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Welcome to the Louisiana Families Project!
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Louisiana is rich in heritage and history. To better tell its story, the Louisiana Families project focuses on family groups and the Louisiana Categories Project focuses on Louisiana notables - individuals noteworthy because they belong to other groups. Together, they make up Project:Louisiana.

The two projects have a shared mission and overlapping goals and tasks, so this is currently the primary project page for both.

If you're looking for early inhabitants of Louisiana, check out [this page], which includes links to information about all kinds of groups, from Native Peoples to Louisiana Warriors, Slavery and Settlers, and Related Projects and Groups. For Louisiana's First Families, see below.


Louisiana Families is a project focused on developing profiles and family groups in Louisiana. Our primary goal is to encourage everyone on WikiTree to find and connect with their cousins in Louisiana and by reviewing the profiles developed learn a little about Louisiana history.

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Project Leaders:

Jacqueline Girouard
Al Selph, Project Coordinator for Recruitment
Donna Storz
Liz Shifflett

To see all current members, check out the badge report. See the list below for interest areas shared by members.

There are no special qualifications to join the project other than an interest in working on and improving profiles for people that lived in Louisiana.

To join us:

  1. Answer "Yes" to this G2G post.
  2. Add louisiana_families to your list of followed tags (and check out recent G2G discussions tagged louisiana_families)
  3. Join the Google Group for discussion
  4. Add what your interests are in the Members section below
  5. Check out the To-Do list below to find something to help us work on, and add yourself to that task (or ask Liz to add you)


