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Welcome to the Ireland Project!

This project is the effort of a group of WikiTree users interested in profiles related to Irish people and their descendants around the globe. The leaders of this project are Richard Devlin and Jen Hutton (click their name to contact them by private message). For a full list of participants, see the badge report.

To see what was happening when your Irish ancestor was alive, check out Time Line Irish History.

To view one of our Team pages, just click on one of the tabs. Or for a short description and link, scroll further down this page.

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Project Mission

The primary mission of the Ireland Project is to be a center for accurate information about Irish Genealogy and to share that information through the creation and maintenance of profiles for individuals born in Ireland, ensuring each of those profiles meets the highest possible standards.

How to Join

  1. Be a full member (in good standing) of WikiTree and have made at least 100 contributions to our shared tree.
  2. Post an answer to the G2G join post (see link Are you interested in the Ireland Project? near the top of this page) indicating which team(s) you would like to be part of. Please also include links to several profiles you have created or edited that demonstrate your understanding of WikiTree editing standards, sourcing, and the use of inline citations.
  3. Add Irish_Roots to your list of followed tags on G2G.
  4. When you receive a badge, you will be invited to join the Google Group for the Ireland Project and the project's server on Discord. You are strongly encouraged to join one or both of these groups as they are a way for project members to collaborate on profiles, as well as on needed changes and improvements within the project.

Requirements After Joining

  1. Improve at least one Irish profile every twelve months. You can choose to improve a project-managed profile, the profile of a family member who was born or died in Ireland, or an orphaned or unsourced Irish profile. This requirement can be fullfilled by doing anything from writing a complete biography with inline citations, to fixing a database error, or adding at least one reliable source to an unsourced profile.
  2. Respond to the annual Member Check-in. Once a year a project leader will post a comment on your profile asking you to check-in. You can respond with one word or you can let us know in more detail what your current interests in the project are, and whether you have suggestions for ways the project can be improved. We love hearing from each of you.

If you have not made any contributions to an Irish profile in twelve months, and if you do not send us a response at check-in time, your badge will be removed. If that does happen, and if you decide later that things have changed and you once again have time to participate, you will always be welcome to rejoin the project.

Goals and Objectives

Trinity College

1. Providing a collaborative and supportive environment where team members will assist in creating, maintaining, and improving Irish profiles. They will focus on conducting research, identifying reliable sources, writing biographies, collaborating with others, and ensuring that profiles remain accurate and error-free. More information on ways in which project members are able to collaborate to improve profiles may be found on the individual team pages. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Identifying all duplicate profiles and merging them into the lowest profile ID;
  • Identifying relevant categories and adding them to the project's category structure and to relevant profiles;
  • Identifying and correcting profile suggestions for Ireland;
  • Cleaning up biographies that contain GEDCOM clutterand writing biographies where necessary; and
  • Identifying profiles that require project protection.

2. Compiling an extensive list of both on-line and off-line resources and tools that members can use to find information on Irish families.


We Require everyone with the Ireland Badge be a member of at least one Team or Sub- Team. Please let Rich or Jen know what Teams you would like to be on.

  • Categories Team This team oversees the category structure for the entire project, reviewing and ensuring the accuracy of category names, creating new categories as needed, and maintaining the associated how-to and help pages.
  • Counties Team The Counties team comprises 4 Province teams and the Counties team. The sub-teams work on improving profiles of the people born in, or associated with, their province or the counties in that province. If your ancestors came primarily from one county or if you have a particular interest in a specific county, consider working with one of the province sub-teams.
  • Managed_Profiles_Team This team works on profiles managed and protected by the project, making sure they meet the highest standards possible. In consultation with project leadership, the team also recommends which additional profiles the Ireland Project should manage. These are generally our Flagship profiles, which means that members of this team need to be experienced WikiTreers.
  • Membership Team Members of this team review membership requests and welcome new members; assist in maintaining the project's membership list and team membership lists; provide mentoring for new members who might need help; assist in compiling and maintaining lists of research resources specific to Ireland; maintain the project page for templates and stickers; and monitor G2G in order to respond to posts tagged with Irish_Roots.
  • Profile Improvements Team This team is made up of arborists, biobuilders, categorizers, connectors, data doctors, sourcerers, and others who are dedicated to improving all Ireland profiles.
  • Topics Team This team is comprised of subteams which gather profiles together under a common theme in order to create new or improve existing profiles. Some examples of topical teams are: Scots Irish/Ulster Scots; Irish authors; Irish mathematicians; Irish politicians; and Irish Quakers. If you are interested in one of these, or in starting a new topical subteam, let Jen know.
  • Diaspora Team The term Irish_Diaspora refers to people of Irish ancestry no longer living in Ireland or not born in Ireland, e.g. those living in the United States, Australia, England, France, etc. If you would like to start a new Diaspora subteam, please contact Rich.
  • Irish Seanchaithe This team participates in all WikiTree marathon challenges, and membership is by registration for each individual event.
Blarney Castle

Ireland Project Box

The {{Irish Roots}} Project Box belongs on any profile managed by the project. It should be placed above the ==Biography== heading and below any categories without any extra lines or hard returns. Never add the project box without also adding the Ireland Project as a manager of the profile. Project leaders, in consultation with the Managed Profiles team, will determine which profiles meet the criteria established for project management.

Ireland Project Stickers

For a better understanding of stickers, how to use them, and where to place them on a profile please see WikiTree's help page for Stickers.

There are two alternative stickers from which you can choose which can be placed on the profile of a person who was born in Ireland at any time throughout history, including Northern Ireland (Ulster).

Ireland Native
... ... ... was born in Ireland.
{{Ireland Native}} displays as:

Ireland Native
... ... ... was born in Ireland.
{{Ireland Native|image=WikiTree-34.gif}} displays as:

For your own profile or the profile of anyone who was not born in Ireland but has Irish ancestors, you may choose to use the following sticker:

... ... ... has Irish ancestors.
{{Irish Clans}} displays as:


  1. Helpful Links for Irish Genealogy Research. This page has been cumulated by project members and contains direct links to many online tools which are helpful in researching Irish ancestors.
  2. Historical Sources of Ireland. This page is maintained by Rich, and contains links to online transcriptions from many of the Annals as well as many other primary and secondary sources.
  3. Irish Dynasties.
  4. Peerage of Ireland.
  5. Ireland Project County Teams explains how to find your own team page, see what jobs need to be done for your team, and gives instructions on how to connect with your team on Discord. (That link also includes notes about location categories.)
  6. Managed Profile Checklist provides guidance when working on any profile which is managed by the project.
  7. Ireland Project's Naming Protocol Guidelines.
  8. Ireland Project's Reliable Sources.
  9. Sources Based on Geographical Locations in Ireland.
  10. Ireland category and sub-categories is a list of categories currently found within the Ireland Project.
  11. Ireland Project: Helpful Links When Working on Irish Profiles.
  12. Ireland Project: Badges, Templates, and Stickers.

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