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Our aim is to support research and collaboration on profiles of Italian Heritage or Origin, and to foster connections among researchers with common interests and the development of shared resources to advance these aims. We aim to be an asset to the wikitree community and to Italian Genealogy in general. We encourage development of Name and Place studies pertinent to Italian Roots.

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To Do

  • Add the Italian Roots sticker to profiles that have Italian heritage or lived in Italy.
  • Start a One Name Study for your Italian Surnames
  • Start a One Place Study for a location of interest to your genealogy research

Italian Roots Resources

Here are some Italian Genealogy Resources to get us started. Please add more from your Favorites and Bookmarks:

There are numerous Facebook groups that are very helpful. Most members go out of their way to help with translations

  • Southern Italian Genealogy Network
  • Sicilian and Aeolian Islands Genealogy
  • Abruzzo Italy Genealogy

The next link includes some image/maps from the original free-space page:

Templates, Stickers and Categories

NOTE! We're about to change this to a sticker. The Project Box Template will be reserved for profiles meriting profile project protection status and which will then be managed by the project.

Add the Italian Roots Sticker template to any records for profiles of persons of Italian Heritage by cutting and pasting the following into the bio section:

{{Italian Roots Sticker}}

Template Use

Migrating ancestor

{{Migrating Ancestor | origin = Italy | destination = USA | origin-flag = Flags-10.jpg | destination-flag = Flags-4.jpg }}

will produce

Flag of Italy
... ... ... migrated from Italy to USA.
Flag of USA


Michael Maranda, Project Leader - My Italian heritage traces to Ferruzzano, Reggio Calabria and Villa Santa Lucia degli Abruzzi. My ancestors emigrated to New York State, USA.

Chris Ferraiolo, Project Coordinator- I am half Italian on my father's side. My paternal grandfather and his family came from San Pietro a Maida and my paternal grandmother's family came from Gesualdo, Frigento and Grottaminarda. Both sides settled in Haverhill, Massachusetts.

Latichia Grasso - My father came over from Catania Sicilia to Australia with his family when he was 2

Eric Adducchio - Adducchio/Manzo Family immigrated from Duronia, Province of Campobasso, Molise, to Dayton, Ohio and various locations in Argentina.

Michele Camera

Justin Cascio I'm descended from Corleonesi through my paternal grandfather and blog about Mafia Genealogy.

Sharon Centanne = One Place Study for Alia, Sicilia. Interested in dozens of families born in Alia and surrounding villages, tracing their ancestors back as far as possible, and their descendants to recent times, where ever they have emigrated. I have started One Name Studies for many of the surnames from Alia and hope to add more in the future. I am also volunteering to be the Library Information Resource person for the Italian Roots project, as I am an experienced librarian familiar with online research.

Enrico Davini = My name is Enrico Davini, starting 2001 I collected info and documents about the genealogy of my ancestry, who started in Pisa in 1600. By using internet, I contacted by email Davini, in particular those living outside Italy, to found and share info about our surname. Immediately I created a web site , to share the info progress with all the Davini in the world. In the meantime, over 400 Davini joined my Facebook pages "cognome Davini" e "Davini". During this years, my greatest satisfaction was when I fit new piece of this puzzle: crossing the genealogy of with another, two "cousins" are now in contact or the Davini grandfather name is discovered. In 2016, my friend Tiziana Cortesi Cortesi-2 who makes a big work about Davini on Antraccoli (Lucca) found the connection of her and my ancestries, so allowing to make the big tree of our ancestry since 1300 with over 4.000 people. Our ancestry is spread in Italy, USA, Argentine, Brazil and ????.

Mary Martin Diamante - My main surnames of interest are Diamante, from Popoli, Abruzzo and Capritta and Bennici from Licata and Sierra di Falco, Sicily. These are actually my husband's family. They all came to the United States in the very late 1800s, settling primarily in the Albany-Schenectady New York area. My genealogy project for June is to clean up their profiles ( GEDcom mess), so I can carry on.

Michael Miller

Susannah Zemke - Research on families from Bergamo in Lombardy with focus on families of Bossico, Ceratello, Flaccanico, Branico & Qualino (Lago d'Iseo area); multiple Bergamo DNA kits (atDNA & Y-DNA) under my management.

Concetta Phillipps - my Italian heritage is from Vittorio Veneto, Treviso, Italy and its two predecessor villages, Serravalle and Ceneda. My ancestors emigrated to Ohio, USA

Nanette Gahn Pezzutti - my husband's family came from the Comune di Fontanafredda, Provincia di Udine.