  • Morris Simon - Paternal line descends from Guillaume Simon and Jeanne Roy as well as many German-Acadian Coast families and most Acadian lineages based in the "River Parishes."
  • Michelle Saucier Ladner- My Saucier family was one of the original families in Louisiana having come with D'Iberville in 1699. Here are a just few names I have worked on; Orillion, Roth, Dugas, Landry, Melancon, Dubuisson, Wiese, Grimshaw, Withan, Menge, Hingle, Castanedo, Fernandez, and Delherbe.
  • Denyse Baham - I am a descendant of Jean Baptiste Baham and Francoise Guillory on both sides of my family. Other ancestors who lived in Louisiana back to the 1800s and 1700s are Heisser, Maurice, Peralt, Mazet, Guillot, Heaton, Percy, Lasseigne, and Pena.
  • Keith Hunter - I am researching the ancestors, descendants and families of John Milliken Parker former governor of Louisiana. The late governor's grandfather, John Milliken, was supposedly from Logan County, KY. according to the Rev. G.T. Ridlon's substantial work in 1907. Hopefully there is some definitive proof and citations somewhere backing up that research to Logan County. As an aside, I may do some research to the Crochet family who are/were friends from New Orleans.
  • John Beeson -Researching Monzingo, Bradley families in Louisiana.
  • Jacqueline Girouard -Currently, I co-lead the Louisiana Project with Liz Shifflett. We will not run out of things to do! I would love to hear what you are working on and any ideas you have for our project. Thanks for all your hard work.
  • Adrienne Tomkins I'm researching the Lafargue and King families of Avoyelles Parish. Currently working on my BCG certification, I'm dedicated to accuracy and detail in my profiles (none of which are ever going to be "complete", and many of which aren't even CLOSE right now). Also a member of the Magna Carta, Southern Colonies, Scottish Clans projects.
  • Amy Bumgardner McAndrews I am originally from South Louisiana although most of my family was from North Louisiana. I am currently working on surnames; Harris, Baker, Bumgardner, Kendrick, Kitterlin, Patton, and Glover. All are primarily from North Louisiana; Claiborne, Bossier, and Caddo parishes. I am also working on the Cemeteries Project and creating categories. I would like to work on some Louisiana musicians and chefs.
  • Sally Stovall I have family members from and still are in Louisiana I would like to add. When I have completed them, I will work on Unsourced Families.
  • Liz Shifflett I am a descendant of Louis Chauvin, the head of one of the Chauvin families that settled Louisiana. His daughter was baptized February 27, 1773 at St Francis, Point Coupee. My gr-gr-grandfather Watkins was a Methodist minister in New Orleans (1837-46), and my Dad lived in Darnell, Louisiana around 1925-30, where his father "was working as a bookkeeper for the Chicago Mill and Lumber Co. [H]e was a deputy sheriff, as far as I know the only one in Darnell; the Sheriff was at the Parish seat, Oak Grove." (quoting my Dad)
  • Jillaine Smith One of my brick walls is a Louisiana family-- my great-great-grandmother, Henrietta Lowrie Albert was born in 1866 to Edwin Lowrie (b 1845) and Laura or Henrietta Grosch (b abt 1845). I have a theory about Edwin, but can't find a thing about Laura-Henrietta Grosch. I have been unable to tie her to the other Grosch families of New Orleans.
  • Earl Grant-Lawrence - I'm Researching Minor, Long, Charles, Madison, Francois surnames from my family and anyone from St. Bernard's Parish especially those with connections to a town named Fazendeville. My family has history in the parish back to abt 1824. Slaves, Italians, islenos, Hatians and Dominicans somehow came together in the largely Spanish speaking parish and I've wanted to know how. I joined the group to research my family ties, but also to research St. Bernard's parish from its founding.
  • Barry Folse I am from St. Charles Parish, but now live in Texas. I'm most interested in my father's side, where I'm researching the families of the original German Coast settlers (Matherne, Schexnayder, Oubre, Haydel, and Foltz).
  • Shasta Gaither I am from St. John the Baptist Parish. My mother's family is from St. John/St. James and Ascension Parishes. My father's side is from Avoyelles Parish. I am researching many aspects of my family tree. One of the lines I am researching is the Mollere line, while in Ascension Parish, where a Mollere married a lady from the Canary Islands. Trying to prove a Spanish line where you are completely clueless is a challenge!
  • Mike Arledge My Louisiana branches are mainly from Ouachita, Winn and Caldwell Parishes. Last names include McHenry, Butler and Banks (Austin C. Banks specifically). My Arledge's didn't get the Louisiana until 1910ish. My grandmothers side, the McHenry, Butler and Banks, have been in La. since the early-mid 1800's. Austin C. Banks, my fourth great grandfather, was in the 28th Regiment, Louisiana Infantry (Gray's) during the Civil War. After the War, he was one of the first Judges in Winn Parish.
  • Allan Thomas I will be concentrating on the pioneers of Spanish West Florida and the Florida Parishes of Louisiana. I've collaborated on two projects that represent this area, one Southern Colonies, Spanish West Florida and War of 1812 Louisiana Another page I'm aware of that needs some TLC and would be an asset to this project is U.S. Southern Colonies, Louisiana
  • Jerry Baraboo Bonjour Louisanne C'est Bon Magnifique ! .. The short list of surnames I'm "currently", researching that have French-Spanish Louisanne -Louisiana (upper-lower-east) circa 1699 to the present; are Baraboo de Barbeau de Baribeau de Barribeau de Barbeaux de Barbot de Barbu de Brette de Menard de Dorrell de Rochon dit Boisdore dit Bois Dor dit Barbaud dit LaFontaine dit Poitevin. Working on adding correct categories. Working on the Barbeau, Boisdore, Lastrapes, Rochon and Spanish Louisiana 1812 War veterans. Baraboo-1 13:40, 2 September 2016 (EDT)
  • Stephanie Logan Falls Resident of Texas. Early surname interests (south LA territory): D'Auterieve, Mayronne, DeMonberault, Bunel, St Laurent, LeBlanc. Later surname interests (Bossier, Red River, Claiborne, Caddo, Bienville Parishes): Logan, Vance, James, Goodwin, Norris, Davis, Carr, Bailey, Turner, Warren, and McCoy.
  • Carolyn Martin Researching my grandfather's family. His father moved to Louisiana in 1886, married and had 14 kids, so I am sure I have tons of Stewart cousins. Grandpa was born there in 1900.
