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Welcome to the Integrators Project!

WikiTree Integrators integrate our Genealogist-to-Genealogist Forum (G2G) with our tree so the two work together seamlessly.


Why do we need Integrators?

The Integrators work in a variety of ways to facilitate the integration of the WikiTree collaborative family tree and the Genealogist-to-Genealogist Forum (G2G) so that they function together as one entity.

For example: When someone poses a question like "Was my great-great-grandma So-and-So in the 1900 Census?" helpful members find the answer to the question and post it on the G2G forum. The Integrators strive to connect any new information with the appropriate profiles, or to create new profiles using the information.

How to Join

Are you interested in the G2G Integrators Project?integrator.gif

Additional requirements:

  1. Honor Code signee
  2. Active in the G2G Forum
  3. WikiTree member for at least three months
  4. Pre-1700 certified
  5. 100 or more non GEDCOM contributions
  6. The integrators tag is an option you might follow for opportunities to take action on posts.
WikiTree Project Leaders, Michael Stills and Peter Roberts at Rootstech 2016

What we do as Integrators

The Integrators project is about taking two separate sites: WikiTree and the G2G forum, and making then function together as seamlessly as possible. The main activity that does this is moving information from one place to the other. Information in G2G moved to WikiTree to create a profile or add to it. Profile on WikiTree linked back to G2G.

Answering questions at some point became part of all this. We're trying to shift the focus to the older questions at least - those that never got attention. But it isn't primary. The primary goal is literally integration of the two sites.

Moderators are supposed to make sure tags are correct, questions are clear, and things that shouldn't be in G2G aren't.

What Can I Do to Help?

Answer G2G posts

Go through the Unanswered Questions on the G2G and answer ones that you are able. Another approach would be to watch certain tags that interest you and help answer those. Make sure you read the question carefully so your answer is helpful. Just posting sources where that information is already known sometimes makes a question look answered when it wasn't.

Move valuable information to profiles, existing or new

Go through the Genealogy Help category on the G2G to find questions that have been answered with potentially useful information.

When you see other members posting replies on the G2G, encourage them to incorporate those sources and other information into existing profiles. If there isn't a profile for the person(s) being asked about, make one! You can ask a Moderator to link one of the profiles back to the question so it's easily found.

You do not need to wait for the person asking to create a profile or move information. Just do it! It's a rare situation where someone will be upset you did so and most will likely be happy. If you get a complaint, forward it to Abby and she'll help explain what we do.

You might consider adding a comment to the post that led to the creation/integration of the profile to let the person know that the profile exists in case they'd like to adopt it.

We do not expect any Integrator to keep the profiles they create on their watch list they should orphan the profile after it is posted to the asked question and a post is placed in G2G asking if anyone would be interested in adopting the profile.

This is the same if you created one or a dozen profiles from one or several questions.

Orphaned profiles are OK at WikiTree, of course, we would like to see every profile have a manager but it is not necessary.

Watch for potential updates to help pages

When how-to questions are asked make sure the relevant help page(s) is up-to-date and be sure that a link to that help page(s) is posted to the question. Project_Leaders can edit help pages, so ask one to help if you spot an issue.

Bring attention to orphaned profiles

Use the Orphaned Profiles List to find profiles that have no Profile Manager. View the activity-feeds of the orphaned profiles in order to find ones that have not had any activity in the past 12 months.

Post a question about the profile in G2G. For example: "John McKay was born in Kentucky in the early 1800s, is there a project for Kentucky Settlers?", "Has anyone been able to find the parents of John McKay?", or "John McKay had 14 children!". Anything that might find descendants of John or spark interest in more work on John's profile.

Some Integrators do a great job of this, making it fun by posting according to the season or special events. Contact Janet Wild if you would like to help with this or have suggestions as to Orphaned Profiles to feature in the G2G Forum! :-))

G2G Forum Achievement Posts

This is one of our few assigned tasks, in order to avoid confusion and duplication. Talk with David Selman about being part of this task team. The Achievement points are set at 100,000, 200,000, 300,000, 400,000, 500,000, 600,000, 700,000, 800,000, 900,000 and 1,000,000 G2G points. Please use these tags only for the Achievers Post: integrators, g2g, appreciation, wikitree_love, wonderful_wikitreers. The G2G Achievers Post is currently done by - SJ Baty and Dieter Lewerenz. You can contact David Selman if interested and fill in when SJ or Dieter is unable to post. Thank You!

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