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Welcome to the Huguenot Migration Project



This Project seeks to acknowledge people who self-identified as religious Huguenots, sometimes called "French Huguenots," who lived between 1540 and 1790, spoke French, or a language associated with French, were Protestant or "Reformed" Christians, and were somehow persecuted or discriminated against so that they chose to leave their home (either within France or a mixed-language borderland such as Wallonia, Flanders, Artois, Hainaut, Franche Comte, or Alsace-Lorraine ...), and find a better life abroad.

Many of these men and women and their families fled first to other, more tolerant, European countries, notably the Netherlands and England, and then from there to the Americas, South Africa and even Asia. The term "Huguenot Emigrant" applies only to the 1st generation, who left their French or borderland Homeland for a non-French destination.

We seek to add their profiles to our growing Global Family Tree or to improve those Huguenot profiles already on WikiTree. Adding or improving primary and secondary sources for such profiles is a key part of this Project's mission.

  • This Project normally includes all French-speaking or French-culture Protestant Christians who lived during the 1540-1790 time period, not just those who followed the doctrines of Jean Calvin, and who were discriminated against and therefore emigrated from their French-speaking homeland to another country.
  • As a new project has been created specifically to deal with the 1749-1752 emigration of French-speaking Protestants from the Principality of MontbĂ©liard to replace Catholic Acadians in Nova Scotia by England, they are an exception to this rule.

How to Join

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Project Member Requirements

  1. You've signed the Honor Code
  2. Been a Member of Wiki for a month
  3. Made at least 100 contributions to the Wiki Community
  4. Because dates range from 1540 to 1790, you need the pre-1700 Badge
  5. Add HUGUENOT to your following tags.


  1. All duplicate profiles merged into lowest number
  2. Clean up the biography, using the WikiTree Style Guide: (work with the Profile Improvement Project for help)
  3. Attached family should meet these goals, too and have the appropriate Sticker.
  4. IF you are Profile Manager of a PPP profile with the Huguenot Template, Add the Project Account as a Manager for the profile.
  5. If you are Profile Manager for a non-PPP profile with the Huguenot Template, Add the appropriate Sticker (see the descriptions under "Templates" on this page) and delete the Huguenot Template / Project Box. The Huguenot Project Box will remain only on PPP profiles.

For historically significant Huguenot ancestors:

  1. Add Project Protection (PPP) Status to the profile (Only Leaders can do this)
  2. Add Project Template (see Templates) Please consult with Leader
  3. Add Project Account as manager (2017 WikiTree guidelines state ALL PPP profiles must have the Project Account as one of the profile managers). You should remain as a Manager unless you choose not to.

For non-PPP Huguenot ancestors:

  1. Add the appropriate Sticker (see Templates) to non-PPP profiles and encourage members to do this for their Huguenot lineages. Profile Stickers go below the Biography headline.

Task List


NOTE: Placing a Sticker automatically puts the profile in the related Huguenot Category on WikiTree. Thus, these profiles will be easily identified as Huguenots.

Project Box for Profiles Managed by Project

The first template is for PPP profiles that will be co-managed by the project: {{Huguenot}}
It will display:
The Huguenot symbol
... ... ... was a Huguenot emigrant.
Join: Huguenot Migration Project
Discuss: huguenot
This is the "Project Box" Template and all profiles that have it will also be co-managed by the Huguenot Migration Project, under WikiTree's new 2017 Project rules, this displays above the Biography heading.


The following "Sticker Templates" are for profiles that are NOT managed by the project:
NOTE: Stickers go immediately below the ==Biography== heading

Huguenot Emigrant - 1st generation, 1540-1790, Protestant Christian Huguenots who left their French-speaking Homeland for another country.
{{Huguenot Emigrant}} See Template:Huguenot_Emigrant It will display:
... ... ... was a Huguenot emigrant (1540-1790).

Huguenot Family Member - 3 generations, 1540-1790, born abroad, but in a Huguenot emigrant family. Includes wives or husbands of a Huguenot emigrant, plus children and grandchildren born outside France or her borderlands.
{{Huguenot Emigrant Family|relation}} See Template:Huguenot_Emigrant_Family It will display:
... ... ... was a family member of a Huguenot emigrant (1540-1790).

Huguenot Non-Emigrant - 3 - 4 generations, 1540-1790, who remained in France or a borderland French-speaking homeland but identified as a Protestant Christian Huguenot. Beyond 1790, they become a "Huguenot Descendant", because religious freedom was officially established in France and as the French Revolution established it in the borderlands.
{{Huguenot non-Emigrant}} See Template:Huguenot_non-Emigrant It will display:
... ... ... was a Huguenot who did not emigrate (1540-1790).

Huguenot Descendant - beyond 3rd generation, to Present Day, of Huguenot ancestry. Living WikiTree members can have this sticker.
{{Huguenot Descendant}} See Template:Huguenot_Descendant It will display:
... ... ... is the descendant of a Huguenot emigrant.

Huguenot Protestant Ancestor - for the Protestant Christian ancestors of a Huguenot emigrant; reserved for those persons who did not leave their French-speaking homeland (they usually died before 1685). Birth years would range from about 1500 to 1650.
{{Huguenot Protestant Ancestor}} See Template:Huguenot_Protestant_Ancestor It will display:
... ... ... was the Protestant ancestor of a Huguenot emigrant to .


Project Resource Pages

  • - Website in English that lists known French Huguenots by French region and Surname. From local Protestant Reformed Church registers & archives. Gives summary birth, marriage and death information. Includes non-emigrating Huguenots.
  • another genealogy web site has an active French Huguenot Project that specializes in the French Provinces where Huguenot Protestant Emigrants originated. Very "uneven" coverage but several "hot spots" for Huguenots have their own good pages - like #4: Normandie; also Artois, Saintonge and Languedoc. Includes a map of French provinces of the 17th Century with numbers corresponding to the sub-Projects.
  • This web page, on, gives excellent background information on French Huguenot Protestants whose origins were in Normandy, in North-west France. A good list of South Africa resources concerning Huguenots is linked.

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