  • Josh Varnado I research the Varnado line in Louisiana and all over the US. My family has huge history in Washington Parish as one of the first families there.
  • Charles Vickers Aimee Richard, my grandmother, (b: 29 Mar 1903, d: 13 Jan 1971), the daughter of Cleus (sp) Richard and Zoe Blanchard, is the starting point to my journey in finding the remainder of my elusive ancestors. I am willing to learn, to share what I find, and to help along the way.
  • Michelle Breaux My ancestors were brought to Maryland during The Great Expulsion by way of a ship called The Dolphin. Then made their way to French settled areas in Louisiana along the Mississippi River.
  • Martha Leger I have lots of family in Louisiana. Including Beaugh ,Richard , Savoie , Peck , Some came from Canada , Germany . among other places . I would like to fill in the blanks & info from other members. I will do anything I can to help. just let me know what you want me to do. thanks to all of you for all the help you have given me. Martha
  • Kristine Cerniglia I was born and raised in New Orleans, La. Ancestor was Vincent Alexandre also known as Vincent Alexandre dit Chenet. There seems to several different information for my ancestors either because of the same name being used in several generations or the way the Alexandre and Chenet surname was used interchangeable as well as changed. Most of the first Louisiana family members seem to all live around each other, so if anyone has anything or needs anything from me let me know. Happy to help. I am not currently in Louisiana but my family is still down there and will be heading down for any of the holidays and can look up any sources first hand, just message me.
  • Donna Storz My mother's paternal and maternal lines both came through Louisiana, with her mother being Acadian descent primarily and her father Quebecois descent primarily. I enjoy adding sources to profiles, merging profiles, and generally improving wikitree. I have DOBR 1-10, ANO 1-6, SWLR CD, SLR 1-3, and a number of Natchitoches record books.
  • Karen Kay My father's family all come from Louisiana. Jena area, East Felicana Parish, Vernon Parish, Natchitoches Parish and Sabine Parish. Kays, Roberts, and further back, Cobbs, who I think migrated from SC area around early 1800's. I still have quite a few distant cousins living there, as well as a few great aunts and uncles. Glad to join you!
  • Roz (Drusch) Allen My Louisiana roots run deep as both of my parents were from Gramercy, St. James Parish. My mother's maternal grandparents were Waguespack & Simon and her paternal grand parents were Haas & Bouy. The Haas side immigrated from Germany in the 19th century. My father's side is a bit more sketchy with more ancestors in the New Orleans/Gretna area and most immigrated in the 19th century. I am primarily interested in the German Coast and the "river parishes". I appreciate any help you can offer!
  • Jason Tilley I am looking for details into the ancestors of Delbuart Wills and Lillian Mae Rićhard. I also am a descendant of Clovina Reist and Clarinda Richardson, who has links to the Mizell family.
  • Kirsten Rose My paternal grandfather's family were Jewish settlers in New Orleans. Surnames include Rose, Sacerdote, and Hirsch.
  • Heather St. Marie My family has roots in Louisiana for a very long time. I have some work provided to me by a family historian tracing that side of the family to two Hebert brothers leaving France for Nova Scotia. Eventually one of the widows landed in New Orleans and settled in Lafourche Parish, where my family's been ever since. I'm most interested in the St. Marie side because I have no information there.
  • Crispin Reedy I am interested in Yates and Richardson families in Washington, St. Tammany, and Tangipahoa parishes. I have a lot of family in the area. I'm especially interested in John Mousley and his brother William Henry
  • Misty Rish Musco- Entering families of Giroir, Albarado, Cavaliere/Cavallero/Caballero, Serrin, Musco, Rish, Boatner, among others. This is my husbands family, my paternal family and my step-mom's family.
  • Adam Hollier- I am of the Hollier decendants of Louisiana. Luc Claude Hollier b. 02 Sept. 1735 d.11 Aug. 1808 at Opelousas, St. Landry Parish.
  • Lynn Wiggers - I grew up on Boeuf Prairie, Franklin Parish, and have been working for several months now to trace the families of the original pioneers, mostly Scotch-Irish, who settled there 1804 - 1830, Buies, Bowdens, Bowies, McDonald, Moore, Grayson, Dailey, and Corbitt among others. I also have some deep roots in East Feliciana Parish that I have spent a lot of time researching, Thompson, Taylor, Courtney, and Lea to name a few. And then, I have some really deep roots, apparently, in Natchitoches going back to the original fort there, Vascocu, that I've yet to sink my teeth into. Always something to do in genealogy.  :-)
  • Bethany Figueroa - I am looking for more information on our great-grandmother Azely Whitney (now Soto) and her sister Amely and their parents William Henry Whitney & Mary. Mary is listed as Tibodo on Azely's death certificate. Im assuming its actually Thibodeau. Henry is showing to be born in Houma LA and Mary and Azely show born in Louisiana - Iberia area.
  • Christopher Dawson - Most of my immediate family originates from SE Texas, and in tracing my maternal grandmother's lineage, I've found that she's descended from the DuChamp family that founded the city of St. Martinville. Also, my adopted father grew up in Lafayette, and while his roots have been interesting to trace back, they appear to be mostly from Missouri.
  • Lisa Brooke - I'm researching the Honeycutt and Feazel families of Union Parish.
  • Britni Boudreaux Aucoin - Currently residing in Lafayette, LA and am in love with all things Cajun! I am researching the following families: Paternal Grandfather - Boudreaux, Paternal Grandmother - Broussard, Maternal Grandmother - Boudreaux, Maternal Grandfather - Thibodeaux, Spouse's Paternal Grandfather - Aucoin, Paternal Grandmother - Bailey, Maternal Grandfather - Toups, Maternal Grandmother - Metrejean. All of our grandparents were born in either Iberia, St. Mary, or Terrebonne Parishes. Grandparents and other family members on both sides have done research in the past and will be sending me the info. I want to get as much of it online as possible to share with future Cajuns!
  • Patricia Boudra - Born in New Orleans and raised in New Orleans and Slidell. My maternal line immigrated to New Orleans from Germany (Buchelberg, Hinterweidenthal, Dahn) in the 1850s and 1860s. Surnames Ripp, Fis(c)her, Puster.
  • Joyce Rivette -
  • J Hand -

