Québec}}

Note: you don't have to write the category. The template will add it.


Copy/paste this box under the source section. Change the number to the number of the profile on the Immigration Archive profile.



Project Pages

  • Project:Grosse Île, Québec ( you are here )

Categories of Persons

To Do List

  • Add profiles of persons who were at Grosse Ile.
  • Add profiles of workers who died -
  • Add persons who died at Grosse Ile
    • Identify sailors who died -
  • Identify the children -
  • Connect each profile to the Global Tree

Adding Profiles

The Canada Immigration Archives have records for the immigrants who were admited to the Grosse Ile Quarantine Station from 1832 to 1914. We will start by using this database to add profiles to the project. There are over 30,000 people listed.

On the database each immigrant has his own internet address. Every project members will be responsibles for 100 entries at a time.

Using the Canada Immigration Archives

1- Change the number at the end of the link ((( Number=__& )))

2- Make the entries on the new profile

3- Write the biography ... search for additional records for the individual. The search page is at:

4- Add a link (or links) for the records used. There's a template for this: {{AIC-GIQ|nnn}} ... just replace the 'nnn' with the record number you need to source.

5- Add the Project profile as manager

  • to add it use our googlegroup email address:

Notes on the database and the numbers;

  • Last number is 33036 and is done.
  • Skip numbers with Unknown Unknown
  • Numbers from 700 to 3452 are UNKNOWN

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