K Guerra - Researching the Guerra's, the Filice's and the Turano"s of the Italian family.

Giulia Visconti (Maiden name Guthrie). Researching Visconti family - I am a very distant cousin of my husband.

Bob Jewett - researching my maternal grandfather's ancestors, family and descendants that remained in Italy. He was born in Domodossola, Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, Piemonte and the family lived in Premia. His LNAB was Fonti (Fonte in the US) and his mother's LNAB was Albergeretta (Albergetti).

Edward Hogan -Quarter Italian interested in my Sicilian connection. Bonario, Lavits, Benedetto, Plazzotto, Falco, Salvaggio, Buttecavoli, Messina, Campise, Canatella.

Tony Ross -My great great grandfather changed his name from Rosario Greco to George Ross in 1894 when he came to Canada. My interests are the Grecos of Colosimi, Carolei, Nicastro, and San Giovanni in Fiore in Cosenza, Calabria Italy. I am in touch with family in Colosimi, where Rosario was from. Kit # 246925 FTDNA. Greco paternal lineage to 1620. Also interested in the Colosimos, (Di) Fazios, and Cristianos. Willing to do lookups at the Archivio di Stato di Cosenza online if your people are from Cosenza.

Jim Tareco - My Italian side came from Abruzzo, Castel di Sangro and Prezza. The rest are Sicilians from Tortorici, Cerda and Valledolmo. All of whom emigrated to Niagara Falls and Jamestown NY. Currently fleshing out these lines and categorizing them by town/village they lived in. Have one name studies on most.

Andreas West (Basso) - My great grandfather was born in Asiago, Province of Vicenza and his ancestors have been documented there from 1200 onwards. Setting up a OPS page to collect more information about Asiago and it's former inhabitants. Did visit it in 2004 and 2014

Stefano Longo Italian with interest in genealogy, in particular genealogy related to my home town Casalvieri (Fr), Italy. Casalvieri Project

Lance Martin My great grandfather was born in Chiavenna, Sondrio, Lombardia, Italy. I have had a Y DNA test, but no matches or even close matches. I am concentrating my work on the Chiavenna area, and plan to return there in 1-2 years to do more on sight research. Sondrio Indexing Space

Dennis Ferrara - Three of my grandparents have origins in the same village, Alia, Palermo Province, Sicily. They came to Louisiana in roughly between 1890 and 1900.

Beverly McGowan My grandmother was the daughter of Italian immigrants Bernardino Fratoddi born in Montereale, L'Aquila, and Giulia Montagna born in Bologna, Emilia-Romagna. Surnames also include Bonini, Ceretti, Firmi, Pasqualucci, Ricci, and Solieri.

Patti Lucero Grace Hi, I am new to WikiTree and would like to thank you for the add to the Italian Roots. My father's family are from Sicily. His father's family is from Corleone & his mother's family is from Caccamo. They came to the US in the early 1900 and settled in Louisiana. The surnames that I am researching are Lucero/Lucera (changed to Lucero after they came to the US), Listi, Medica, Santoro, Mule', Rivaldo, LaCorte, Piraino, Guzzardo, Pentranella, Morello & Sapoeito.

Kim Jordan - My paternal great-grandfather, Francesco Giordano (aka Frank Jordan) came from Omignano, Salerno, Campania. Images (but not indexes) of the Omignano civil registrations from 1866 - 1829 are available on Family Search. Since the town is small and there was a fair amount of intermarrying, I have been working on something of a One Place Study by indexing all the names in an Excel spreadsheet. I've completed indexing the deaths from 1875 (when the printed forms started) through 1929 for Omignano. My father's Y-DNA test has not had any close hits, though I have been making connections with his autosomal DNA matches.

Andrew Van Duyn My great-great grandparents were both from San Fele in the Basilicata region. They immigrated to New York City in the 1880s.

Roni Lepore My paternal grandfather's family came from Giovinazzo, Bari, Puglia, Italy. The Lepore Family immigrated to Hoboken, Hudson County, New Jersey USA in the 1905. Surnames: Lepore, Lasorsa, Russo, Milillo, Cortese, Mazzella, Messatelle, Bavaro, Dellasanti/Della Santi, Carbonara, Piscattelli, DeAngelis, Florentino, Amoriso, Nicoletti, DiPalma, Sigismondo, Amoia, Labambarda, Camporeale, Benienio, Bonifacio

Anthony Magnia - Reasearching my Paternal grandfather's roots in Magenta, Italy. His family migrated to Victoria, Texas, USA.Their name was originally "Magna" instead of "Magnia". I have more information from other sites, but I just signed up here so I need to work on compiling the info here as well.