One Name Studies

Category:One Name Studies serves as an index for Name Studies. You should also check Category:Louisiana_Families for surnames of interest. See also the project's space page: Name Studies in Louisiana.

One Place Studies

See Louisiana Place Study.


  1. All unsourced Louisiana profiles or those needing significant work identified with Category Louisiana Unsourced Profiles (add either {{Unsourced|Louisiana}} or [[Category:Louisiana Unsourced Profiles]])
  2. All profiles with the project box {{Louisiana Family}} categorized by location (see Category:Louisiana)
  3. All earliest known heads of families identified with Category Category: Louisiana First Families
  4. Cemetery categories added as appropriate
  5. Veteran template added as appropriate
  6. Civil War units added as appropriate
  7. Biographies meet WikiTree Style Guide standards

Name Field Guidelines

The Louisiana Families & Louisiana Categories projects follow guidelines posted by Project:Quebecois, which call for "the particules de, des or du" to be included in the Last Name at Birth (LNAB) field when appropriate (see this section of the Quebecois Project page for details). Both the Quebecois Project's guidelines and information posted by the Acadians Project say that "dit" names do not go in the LNAB field.

Example Profiles

These Louisiana profiles meet guidelines for Wikitree. Some of the others shown as examples in the various categories do not - there is work to be done.

