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Bienvenue ~ Welcome
to the Louisiana Project!

The purpose of this project is to coordinate all Louisiana related projects and resources and store that information in one place. It serves as a gateway for "all things Louisiana" in WikiTree.

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How To Join

The Louisiana Project is an active, working environment. The requirements for membership are:

  • You must be a full member of WikiTree. If you are not yet a WikiTree member, see Help: How to Use WikiTree to get started.
  • You can, but need not, volunteer for Louisiana Project Team. We understand that everyone has a life outside of WikiTree, so there are no specific demands on your time. Any time you give to the project is appreciated!
  • You must respond to project check-ins, to confirm your continued interest in the project. These are not done on a regular basis, but members will be notified.
  • You agree to support WikiTree's recommended styles and standards when working on Louisiana profiles, and support the Louisiana Project's objectives as described on these pages.

To join the Louisiana Project and receive a project badge, you can:

  • Post an answer to our G2G joining post (coming soon!), letting us know your Team of interest and/or how you'd like to contribute to the project. Note that if you have multiple areas of interest, you are welcome to join more than one team!
  • Add louisiana to your list of followed G2G tags.
  • Join the project's Google Group. You will receive an invitation to join after becoming a member of the project. Membership in the Google Group is optional but recommended, and is used to maintain contact with our project members regarding changes and comments on project-managed profiles.

Not a Joiner? You can still help!
If you aren't sure you want to join the project, you can still help with Louisiana profiles! Feel free to use these pages as a guide. See this list of suggested tasks for ideas. If you decide to join at a later time, just come back when you're ready!

Project Protection

There are three different levels of project involvement in the Louisiana profiles on WikiTree.

All Louisiana Profiles

Any profile that has connections to Louisiana, whether by birth or residence, is of interest to the Louisiana project. We strive to encourage improvement of all profiles related to our state! This does not mean that we actively manage or "protect" every profile -- there are far too many. But it does mean that we care about them all and try to provide the resources and tools necessary to improve them to the highest standard possible.

Project-Managed Profiles

A project-managed profile is one that has the project account entered as one of the Project Managers. All project-managed profiles must also have the Project Template {{Louisiana Family}} included just above the "Biography" header. Project management provides a higher level of watchfulness to a profile by enabling all members of the project to receive and respond to notices of comments and activity. It does not mean that the project should be the only Project Manager, or the only member of the Trusted List. We welcome anyone who is interested in the profile to become a member of the Trusted List.

Project-Protected Profiles (PPP)

A Project-Protected Profile (PPP) must be project-managed, and also must fit all PPP requirements outlined in the guidelines. A profile designated as PPP has the added protection of locking the Last Name at Birth (LNAB), restricting changes to relationships (parent, spouse, child), and restricting GEDCOM imports. If you have evidence that indicates one of these changes is needed, please leave a comment on the profile with your source for the information.

Note that project management should not stop anyone from making relatively insignificant changes, such as typo corrections, addition of appropriate categories, minor data doctor edits, etc. The project does not require "permission" to add reliable sources to a profile, or to make minor improvements to a biography based on reliable sources. What is necessary, however, is to communicate with the project when wanting to make broad or significant changes, such as changes to relationships, addition of previously unrecorded spouses or children, or addition of new parents. This communication can be in the form of a comment posted on the profile, a G2G linked to the profile, or a private message to the project account or a project leader.

A final word about project-managed profiles. We acknowledge that many of our managed profiles are in rough shape and in need of some TLC. We have a special team that will be focusing on exactly those profiles. If you run across one of them that you can help with, please feel free to help. All it takes is a little communication and valid sources, which is after all what WikiTree is all about!

Templates and Stickers

Louisiana Project Box

When a profile is managed by the Louisiana Project, the {{Louisiana Family}} template is added at the top of the profile. It should be placed just below categories and above the ==Biography== heading.
Pelican Flag cut to outline of Louisiana
... ... ... lived in Louisiana.
Join: Louisiana Families Project
Discuss: louisiana
Please note that the project box should only be added to a profile by a Louisiana Project Leader or Coordinator. The project's leadership will determine which profiles might need project management. We gladly share management of these profiles with individual project managers. If you find a profile that you believe warrants management by the project, please inform one of our project Leaders.

Louisiana Sticker

Louisiana Families Project Logo
... ... ... lived in Louisiana.
If you wish to recognize Louisiana ancestry on a profile which is not to be project managed, a profile manager may optionally add the {{Louisiana Sticker}}. This sticker should be placed just beneath the Biography section header.

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