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The Ireland Project is associated with the Irish Roots Project and the United Kingdom Project.

The Ireland Project provides information and resources to people working on the Irish Roots Project.

Ireland Project


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  • Victoria Gilbert - England, Scotland and Ireland.
  • K Guerra - Ireland, Irish Roots, Scottish Clans, Scots-Irish and Scotland, Uk
  • David Loring - I live on the west coast of Ireland (I am not Irish however) and am researching Melody / Heraty / Quinn / King / Gavin families in Mayo. (My partner's family)
  • Jennifer Lucas - Quinn, Flanagan, Bagley and location County Longford
  • Nick Sharp - Several Irish ancestors, starting with the Jackson line
  • Kim Spaulding- Working on connecting the Carrolls that immigrated from Ireland to Maryland.
  • Michael Stewart - England, Scotland and Ireland.
  • Chris Walters - possibility that I have living relatives in Ireland or elsewhere and I am trying to see if this is possible would be an amazing achievement if I could accomplish it!!
  • Erika Ward - England and Ireland/Irish Roots.
  • Jacqueline Wright - England, Scotland and Ireland
  • Terry Wright -


  • Irish Roots This project is focused on Irish genealogy and resources devoted to developing profiles of Irish people and their descendants on Wikitree.

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