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Welcome to the Manitoba Project! This is a sub-project of Project:Canadian History.



The main purpose of this sub-project is to create and manage WikiTree profiles for historically-significant Manitobans, including politicians, authors, singers, etc. Everyone from Louis Riel to Gabrielle Roy. Our secondary purpose is to assist others with Manitoba research whenever possible, using our local knowledge and experience.

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The current leader of this sub-project is Lianne Lavoie.

If you would like to be involved in the Manitoba Project, please do the following:

  1. If you don't already have the Canadian History Project badge, ask Lianne to award it to you.
  2. Add canadian_history to your list of followed tags.
  3. If you use Google+, join the Canadian History Community.
  4. Add your name to the list below. (This is important for sub-projects, since we don't have our own badge that automatically lists participants.)

Current participants:


Here are some general goals this project is working towards:

  • Biographies written for all of the Manitoba Premiers (see list below).
  • More goals to come!

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Probably coming soon...

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Manitoba Premiers

# Name Project Protected Photograph Profile Manager
1 Alfred Boyd Yes Yes Bob Jewett
2 Marc-Amable Girard Yes Yes Lianne Lavoie
3 Henry Joseph Clarke Yes Yes Bob Jewett
4 Robert Atkinson Davis Yes Yes Bob Jewett
5 John Norquay Yes Yes Bob Jewett
6 David Howard Harrison Yes Yes Bob Jewett
7 Thomas Greenway Yes Yes Bob Jewett
8 Sir Hugh John Macdonald Yes Yes
9 Sir Rodmond Roblin Yes Yes
10 Tobias Norris Yes Yes Bob Jewett
11 John Bracken Yes Yes Bob Jewett
12 Stuart Garson Yes Yes Bob Jewett
13 Douglas Lloyd Campbell Yes Yes Bob Jewett
14 Dufferin Roblin Yes Yes
15 Walter Weir Yes Yes Bob Jewett
16 Edward Schreyer Yes No Bob Jewett
17 Sterling Lyon Yes No Bob Jewett
18 Howard Pawley Yes No Bob Jewett
19 Gary Filmon Yes No Bob Jewett
20 Gary Doer Yes Yes Bob Jewett
21 Greg Selinger Yes Yes Bob Jewett

Other Famous Manitobans

Please list other famous Manitoban profiles managed by this project here.

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