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The Black Sheep Project and the Hatfield and McCoy sub-project have been dissolved. The profiles in this sub-project can now be found under its category: Category:Hatfield and McCoy Family Feud
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The Hatfield and McCoy feud involved two families of the West Virginia - Kentucky area along the Tug Fork of the Big Sandy River, between 1863–1891. The Hatfields of West Virginia were led by William Anderson "Devil Anse" Hatfield while the McCoys of Kentucky were led by Randolph "Ole Ran'l" McCoy.

Mission: the purpose of this study is to highlight the profiles of those people who were involved in the Hatfield and McCoy family feud.



  1. Add profiles for members of the Hatfield and McCoy families by checking for existing profiles to avoid duplication. If any duplicate profiles exist, request merges, starting with the oldest generation.
  2. If profiles were loaded by GEDCOM, use WikiTree Styles and Standards to clean up residue and broken links.
  3. Search out original rather than derivative documentation and add sources.
  4. Write comprehensive, well-sourced biographies.
  5. Make sure profiles of all family members are correct and documented.
  6. Profiles need to be linked to the greater WikiTree. Try to find the connection.


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  • Check that facts are sourced. Try to find sources for ones that aren't. Including family members
  • If there aren't dates/locations, see if you can find them and add with sources. If you can't find them, it would be helpful to add notes about where you searched so that others don't have to repeat your efforts.


  • Check if there are any duplicate family members and propose merges when necessary.



  • See if you can add photographs, pictures, maps or other visual items.
  • Add categories, project templates, stickers and/or succession boxes if appropriate.

5-Star Hatfield & McCoy Profiles

ID-name View Count who's working it Notes '
Nancy L. Phillips (McCoy) aka Hatfield 53294
Randolph Randall Old Randall, Ole Ran'l McCoy Sr. 18299
Asa Harmon McCoy 8591
Roseanna McCoy 6434
Elijah J. McCoy 6241
Tolbert McCoy 6089
William 'Old William' McCoy Sr 5665
Alifair McCoy 5355
Archibald McCoy 4998
Daniel McCoy 4172
John Mccoy Jr 3853
Jesse McCoy 3458
James Jim H. Uncle Jim McCoy 3421
William McCoy 2893
Sarah Sally McCoy 2752
William Bill McCoy 2590
Samuel McCoy 2552
Mary Campbell (McCoy) aka Coy, McColl 2515
Pharmer McCoy 2467
Daniel McCoy 2433
Josephine McCoy 2376
Archibald McCoy 2177
Floyd McCoy 1905
Samuel McCoy 1899
Sarah Elizabeth McCoy 1889
Randolf Bud McCoy 1824
Calvin McCoy 1804
Fannie Charles (McCoy) 1741
John McCoy 1618
John McCoy 1512
John W McCoy 1498
William Billy McCoy III 1200
Johnson Jonse Johnse Hatfield 74249
William Anderson Devil Anse Hatfield 35440
Valentine Wallace Hatfield I 10874
Ephraim Big Eaf Big Eaf Hatfield 9510
Valentine 'Wall' Wall Hatfield 8912
Ephraim Hatfield 8198
Ellison Hatfield 7810
William Anderson Hatfield 6975
Elias Prater Good Lias Hatfield 4616
William Anderson Cap Hatfield II 4607
Joseph Andrew Hatfield Sr 4568
Stella Hatfield 4364
Abraham Hatfield Jr aka Hetfield 3782
Robert E Lee Bob Hatfield 3640
Mary Wiltie Hatfield 3490
George Goff Hatfield Sr. 2707
Emmanuel Wilson Willis Hatfield 2504
Sarah Elizabeth Hatfield 2280
Robert Luther Hatfield 2047
Aly Ely, Elias Hatfield 1685
Richard Hatfield Sr. 1571
Moss F. Hatfield 1560
Elias Hatfield 1530
Elliott Rutherford Hatfield 1504
Joseph Hatfield 1502
Victoria Vickie Hatfield 1273 Needs a lot of work
Detroit Troy Hatfield 1264 Done

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