Alexey Dodsworth Magnavita de Carvalho - My ancestors came from Paola, Calabria, and from Borgaro Torinese, Piemonte. I have plenty information on Magnavita family since my great-grandfather (Pasquale Magnavita) wrote a dedicated diary from 1898 to 1972, which tells every single step of his life as an Italian immigrant in Brazil. On the other hand, I am looking for documents about my ancestors that came from Borgaro Torinese to Brazil. They were Gabriele Aldighieri / Augeri and Maddalena Boccardo.

Stacy Krout My maternal grandfather was Ronchetti by birth. His parents were Pietro (Peter) and Julia Ronchetti (I am not certain of her maiden name). I am interested in learning more of this side of my family. I am sure as information is gleaned, the list of surnames will expand.

G. Bartomeo - My biological father is the son of Italian immigrants who came to the US from Montesano sulla Marcellana in Salerno, and his ancestors aren't all from Montesano, which makes it a bit of a journey. On my mother's side, she's half Italian, with her ancestors coming from Genoa (Favale di Malvaro, Verzi, Orero), Palermo (Palermo), and Siracusa (Melilli). Currently working on the Portale Antenati records for Montesano sulla Marcellana and getting them onto WikiTree.

Dominic Scarmardo - My father's family is comprised of Italian immigrants from Sicily that settled in the Brazos Valley in Texas to farm. I am the fourth generation born in the US, as my great-great-grandparents immigrated from Italy, primarily from Poggioreale (in Trapani) and the Palermo area (including Corleone). Surnames include Scamardi/Scamardo/Scarmardo, Mauro, Corte/Court, Dimaria, and Dragna. I am currently working through some family trees that were handed down to me by my grandparents. I am going through these names and creating Wikitree profiles while compiling as many sources as I can.

Steven Christian Amendola - My paternal line Amendola comes from Sarno, Italy. My great-grandfather Giuseppe, born 1876, emigrated to New York City after being refused payment for the carving and erection of two monumental doors at the entrance to a large estate in Salerno. I'd like to see a photograph of those doors some day. His wife, Giuseppa Grazia Nobila Picarella, also comes from the Salerno province, in Acqualora, but they met and married in New York City. We are closely related to Giovanni Amendola the parliamentary opponent of Fascism and Giovanbattista Amendola the sculptor. Surnames: Amendola, Picarella, Bello, Scarano, Mancuso, Amoruso, Moscatiello, Somma, Agata, Mellone, Guarino, Concheta.

Patti Duro My husband's family is from Acerra, Naples, Italy. I am researching Duro, Schiavone, Gallo, Caporale, Brucci, Balletta, De Rosa, Sibilio, and many more. I have started a One Place Study project for Acerra, Italians from the town of Acerra in Napoli creating profiles for Italians in Acerra from 1810-1929.

One Place Studies for Italy

'Place Studies' are a great tool for exploring Italian heritage and genealogy, especially when we look to the commune level. We strive to follow the standards and practices of the One Place Studies Project on WikiTree. If you are working on an Italian Place Study, let us know or add it here! if you need help in setting one up, just ask!

How to list your Italy Place Studies project

Please tag your OPS location category and any project page with the Italy Place Studies category (and the One Place Studies category) as follows:

[[Category: One Place Studies]]
[[Category: Italy Place Studies]]

Refer to the Italian One Place Studies help page for more guidance

Please note - previously we used "Italian Place Studies" as our category - if you followed the prior instructions, the category project people have fixed that for us. Please adjust accordingly so that we may better conform to the categorization standards of WikiTree.

Alphabetic list of Italy One Place Studies

You can find Italy Place Studies Projects that have been properly tagged.

One Name Studies for Italian Heritage

Name Studies are a great way to collaborate on surname research. We strive to follow the guidelines of the One Name Studies Project. Let us know if you are working on one for an italian surname, or add it here!

How to list your surname under Italian Name Studies

Please tag your ONS surname category and any project page with the Italian Name Studies category as follows:

[[Category: Italian Name Studies ]]

Remember, for your surname you will also want to establish a Category of the form Category:Surname_Name_Study, and include that category in the biography section of each ancestor relevant to your One Name Study. Follow the guidelines in the ONS Project or ask if you need help.

Alphabetic list of Italian One Name Studies

You can find Italian Name Studies Projects that have been properly tagged.

Italian Family Mysteries

Everyone loves a mystery - but we all want help in tearing down our genealogical brick walls. If you've set up a Family Mystery page for your Italian research, let us know or add it here!

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