  1. Jacques Chauvet
  2. Columbus C. Irvin
  3. Peter Edwin Bocage
  4. Emile Lefrere
  5. Francois Lemelle

To-Do or Task List

If you are working on one of the tasks, please add your name & the date (on a separate line below the task, starting with ##).
  1. Louisiana profiles that need research or editing should be included under the appropriate subcategory of Category:Louisiana Maintenance Categories (if one of them is appropriate; if not, add the profile to [[Category:Louisiana Maintenance Categories]]. Give a holler if you think we need to add additional maintenance categories (via G2G, tagged Louisiana, or the Google Group).
    1. All project members, ongoing
  2. The major maintenance category across WikiTree is the Unsourced Profiles category. Our project's unsourced profiles are under (or should be under) Louisiana Unsourced Profiles: Add {{Unsourced|Louisiana}} to project profiles that have no verifiable sources.
    1. All project members, ongoing
  3. Add sources to Louisiana Unsourced Profiles - if you're going to be doing a bunch, check out Sourcerers Challenge page & see if it might earn you a Sourcerer Badge
    1. sourcerer.gif
  4. Completed: Review profiles included under the top-level category "Louisiana" and, if appropriate, change from the category to the project template - {{Louisiana Family}} (no people profiles should be included under a top-level category).
  5. Review profiles included under the project's category Louisiana Families and add location categories as appropriate (parish category if city/town not known, see list at Category:Louisiana). If the profile doesn’t mention a parish either, you can add Category:Unknown parish, Louisiana.
    1. April 2016 challenge to project members.
  6. Add the project account, WikiTree-26, to the trusted list of all Louisiana Families project-protected profiles (PPP) & add Category: Louisiana Project Protected Profiles to the profile.
  7. Review profiles included under the project's category Louisiana First Families
    1. Liz Shifflett began working on this November 25, 2015
  8. Review known Louisiana families - edit biography to meet guidelines or add a Category:Louisiana Maintenance Categories as needed.
  9. Add residence city categories to profiles with source.
  10. Add cemetery categories to profiles with source.


The Project Box for this project is Template:Louisiana_Family. To use it on a profile, just put the following text on the profile, above the biography: {{Louisiana Family}} This will display the project box and add Category:Louisiana Families. Please add other appropriate categories (see the next section for examples).

Pelican Flag cut to outline of Louisiana
... ... ... lived in Louisiana.
Join: Louisiana Families Project
Discuss: louisiana

WikiTree guidelines are to list categories and then templates. Putting {{Louisiana Family}} last before == Biography == results in Category:Louisiana Families, which the template adds, being last in the list of categories. That's usually fine, but if you'd rather have it listed elsewhere, just add it manually among the other categories to place it as desired.

Template:Migrating Ancestor can be used on the profiles of people who immigrated to Louisiana. This template recently was changed to a "Sticker" - that means it should go somewhere in the biography (below == Biography ==) and it aligns to the right on a wide screen. It will stack above the text on a mobile device. For someone who migrated from France to Louisiana, copy/paste the following text onto the profile (above the text it is enhancing):

Flag of France
... ... ... migrated from France to Louisiana.
Flag of Louisiana

{{Migrating Ancestor
| origin = France
| origin-flag = Flags.png
| destination = Louisiana
| destination-flag = Louisiana_Families_Project_Images-1.png

Note: Whether or not you use the sticker, you should add Category:French Immigrants to Louisiana to these immigrants' profiles.
For Category:English Immigrants to Louisiana (or others), you'll need to change the "origin =" and also the "origin-flag =" - e.g.,
origin = England | origin-flag = Flags-3.jpg
To find the file name for a specific Flag image, check out
(that last was just one link among several listed under the table on Category:Flag Images).
The following template uses an image of Louisiana's current flag. The previous template uses an earlier flag.

For someone who lived only in Louisiana, you can use the Template:Nonmigrating Ancestor template:

Flag of Louisiana
Native of Louisiana

{{Nonmigrating Ancestor
|ToolTip=Flag of Louisiana
|addinfo=Native of Louisiana

Flag of Louisiana
Native of Louisiana
born 1924, Jefferson Parish

This template is fairly flexible in allowing additional information (not a lot, or it looks weird). This example added a second line with "<br>born 1924, Jefferson Parish"

{{Nonmigrating Ancestor
|ToolTip=Flag of Louisiana
|addinfo=Native of Louisiana<br>born 1924, Jefferson Parish

