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Welcome to the Louisiana Categories Project!
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This project is part of the United States History Project and Project:Louisiana

This project needs a Leader! Contact Jacqueline Girouard or Joyce Rivette if you're interested.


Louisiana Categories Project

Louisiana Categories focuses on individual profiles, such as famous Louisiana musicians, politicians, and other notables.


The primary goal of the project is to provide vibrant profiles for Louisiana's sons and daughters that showcase the varied backgrounds they represent.
The Louisiana Categories Project is a sub-project of the Louisiana Project and is for WikiTree members interested in developing and improving Louisiana profiles in categories throughout WikiTree, serving as a focal point for work related to the many aspects of Louisiana, as can be seen by the categories included under Category:Louisiana.

How to Join

  1. Answer "Yes" to this G2G post & we'll get you set up with a welcome and the Louisiana Project badge
  2. Add louisiana and categorization to your list of followed tags
  3. Join the Google Group for discussion.
  4. Add what your interests are in the Members section below.

Name Field Guidelines

The Louisiana Categories & Louisiana Families projects follow guidelines posted by Project:Quebecois, which call for "the particules de, des or du" to be included in the Last Name at Birth (LNAB) field when appropriate (see this section of the Quebecois Project page for details). Both the Quebecois Project's guidelines and information posted by the Acadians Project say that "dit" names do not go in the LNAB field.
However, the Louisiana Catagories Project may not be the only project a profile falls under. Be aware that some projects follow different guidelines, so you'll want to check with other projects & profile managers before changing someone's LNAB. See this page for project-specific name field guidelines (post a comment there if any were missed).


  1. This project needs a Leader! Contact Jacqueline Girouard or Joyce Rivette if you're interested.
  2. Identify and improve profiles of Louisiana notables (see categories listed below).

To-Do List

Looking for something to do? The originator of the project had the following task list:
  1. Identify and create a profile for a Louisiana musician.
  2. Create a Free Space for a musical group - identify the musicians and create their profiles.
  3. Identify and create profiles for Louisiana politicians.
Take a look also at the "Individual Task List" for the Louisiana Families project.


Louisiana Categories WikiTree Profile (WikiTree-28)

The project has a "non-person profile" in WikiTree, Louisiana Categories (WikiTree-28), which is not only a member of the project's Google group, it sends the group weekly notices of activity in its watchlist (the group also receives private messages sent to it and, for profiles it manages, any merge proposals or requests to join the trusted list).
Louisiana Categories WikiTree (WikiTree-28), the project's profile, should be added to the trusted list of Louisiana notables protected by the project. (WikiTree-26 is the project profile Louisiana Families.)
To add a profile to WikiTree-28's watchlist, click the Privacy tab of the protected profile and add Wiki-Louisiana-Categories[at] - then add it as a manager if would also like the project to manage the profile.

Louisiana Categories

Louisiana Schools

A subcategory is Louisiana Colleges and Universities.

Louisiana Companies

Louisiana Companies

This category allows the grouping of people that worked together. Learning about the company they worked for and understanding something about the work provides a better understanding of people's lives.


Jahncke Shipyard, Madisonville, Louisiana

Louisiana Politicians

Louisiana, Politicians

Louisiana has its fair share of politicians. Lots of work to be done in this category.


Huey Pearce "The Kingfish" Long Jr.

Louisiana Musicians

Louisiana Musicians

Music is important everywhere, especially in Louisiana. This category is for any musician that lived or worked in Louisiana. Whenever possible try to include a link to some music


Peter Edwin Bocage

Louisiana Musical Groups

Louisiana Musical Groups

Louisiana Categories Project

This project is part of the Project:Louisiana

"No other state has a more varied or colorful past than Louisiana. The state has been governed under 10 different flags beginning in 1541 with Hernando de Soto's claim of the region for Spain. La Salle later claimed it for Bourbon France and over the years Louisiana was at one time or another subject to the Union Jack of Great Britain, the Tricolor of Napoleon, the Lone Star flag of the Republic of West Florida and the fifteen stars and stripes of the United States. At the outbreak of the Civil War, Louisiana became an independent republic for six weeks before joining the Confederacy."[1]
The Louisiana Categories Project is for WikiTree members interested in developing and improving Louisiana profiles in categories throughout WikiTree, serving as a focal point for work related to the many aspects of Louisiana. See information about broader categories (such as Louisiana Musicians) under Louisiana Categories Project (administratively a subproject), which helps focus category work in those broader areas and for Louisiana-related categories throughout WikiTree.
  • Project members active in this project should add [[Category:Louisiana Categories Project]] to their profile page (and also add [[Category:Louisiana Families Project]] if they're active in both projects).
  • Profiles developed by this project for Louisiana notables (historic figures, politicians, musicians, etc.) should be protected and included in [[Category:Louisiana Project Protected Profiles]] (see the Category page for more details)

Goals for Category:Louisiana First Families

Review profiles in Louisiana First Families and
  1. Add {{Louisiana Family}} and, if needed, [[Category:Louisiana Unsourced Profiles]] or {{Unsourced|Louisiana}}
  2. Check the profile against the criteria for [[Category:Louisiana First Families]] & add/remove the category if appropriate
  3. Add [[Category: The Wall of Names at the Acadian Memorial]] if approproiate.
  4. Add cemetery category as appropriate (see the Louisiana Cemeteries Project)
  5. Add Veteran template as appropriate (see Colonial Wars (1620-1774), American Indian Wars, and U.S. Military History)
  6. Add CSA/USA units as appropriate (see the War Between the States Project)

Who should be placed in the Louisiana First Family category?

Must have been the Head of the Family.
head: includes both husband and wife if other criteria is met[2]
family: the person stayed and raised a family in Louisiana
Born outside of Louisiana or
earliest known member of the family in Louisiana
Arrived no later than 1900 (in time to be in the 1900 US Census for Louisiana, or earlier)
Add this above the == Biography == section: [[Category: Louisiana First Families]] to a profile is defined as the area covered by the modern borders of Louisiana. May also add [[Category:Louisiana Brick Walls]]

Some early inhabitants of Louisiana who are likely first families

Other Important Categories


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