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Welcome to the Integrators Project!

WikiTree Integrators are members who have taken on the mission of integrating our Genealogist-2-Genealogist Forum with the WikiTree site and vice versa!.

Join us in the Integrators Project!integrator.gif


Why do we need Integrators?

The Integrators work in a variety of ways to facilitate the integration of the WikiTree website and the Genealogist to Genealogist Forum (G2G) so that they function together as one entity.

For example: When someone poses a question like "Was my great-great-grandma So-and-So in the 1900 Census?" helpful members find the answer to the question and post it on the G2G forum. The Integrators strive to connect any new information with the appropriate profiles, or to create new profiles using the information.

How to Join integrator.gif

1. If you have signed the Honor Code, are active in the G2G Forum and have been a WikiTree member for at least three months, contact the Integrators Project Coordinator David Selman and ask about joining and what it means to have the Integrator Badge.

2. Add integrators to your list of followed Tags. That way you'll see all relevant posts in your G2G Feed.

Other Tags that may be of interest to you: g2g weekend_chat Tips Moderators Introduction Announcements


WikiTree Leaders, Michael Stills and Peter Roberts at Rootstech 2016

We have a strong team of experienced high-caliber members, most of whom are Leaders or are otherwise outstanding in the WikiTree community. We welcome new members who wish to join us in integrating WikiTree and the G2G forum.

Integrators Contact Tree

General Tasks Helpful to the Project

The following are general tasks that Integrators (and all WikiTreers) can engage in to help fulfill our mission:

  • When you see other members posting replies on the G2G, encourage them to share their replies on the relevant profile(s).
  • When how-to questions are asked make sure the relevant help page(s) is up to date and be sure that a link to that help page(s) is posted to the question.

Specific Tasks of the Integrators

Knowing exactly what needs to be done and exactly who is doing it is necessary for optimum results and efficiency. This also helps us to be aware of our strengths and weaknesses as a team. Each Integrator should be assigned to at least one Specific Task listed below and aim to understand them all.

Answering G2G Posts with Records and Sources

As generous and helpful members of WikiTree we help people by answering questions posted on G2G. As Integrators we provide useful records and sources that can be used to create profiles, and make the connections between profiles and people posting in G2G.

Try to find enough records to justify a profile. Even if the person only asked for a birth date, add what you are able to find including death, marriage, spouse's name, etc. The more you add at this point the easier it will be for our team as the profile is generated. It's also more likely to please the person who posted and to inspire them to join in our efforts at WikiTree.

Always search to see if there is an existing WikiTree profile. If so, connect it to the question by providing a link to the profile in your answer, and post a public message on the profile linking to the G2G post. If you are a Leader, then also add the link to the original post using the edit option.

If no WikiTree profile exists for the identified individual, add their name to this page under "Using Information from G2G Posts to Create Basic Profiles".

If you are a Leader or Moderator add the Tag "Integrators" to the original G2G post.

Connecting G2G Posts to Existing WikiTree Profiles & Profiles to G2G

Identify posts that can be connected to existing WikiTree profiles but are not currently connected.

Go through the Genealogy Help category on the G2G to find questions that have been answered with potentially useful information. Enter the relevant information into the comment section of the appropriate profile. Source, source, source! Note on the G2G post what you've done. (This might also help stir up interest among some less active profile members when they see new information popping up).

Whenever you post the information found by someone else either in the comment section or as a new profile PLEASE be sure to credit the person who did the work to get the information.

Using Information from G2G Posts to Create Basic Profiles

If the information posted in an answer to a question can lead to creation of new profiles on WikiTree, you can create the profile(s). Once you've created the profile, please post a message similar to this at the top of the bio section:

This profile was created by a member of the Integrators Project following a question posted in the G2G forum. If you would like to become profile manager, please send me a private message. (Use four tildes at the end to add your name, ID and the date, can not show it here as the four ~ are converted the the ID of the poster.)
If possible, send a message to the originator of the question informing them of what you've done. (The first time we did this, within 2 hours the poster of the question was the profile manager of the new profile!)

Whenever you post the information found by someone else either in the comment section or as a new profile PLEASE be sure to credit the person who did the work to get the info.

Applying WikiTree Styles & Standards

This is our opportunity to lead by example and uphold the standard of profiles that we strive for at WikiTree. When you create a new profile please try to adhere to the WikiTree Styles and Standards.

Asking Questions in G2G about Orphaned Profiles

Use the Orphaned Profiles List to find profiles that have no Profile Manager. View the activity-feeds of the orphaned profiles in order to find ones that have not had any activity in the past 12 months.

Post a question about the profile in G2G. For example: "John McKay was born in Kentucky in the early 1800s, is there a project for Kentucky Settlers?", "Has anyone been able to find the parents of John McKay?", or "John McKay had 14 children!". Anything that might find descendants of John or spark interest in more work on John's profile.

Integrators performing this Task should post at least one question about an orphaned profile each week, and are encouraged to post as many as 3 per day.

Hosting and Supporting the "Weekend Chat"

The Weekend Chat is a means of communication between members new and old and WikiTree Projects, Leaders, Mentors, and other experts. It is also a way to spread the word about announcements, tips, policies, and ideas... all while providing a fun outlet for our members to share and spread good will.

See Hosting the Weekend Chat for detailed information.

This task should be done by several different Integrators and guests taking turns.

G2G Moderators

The G2G Moderators Project is an official Sub Project of the G2G Integrators.

The G2G Moderators Project Coordinator is Dorothy Barry.

Moderators help posts to produce maximum results by ensuring correct categorization, tags, and presentation. Their efforts also connect WikiTree projects with relevant information posted in G2G. They monitor for flagged and inappropriate content while helping the forum run as smoothly as possible.

Correct Categorization & Tags

You must be a Leader or Moderator to perform this Task.

Ensure that all current questions are posted in the correct G2G Category such as "Request for Genealogy Help", and that the relevant G2G Tags are added to each post. More information can be found in these Leaders Help pages on Moderating G2G and on Tags.

While doing so, it's also a good time to correct basic spelling errors and edit the post for readability (be careful not to change meaning or personality expressed by the poster, don't change too much!).

Correct Tags are listed on G2G Tag-Talk

Integrators Project Coordinator

The G2G Integrators Project Coordinator is David Selman.

Check regularly to ensure that the list of Integrators is current, Badges are current, members are active, and Tasks are being completed.

Watch to ensure that profiles being created by the project move through all stages until completion. Resolve any issues.

Communicate regularly with our Integrators. Let them know of any changes or updates to the project. Answer their questions and help them with any problems. Inspire and support. Become a contact that they can reach out to with any issues.

Recruit new promising members into the Integrators Project. Handle Badge requests and inquiries.

Integrators Project Leader

The G2G Integrators Project Leader is Keith Hathaway.

Communicate regularly and work closely with the Integrators Project & Moderators Project Coordinators.

Maintain and Improve the Integrators Project including pages, systems, and procedures.

Management Page: Integrators Project Leader


Leadership Page - Limited Access.

G2G Integrators Project - Best Answers - This page is to provide examples of answers picked by the G2G Integrators to answer the most common and tougher questions.

G2G Tag-Talk - Listing Correct G2G Tags

All About the Weekend Chat

SSP7 - Linda Barnett

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Genealogy Help Category on G2G

Unanswered Questions on G2G

Styles and Standards


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