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A monthly challenge for all those WikiTreers who love G2G and challenges


How to Join

Currents Leaders: Abby Glann, David Selman and Bea Wijma
Project Coordinators: Dorothy Barry, Pip Sheppard
Assisting Coordinators: Laura Bozzay, Bob Keniston, and Astrid Schellenberger

All WikiTree members are welcome to participate in the Integrators Challenges.

  1. Post an answer to the November 30, 2018 to December 31, 2018 (1 month), Integrators Challenge, G2G question. Would you like to join the Integrators Challenge? We will post an announcement about the monthly challenge in G2G on the last day of the previous month around 11 am eastern time. The challenge runs until 11:59 p.m. the last day of the month, your time. Note: To have your participation count in the Challenge, you must register by answering the G2G Challenge post, add the URL/Webpage Address of the question used Under your Answer here when a profile is created to answer a G2G question and only use the Tracker. If you don’t register, your entries will not be tallied. Please read and follow the Challenge instructions. Thank you.
  2. All participants may add the participant's sticker to their biography {{Integrators Challenge}}. The winner will get a special sticker to use on their biography.
  3. You can add your name (Wiki ID) to the list of Participants
  4. Add integrators_challenge to your tags

Additional requirements:

  1. Honor Code signee
  2. Active in the G2G Forum
  3. WikiTree member for at least three months

If you enjoy what you do in the challenge, and would like to join the Integrators Project, go to the project page and follow the steps to join.


The primary goals and tasks of the Integrators Challenge are:

  1. Create profiles from unanswered G2G questions.
  2. Answer unanswered questions. (For the challenge, these need to be from at least two months from the current date and earlier.)
  3. Connect questions to existing WikiTree profiles.

Some months may feature specific tasks to accomplish these. See the current month's thread for more information.

How the Challenge Works

In keeping with the overall mission of the project, our Challenge will focus on finding posts in G2G that are at least 2 months old or older. Look for posts that have information that can lead to the creation of a new profile or updates to an existing profile. Posts to look for:

1. Unanswered questions where the question centers around a person or topic that can culminate in the creation or update of a profile. A question like: Who were so and so’s parents? or I need help finding Joe Schmoe in the 1880 Census. Always check to make sure a profile doesn't already exist on WikiTree before creating a new one.

2. Answered questions that include information can be made into a new profile or integrated into an existing profile. Answers that include census records, military records, obituary information are great sources for profiles.

Both versions will require some research to determine a good answer with complete information. You will need to check to make sure a profile for that person does not already exist. When creating a new profile you must have either a birth or death date or an explanation of how you calculated an estimated one; and at least one primary source like a birth or death certificate, a census record, an obituary, or some other valid primary source. Internet trees, Find A Grave, and items listed on our Frauds and Fictions lists are not acceptable sources for the creation of a profile or to get points in the challenge.


Add the URL/WebPage Address of the question used Under your Answer on the current monthly G2G Integrators Challenge Page when a profile is created to answer a G2G question.

We use the challenge tracker run in WikiTree+. Upon saving the profile, a box will appear at the top of the edit screen that has a link to challenge tracker.

Here's an Example.

After clicking the challenge tracker button, a new screen will open up. Select Integrators Challenge and the list of comment hints should populate. Either pick the one that has the most relevance to what you have done or create a comment of your own. Press add action. You can now safely close the window and move on to another profile.

Here's an Example


  • Finished: 31 October - 30 November (1 month), Integrators Challenge,

    Reviewing Challenge Results

    We will post a link to the challenge status tracker in the challenge announcement. Clicking that link will reveal a list of people participating via the challenge tracker and the number of profiles created/updated. Here's the Default Integrators Challenge Tracker (Automatically will show the result for the current Integrators Challenge)

    Challenge Tracker Stats

    1. Challenge Tracker May 2018
    2. Challenge Tracker June 2018
    3. Challenge Tracker July 2018
    4. Challenge Tracker August 2018
    5. Challenge Tracker September 2018
    6. Challenge Tracker October 2018
    7. Challenge Tracker November 2018
    8. Challenge Tracker December 2018


    1. Integrators Challenge Participant example:
    Usage: {{Integrators Challenge}} Displays:
    ... is a participant of the Integrators Challenges

    2. Integrators Challenge Winner Sticker with a name/date/month/year, example:
    Usage: {{Integrators Challenge Winner|date=March 2018}} Displays:
    ... won the March 2018 Integrators Challenge!


    To add your name to the list click the edit button [edit] you see here on the right and add your WikiTree ID + name to the list (next to the # )

    1. Dorothy Barry
    2. Pip Sheppard
    3. Jodi (Trogstad) Brennan
    4. N. Gauthier
    5. Maria Capaldi
    6. Sandra Davidson
    7. Jessica Gehring


    Winners will receive an Integrators Challenge Winner sticker. The top 10 challengers for the previous month and the top 10 challengers for the year will be tracked on the Integrators Challenge page.

    In January of each year the top challenge from the previous year will be determined. They'll get a special Top Integrator sticker.

    Wall of Fame

    Winners 2018

    1. May 2018 Congrats for our winner Dorothy Barry !
    2. June 2018 Congrats for our winner David Selman !
    3. July 2018 Congrats for our winners (we had a tie) Dorothy Barry and David Selman !
    4. August 2018 Congrats for our winner Sandra Davidson
    5. September 2018 Congraulations for our winner Sandra Davidson
    6. October 2018 Congraulations for our winner Pip Sheppard
    7. November 2018 Congraulations for our winner Pip Sheppard
    8. December 2018

    Top 10 2018

    All-Time Top 10

    Special Challenges

    From time to time we may have special themed challenges, like a joint challenge with the Cemeteries Project centered around creating profiles for target cemeteries or a joint challenge with the Military and War Project where we have target rosters that need to have profiles created.

    Related Projects and Groups

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