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The Holocaust Project's Mission is to reinforce remembrance of the victims of the Holocaust, which stands amongst the most atrocious events of savagery in the history of the human race.

How to Join

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Project Pages

The Holocaust Project is organized in a structured category hierarchy starting from HOLOCAUST. Each of the project category pages is (or will soon be) a fully developed project page. Check them out!

Task List

    If a profile that belongs in the project is open then edit it to:
1. add the category [[Category:Holocaust Profile Maintenance]] at the top.
2. if known, add one or more of the categories:
  • [[Category:Holocaust Victims at name of ghetto or camp]]
  • [[Category:Holocaust Victims - Other]] (for persons who died at a location other than in a ghetto or camp)
  • [[Category:Holocaust Victims at Unknown Location]] (for persons who are known to have died, but it is not known where)
  • [[Category:Holocaust Survivors]]
  • [[Category:Holocaust Fate Unknown]]
  • [[Category:Holocaust Heroes]]
3. If the profile is to be managed or co-managed by the Holocaust Project then:
a. add the project box template {{Holocaust}} on the next line.
b. if you are manager then use the privacy tab to add as manager or if you are not the manager then write to to let them know they need to become manager
4. If the profile does not require project management then add the sticker template {{Holocaust Sticker}} on the next line.
    If a profile that belongs in the project is not open then request addition to the trusted list so that you can add the category and template or sticker and add the profile's ID to the list in the top section of the Category:Holocaust Profile Maintenance page.
  • Check locations named for birth, death, marriage, and in narrative of all project profiles and make corrections, as needed, to comply with WikiTree standards for place names. A volunteer for this task needs to know or be able to find out the correct way to name places in Germany, Poland, Russia, Czechoslavakia, Holland, and Belgium where Holocaust victims, survivors, and fate unknowns lived and/or were imprisoned. The place names currently in the project profiles may not be stated correctly and/or are not consistent (the main reason for the problem is that the sources do not state place names consistently).


  • Check out the Task List below to find something to help us work on, and add yourself (or ask one of us to) to that task

Project Communication Area for Holocaust Sticker clean-up - victims of camps See for the list of camps we are working on, as well as a list of survivors.

Completed Camps (in alphabetical order)

  • Belarus
  • Estonia
  • Poland (not individual Polish camps)
  • Šiauliai Lithuania
  • Šilalė
  • Stutthof
  • Treblinka

In progress:

  • Auschwitz-Birkenau
  • Lodz (complete through letter F)
  • Sobibór


  1. Identify all WikiTree profiles of people who were/are Holocaust victims, survivors, or whose fate was unknown at the end of World War II.
  2. Add the Holocaust template to their profiles.
  3. Add the appropriate subcategories of the Holocaust Category to their profiles.
  4. Conduct research and provide sourced and meaningful biographies for them in accordance with the WikiTree Style Guide. You can use the Holocaust Profile Template for this.
  • Check family members (parents, spouses, siblings, children, siblings' parents, spouses, and children, and spouses' parents and siblings, etc.) of profiles already in the project to identify additional Holocaust survivors, victims, and fate unknowns to be added to the project.
  • Create well designed and meaningful content for all project category pages.


Please add the following template to profiles that should be managed by the project:


This will display:

Candle Flame
... ... ... ’s life was impacted by the Holocaust.
Join: Holocaust Project
Discuss: holocaust


Holocaust Stickers are used if the profile is not managed by the project:

Holocaust Stickers

Collaborative Profile of the Week

The following profiles might be good candidates to submit for collaborative improvement by the CPROTW:
  • Think about more tasks to add to this list!
  • Add images to the project free space pages set up as image libraries at

Project Members

The project members and what they are currently working on are:
Maggie N. Loewenstein Family Descent gedcom profiles
Gaile Connolly - working on re-designing project's category hierarchy and getting project boxes/stickers sorted out correctly on project profiles.
Eddie King - tracing the Fate Unknowns, profiling the Ritchie Boys
Aidan Bizony
Ken Wolf
Rachel (Burland) Johnson
Mary Richardson - designing and implementing unified "look-and-feel" across all category pages
Shira -starting with simplest available tasks and working up from there ! My partner is a fluent German speaker and I read various ages of Hebrew and Ladino so I hope to help there if possible.
Alexander Watson
Henry Chadwick
Carolina Ascher
Hillie Plantinga
Anna Hayward Helping Gaile Connolly with Katz, Levy, Heilberg profiles within the Loewenstein family.
Jan Terink Took over the Dutch branch of the Woudstra profiles on Gaile's request.
Linda Barnett


  • The Holocaust Profile Template can be used to format information and sources when writing Holocaust project profiles. You can copy and paste it into the text section of a profile you are writing and then just replace the content with yours - all the codes and formatting are already there so you don't have to worry about them.
  • Wikipedia - for information about Holocaust and all places of internment.
  • Internet Archive - The Descendants of MOISES ANSCHEL of Polch, DANIEL BENDER of Munstermaifeld, JOSEF DANIEL of Merzbach, JAKOB FABER of Mertloch, ANDREAS FRTESEM ofFriesheim and Burghrohl, HERZ HAYMANN (HAIMANN) of Bassenheim, SALOMON HERZ of Polch, JOSEPH (JUDA JOOSEL) HERZ of Schweinheim, MEYER JOSEPH HERZ of Schweinheim, LOEB HIRSCH of Augsburg and Polch, ABRAHAM LEVY of Gappenach, DANIEL WOLFF of Mertloch, NSCHEL WOLFF of Ochtendung, and Other Related Jewish Families from Bassenheim, Burghrohl, Euskirchen, Flamersheim, Mertloch, Niederzissen, Ochtendung, Pillig, Polch, Sinzig, Wierschem, and Neighboring Towns in Germany and in Meerssen, the Netherlands.
  • Deaths in the Camps, an exhaustive French government compiled list of Holocaust victims, sorted by name or by country, with camps where they died.
  • the Arolsen Archives are the world’s most comprehensive archive on National Socialist persecution. The documents were collected to help clarify the fates of the victims of persecution. They contain information on victims of the Holocaust and concentration camp prisoners, on foreign forced laborers and on the survivors who were trying to rebuild their lives as displaced persons.
  • Do you have any more to add?

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