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This is a sub-project of the Australia Project.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are advised that
this page may contain names and images of people who have died.
Indigenous Australians Project

The mission of the Indigenous Australians Project is to add and improve profiles of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their descendants and to facilitate the descendants of First Nations people to document their family history on WikiTree. The time frame covers pre-colonial until the present.

Are you interested in the Indigenous Australians Project?


How to Join australia.gif

  1. Join up to the Australia Project and ask to join the Indigenous Australians Project
  2. Make sure you follow the Indigenous Australians and Australia tags. We use these tags to collaborate about specific profiles of Australia's First Nations People, as well as discussing other issues of relevance to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander family history
  3. Add your name to the list below with a brief summary of your area of interest.


  • Project Goals
  1. Welcome and encourage the participation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People in the project, being aware that not everyone with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander genealogy may identify themselves as such, and some may be completely unaware of it.
  2. Increase the visibility of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples on Wikitree by raising the number of high quality profiles of our unique First Nations People, including notable and historically significant Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
  3. Collect and share information on Aboriginal DNA research, testing and interpretation.
  4. Work on guidelines and other information as required to support the inclusion of Australia's First Nations People on WikiTree.


... ... ... is a member of the Indigenous Australians Team.

If you wish to add a team sticker to your profile, please add the following text underneath the ==Biography== section.

  • Type: {{Member|Indigenous Australians}}

Project Tasks

Profiles that need work

For each person:

  1. All information appropriately sourced
  2. Biography written, using the WikiTree Style Guide, and using culturally respectful language
  3. Project management added, or Project Protection if required, for individuals who are historically significant, notable, contentious or frequently duplicated. Project Box Template added (see below)
  4. Project Sticker added (unless project protected or project managed). (see below)
  5. Relevant categories added
  6. All duplicates merged into lowest number
  7. Connected to the global WikiTree tree

Refer to the following maintence category, or add the category to any profiles that you think need some tender loving care: Profile Improvement Indigenous profiles

Profiles to be added

Can you add any of these?

  • Makekerledede, Sister of Truganini from Bruny Island, Tas. Known on Kangaroo Island as "Sal", "Big Sal" and "Bumblefoot Sal".
  • "Suke", original name unknown, from Cape Portland, Vic. she spent years on Kangaroo Island, both before and after colonisation.
  • Donald William McLeod 1909-1999 Campaigner for Aboriginal Rights

Specific Topics

You may propose a Topic by posting to the Indigenous Australians google group

Indigenous Australians DNA Information Page At this stage we are developing an information page. Discuss in the Google Group.
Aboriginal Women Who Were First (proposed topic) Inspired by : Five Indigenous Women Who Didn't Get Credit. Contact Mary Gorman if you'd like to work on these Profiles. Completed by Chris Laughton: Marion Elizabeth (Smith) Walls

Pages relevant or related to the Project


Free Space Pages

Please note: We are attempting to bring together a number pages that have been created on WikiTree relevant to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Peoples. Not all the information is endorsed by the Australia Project. Please let us know if information on a page needs updating or reviewing.

Naming Guidelines for profiles of Australia's First Nations People
  • Australian First Nations Naming Guidelines - if you have any questions about the application of these guidelines to a specific profile of an Australian First Nations person, please post a question on the G2G with the tags Australia and Indigenous Australians.
Other pages

Project Box and Stickers

Please note that the Project Sticker Template should be placed beneath the == Biography == heading. The Project Box for Project Protected Profiles will be placed above it. Normally, only the Project Sticker will need to be used.

The Project Box is only for Project Managed and Project Protected profiles (PPP).

Aboriginal Flag
... ... ... was an Indigenous Australian.
Join: Indigenous Australians Project

This Sticker is for all other persons ...

Sample usage:

{{Indigenous Australians Sticker}}

Result: (will always display aligned to the right of the Biography)

... ... ... is an Indigenous Australian.

Questions and Discussion

If you have specific questions related to Australian First Nations People on WikiTree, or want to discuss a specific profile, please post a question to the G2G, using the tags Indigenous Australians and Australians.

Cultural Awareness and writing Respectful and Inclusive biographies

We are currently working on developing guidelines for Writing Biographies for Australia's First Nations People.

Helpful Resources:

1. University of Sydney, National Centre of Cultural Competence. Aboriginal Kinship Presentation

Information, Resources, Images

For useful links and more, go to: Indigenous_Australians Project Resource Page

Use of the Aboriginal Flag

The Aboriginal Flag has been listed as an official Flag of Australia under the Flags Act since 1995. It was designed by Harold Thomas, a Luritja man of Central Australia and graduate of the South Australian School of Art. It was first flown in 1971.

Reproducing the flag is restricted in Australia, but the design does not pass the threshold of originality for copyright in the United States. The image is ineligible for copyright and therefore is in the public domain in the United States because it consists entirely of typefaces, individual words, handwriting, slogans, simple geometric shapes, etc. [1] As Wilkitree is a US organisation there is no copyright issue. [2]

Profiles added or improved by project members

Anmatyerr Kathleen Petyarre
Boandik Annie Brice
Ngarrindjeri James Ngunaitponi
Ngarrindjeri Henrietta Smith Unaipon
Ngarrindjeri Nymbulda Wariamine
Palawa John Briggs
Palawa William Lanne
Palawa Mannalargenna
Palawa Dalrymple "Dolly" Briggs
Palawa Poolrerrener
Palawa Nathaniel Thomas Simpson
Palawa Fanny Cochrane Smith
Palawa Tanlebonyer
Palawa Hannah (Thomas) Simpson
Palawa Mary (Thomas) Seymour
Palawa Sam Thomas
Palawa Edward Tomlins
Palawa Truganini
Palawa Wapperty
Palawa Woretemoeteyenner
Port Hedland Allan Moarywaalla Barker
Yorta Yorta William Cooper
Senator Neville Bonner AO
Sir Douglas Nicholls KCVO OBE
David Unaipon


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