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Indonesia Project Members

This is the list of the Project Members who have received the project badge. (will follow) You can track all activity by the members in the badge feed. (will follow) See the main Project page above for how to join the Project.

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Beside your name below, please include information about yourself, what you're working on, and where your interests lie. This is both for your own reference and to aid collaboration amongst the project participants. Please also note if you'll be unavailable or inactive. Thanks!

  1. Vivienne Caldwell
  2. Ludwig Kraayenbrink Born in Makasser on the island of Celebes (Sulawesi). Left Indonesia when 4 years old to Dutch New Guinea so have no recollection of my early childhood. Although parents speak Indonesian, I only speak a few words. Still have family members in Jakarta, Bandung, and Makasser. My interest is in finding more information on my mother's history (Muller) as the family has little written documentation. Through WikiTree I have been contacted on numerous occasions regarding my father's family (Kraaijenbrink) from all various parts of the world. So far, very little contact made regarding the Muller family. When fully retired I like to make a concerted effort in telling stories about my life in Dutch New Guinea (now Irian Jaya, an Indonesian province).
  3. Jack Day (Day-1904) spent some of his growing-up years in Malaysia and Indonesia and speaks a few words of Indonesian. He has a special interest in making sure profiles have an explanation for how the name was entered in the data field, and has adequate inline sourcing. His membership in the Categorization Project leads him to have a special interest in how these profiles are categorized. He's also interested in the stories of the Europeans involved with the Indies over a several hundred year period.
  4. Susan (Cox) Scarcella (Cox-10785) began studying Bahasa Indonesia in High School in Sydney Australia, and eventually received a BA (Hons) in Indonesian and Malayan Studies at The University of Sydney. She went on to teach in High Schools and privately. She has translated text and lyrics into Indonesian. She has travelled extensively in Indonesia, but these days spends her holidays in Bali, visiting the orphanages of the Bali Protestant Church as well as independent orphanages and schools. She received the Order of Australia in 2010 for Overseas Humanitarian Aid and runs, with her husband, Rev. Rocco Scarcella, a small foundation called Webpastordotcom Ministries, dedicated to helping children in need. She speaks English, Indonesian, Italian, German and can manage in Dutch, Spanish and French.
  5. Lisa Murphy (Kelsey-745) was married twice. When marrying for the second time, she was blessed with a wonderful young son. He was from her husband's previous relationship. Being very family oriented and loving, he is and always will be one of her kids. (As much as the children she gave birth to) One of his lines is from Indonesia. His mother is actually first generation born in the states. She has 4 children all together and they all have their own trees done as do the grandbabies. Researching where we have been and where we come from is what keeps her peaceful and right with the world. We are who, and where we are because of those who came before us. This knowledge is priceless.
  6. Nugroho Pringgoadisuryo
  7. Philip van der Walt is interested in the period that Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines did not exist as such, but was part of the Dutch empire that included Batavia. His time and energy is also limited as his main focus is the Cape of Good Hope - Kaap de Goede Hoop (1652-1806). This is roughly the time that the Dutch East India Company had lucrative economic ties to Batavia and the far east. VOC trading posts had been established in Persia, Bengal, Malacca, Siam, Canton, Formosa (now Taiwan), Dejima, as well as the Malabar and Coromandel coasts in India. Corporate colonialism soon replaced mercantilism. The Dutch East Indies is the period in Dutch history that is less interesting for the purpose of the DCCP, but not less important to the Dutch, as It was formed from the nationalised colonies of the Dutch East India Company, which came under the administration of the Dutch government in 1800.
  8. Bea Wijma Indonesia and the Netherlands share a long History, so I'm very happy to assist, work on and 'lend my leadership' to this project !
  9. Hin Gwan / Iwan Tirtasurya Background
    Adventure as an observer of Indonesian culture is increasingly faded with the aim that there is a better change in the world over Indonesia to the noble culture. Many generations today are less concerned about their origins
    Contribution of Sublime Culture
    Begin by developing a complete genealogy with a biography on the wikitree by collecting family after family until it becomes a hereditary lineage By exchanging thoughts and views through the collaboration of volunteers as well as leaders, this genealogy can be perfectly formed, so that history can be rediscovered and ignored by many people.
    History is the beginning of a foothold on a thriving life, where the culture of the noble culture has faded and its direction to economic culture. Sense of brotherhood is no longer a tool that supports each other, eventually the nature and character becomes crucial to be a role model. The calamities that are being blessed are being aired to the root, the cause is low morality, full of false integrity and hypocrisy
    Hope: Living a culture of self-reliance and morality of the nation by recognizing the noble culture through the rebuilt family lineage converts into one unity in a fraternity supported by mutual moral integrity.
  10. Astrid Spaargaren, I am Dutch and the (good and/or bad) history of the Dutch is very entwined with Indonesia. Researching persons that lived in the "Golden Century" in Amsterdam, the time of the VOC (the Dutch East India Company), brings me often to Indonesia. But also in younger history as many Dutch emigrated there, lived there, married and had children. I just hope we can help eachother at the Project and to find reliable sources. Thank you for having me.
  11. Nick Terstal Born in the Netherlands but my grandmother was born in Meester Cornelis (Jatinagara) and I research her line. But my interest also lies in the Civil Servants in the Dutch East Indies of European, Indo-European and Javanese origine.

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