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The mission of the Italy Project is to support research and collaboration on profiles for people of Italian Heritage or origin, and their descendants worldwide. Similarly, the project is focused on creating and improving genealogies and biographies for Italian families around the world.

How to Join

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The Italy Project is working towards a Team structure, each Team being led by a Team Leader. Most of the teams are in the planning and development stages now, and we have a lot of work to do and welcome all members stepping in to help the groups you would enjoy being a part of. All we ask is that you actively work and.or collaborate on Italian profiles, and respond to our twice a year check-ins.

There are no requirements to have roots in a specific region or even have Italian roots to work on any team in the project. If you have a love for Italy and want to learn more while lending a helping hand, join us by posting an answer on our G2G Welcome post (listed above)!


The goals of this project and all teams, include (but are not limited to) ensuring that:
  1. all duplicates are merged into their lowest number;
  2. relevant categories are added;
  3. biographies are cleaned up, and conform to the WikiTree Style Guide (ask the Profile Improvement Project for help if needed); and
  4. profiles are connected to the main WikiTree family tree (ask the Connectors Project for help).
We also strive to ensure that family members of our worked profiles (at least 2 generations up and down) also adhere to the project goals, when and where possible.

Project Templates

The {{Italian Roots}} Project Box identifies a profile as project-managed so that visitors can find out how to collaborate on the profile and related profiles.
Italy's flag
... ... ... has Italian Roots.
Join: Italian Roots Project
Discuss: italian_roots
The {{Italian Roots Sticker}} identifies profiles of people born in Italy, or have Italian Roots.
... ... ... has Italian Roots.

Related Projects

Related Projects and Teams are likely to have some overlap with the Italy Project, so members of this project may be interested in them as well. For certain work in the project, we follow the related projects' guidelines:

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