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This profile is part of the Lynn of that Ilk Name Study.

Only one family of Lynns in Scotland were designated "of that Ilk" - the family who owned the minor barony of Lynn in Dalry Parish, Ayrshire. The various chiefs of the family were also sometimes called "Lord of that Ilk", "Lord of Lynn", and - once they sold all but the mains or manor place of their barony (in 1532) - "Lord of Over Lynn". The Lynns of that Ilk reportedly inherited their barony in about 1204. As proven by Bain's 1884 "Calendar of Documents Relating to Scotland Preserved in Her Majesty’s Public Record Office", the chiefs were designated "of that Ilk" by the year 1296 and thus certainly owned the barony by then.

The Lynns of that Ilk, at one time or another, owned three properties in addition to the barony. First of record is Baidland, which the "Laird of Lyne in Dalry" rented to the Cunninghams in 1385. Baidland is also in Dalry Parish, not far north of the barony of Lynn. The second property is Highlees in the village of Dundonald, Ayrshire, which they acquired sometime before 1453 and owned until 1669. The third property is the medieval estate of Bourtreehill, now encompassed within the town of Irvine, Ayrshire, which they acquired sometime before 1506 and held until sometime after 1608.

For sources for the above, see sources for Lynne-48, Lynn-48, Lynn-1015, Lynn-148, and Lynn-165.

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