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The Lewis and Clark Expediton Project is a Sub-Project of the Westward Ho Project

Welcome to the Lewis and Clark Expedition Project!

Our Mission: This project is to highlight the profiles on WikiTree for the members of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, also known as the Corps of Discovery. From Oct. 26, 1803 until Sep. 23, 1806, they traveled over eight thousand miles from the Falls of the Ohio to the Pacific Ocean and back again.



How to Join

The Lewis and Clark Expedition Project is a sub-project of ??

A project coordinator is needed to lead this project.

For a full list of participants, see the badge report

You don't have to be related to a member of the expediton to join. Anyone with an interest is welcome!! If you would like to participate, please do the following:

  1. Answer our G2G joining post with your interests and to receive a badge.
  2. Add Lewis and Clark to the list of tags you are following on G2G.
  3. Initiate a Trusted List Request to the Westward Ho Project Members Page and update the page by adding your name to the projects you are working on.
  4. Check out the list below for ways you can help.


The goal of the Lewis and Clark Expedition Project is to create and develop a profile for every member of the expedition. For that purpose, we need to:

  1. Add profiles for the members of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, checking for existing profiles to avoid duplication. If any duplicate profiles exist, request merges, starting with the oldest generation.
  2. If profiles were loaded by GEDCOM, use WikiTree Styles and Standards to clean up residue and broken links.
  3. Search out original rather than derivative documentation and add sources.
  4. Write comprehensive, well-sourced biographies.
  5. Add the Lewis and Clark template to the profiles along with any relevant categories.
  6. Contact Alison to request PPP status for those profiles that meet the criteria for project protection. This will protect them from an incorrect merge.
  7. Make sure profiles of family members are correct and documented.
  8. Profiles need to be linked to the greater WikiTree. Try to find the connection.
  9. Do you manage a profile for a member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition that you are especially proud of? Let Alison know and we will feature it on this page.

What You Can Do To Help

We still need to add profiles to WikiTree for the following expedition members:
Robert Frazer
George Gibson
Silas Goodrich
Hugh Hall
Thomas Proctor Howard
Francois Labiche
Jean-Baptiste Lepage
Hugh McNeal
John Ordway
John Potts
George Shannon
John Shields
John B. Thompson
Peter M. Weiser
William Werner
Joseph Whitehouse
Richard Windsor

Once you have created a profile, please remove the name from this list and add it to the Lewis and Clark Expedition Project page. All profiles need to be carefully researched to meet our goals.

Thank you for all your help and have fun!


Add this template to the top of the biography for your Lewis and Clark profiles.
{{Westward Ho|sub-project=Lewis and Clark Expedition}}

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