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The Holocaust Project's Mission is to reinforce remembrance of the victims of the Holocaust, which stands amongst the most atrocious events of savagery in the history of the human race.

How to Join

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  1. Create profiles for all Holocaust victims, adding the appropriate subcategories of the Holocaust Category.
  2. Create profiles for all Holocaust survivors.
  3. Conduct research and provide sourced and meaningful biographies for them in accordance with the WikiTree Style Guide.

Task List

See above, and:

Stickers and Templates

Holocaust stickers are used if the profile is not managed by the project.... only people considered Notable are managed by the project. This is the most basic sticker:

{{Holocaust Sticker}}

This will display (see at right):

... ... ... ’s life was impacted by the Holocaust.

See this page for other options with more detail: Holocaust Stickers

Please add the following template to profiles that should be managed by the project, which should be profiles who are Notable:


This will display:

Candle Flame
... ... ... ’s life was impacted by the Holocaust.
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Please see: Holocaust Project Resources There are also a handful of freespace pages for individual subcamps and ghettos with resources as well. Please feel free to add any new item to any page.

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