Louisiana Categories Project

Much of the following deals with categories, but specifically categories for early Louisiana families. See information about broader categories (such as for Louisiana Musicians) under Louisiana Categories Project (administratively a subproject), which helps focus category work in those broader areas and for Louisiana-related categories throughout WikiTree.
  • Project members active in this project should add [[Category:Louisiana Categories Project]] to their profile page (and also add [[Category:Louisiana Families Project]] if they're active in both projects).
  • Profiles developed by this project for Louisiana notables (historic figures, politicians, musicians, etc.) should be protected and included in [[Category:Louisiana Project Protected Profiles]] (see the Category page for more details)

Louisiana Warriors

Louisiana Warriors

This category page serves as a gateway to projects, categories, and pages related to Louisiana Warriors — those who fought for Louisiana from its earliest days on through modern wars, when fighting in defense of your home expanded to defending your homeland far from your own home.

Other Important Categories

Louisiana has a long history, and many WikiTree categories pertain, such as La Louisiane, Nouvelle-France.

See Category:Louisiana for parish categories and much more.

See the Louisiana Cemetery Category for links to Louisiana cemeteries categorized by WikiTree. See also Madisonville Cemetery Subscription 1847, Madisonville, Louisiana, which hasn't.

Louisiana Unsourced Profiles

When you find a Louisiana profile that needs work it should be added to this category. You can also add the category by using the template: {{Unsourced|Louisiana}} If you're looking for something to do, see if you can add a source to one of them.

Louisiana Families Project

The Louisiana Families project is currently actively managing three main categories:

Louisiana First Families

Category: Louisiana First Families
This category is for the earliest known heads of families, male and female, in Louisiana. The individual needs to have been in the 1900 US Census or earlier, and have a place of birth outside of Louisiana or be the earliest known member of the family in Louisiana.


Currently, for purposes of this project, "Louisiana" in the following criteria for adding [[Category: Louisiana First Families]] to a profile is defined as the area covered by the modern borders of Louisiana.[1]
Head of family
head: includes both husband and wife if other criteria is met[2]
family: the person stayed and raised a family in Louisiana
Born outside of Louisiana or
earliest known member of the family in Louisiana[3]
Arrived no later than 1900 (in time to be in the 1900 US Census for Louisiana, or earlier)
  1. The project members will be discussing the expansion of that definition to Louisiana's historic boundaries. Please join the project if you would like to help us further refine the criteria for this category.
    • "No other state has a more varied or colorful past than Louisiana. The state has been governed under 10 different flags beginning in 1541 with Hernando de Soto's claim of the region for Spain. La Salle later claimed it for Bourbon France and over the years Louisiana was at one time or another subject to the Union Jack of Great Britain, the Tricolor of Napoleon, the Lone Star flag of the Republic of West Florida and the fifteen stars and stripes of the United States. At the outbreak of the Civil War, Louisiana became an independent republic for six weeks before joining the Confederacy." (from About Louisiana)
    • See these interactive maps of Louisiana and the United States.
  2. can also include siblings, as brothers frequently came to Louisiana together, or followed an older brother, and each is considered the head of a Louisiana First Family
  3. also add [[Category:Louisiana Brick Walls]]

Goals for Category:Louisiana First Families

Review profiles in Louisiana First Families and
  1. Add {{Louisiana Family}} and, if needed, [[Category:Louisiana Unsourced Profiles]] or {{Unsourced|Louisiana}}
  2. Check the profile against the criteria for [[Category:Louisiana First Families]] & add/remove the category if appropriate
  3. Add [[Category: The Wall of Names at the Acadian Memorial]] if approproiate
  4. Add cemetery category as appropriate (see the Louisiana Cemeteries Project)
  5. Add Veteran template as appropriate (see Colonial wars (1620-1774), American Indian Wars, and U.S. Military History)
  6. Add CSA/USA units as appropriate (see the War Between the States Project)
  7. Edit biographies to meet WikiTree Style Guide standards



See Louisiana Families - Resources and Category:Louisiana Genealogy Resources.

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