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The ultimate goal of the Mayflower Project is to have well-researched, well-sourced, well-written profiles for all ancestors we cover: the passengers of the Mayflower and their families, descendants for two generations or born before 1700, which ever is more inclusive. (passenger, passenger's wife, passenger's children, passenger's grandchildren and sometimes passenger's great-grandchildren if they were born before 1700.)

The project was originally concerned with cleaning up the profiles of the passengers and merging duplicates. As a practical matter for profile clean up, and for consistency, the various wives of the passengers were added to the original project. Many of the wives were also passengers on the Mayflower. In the future, the project may be expanded to cover the first five generations from the passengers.

Please note that all Mayflower passengers and most of their family members already have profiles on WikiTree and should not be duplicated. Can’t find yours? Please ask.

We are fortunate that several state officers of the Mayflower Society have joined the project.

If you're reading this page, chances are you have ancestors who sailed on the Mayflower. We can all be proud of the fact that our ancestors uprooted themselves and made a perilous voyage across the ocean to found a new world. If you want to acknowledge this fact, add the following to your profile. Fill in the Wikitree-ID and the passenger's name.

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Learn More about the ship and its passengers.

If you want to actively work on improving Mayflower profiles keep reading.

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Anyone who has signed the Honor Code and has the Pre-1700 badge is invited to join the project.

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Note: In the past, participants contacted each other primarily through the WikiMayflower Google Group. That has been replaced by the Mayflower tag in the G2G forum.


  • Through the collaboration of "family" teams, each profile within the scope of the project will have an accurate written biography, with inline citations, using primary sources and reliable secondary resources.
  • Continued maintenance to preserve the integrity of the projects profiles.

To-Do or Task List

  • Currently we are working on improving the profiles of the passengers and family members.
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  • Robert Terry - Member of the GSMD as a descendant of Francis Cooke and his wife Damaris Hopkins daughter Stephen Hopkins. Currently FTDNA administator for these DNA projects: Mayflower Society, Standish, Pilgrim Francis Cooke Society and several other DNA surname projects.
  • Dave Robison - Member of the GSMD as a descendant of William Brewster. Other direct line ancestors include Fuller, Tilley, and Howland. The proof of the Brewster connection was through submission of vital records and other public documents. DNA was not a factor as I am not a "Brewster" so I would not be in the same Haplogroup as other Brewster descendants with either Y-DNA or mtDNA. Autosomal DNA does not reach that far beck in genetic history so the paperwork was vital.
  • Sarah Grimaldi - Descendant of William Brewster through Ann Brewster and Matthew Coye, through Jane Coye to Timothy Ladd, on down the Lines of Ladd to Whitney. I thoroughly enjoy putting the pieces of the genealogical puzzle together, and am looking forward to learning more in general and specifically about my family. My Mayflower Line has been proved through to Jonathan Coye Sr. and his wife Abigail, but I am descended from their son Abijah and his wife Judith Luce, which has not been proved yet. Lots of work to do!
  • Terrance Neal - Direct descendant of Stephen Hopkins (10th gg) through Constance Hopkins, Snow, Doane and Roland. Currently researching potential connection to Priscilla Mullins with whom I share DNA MtDNA haplogroup H6a1a9. The 400th anniversary of the Mayflower crossing has generated a lot of interest and I am enjoying several of the new books about the Plymouth Colony and particularly the renewed interest in Stephen Hopkins, who was a Jamestowne Colony participant (7 years) before returning to England and returning to the Americas on the Mayflower in 1620.
  • Loretta Buckner - Direct descendant of Richard Warren (10th GG), John Billington (also 10th GG), and cousin of Catherine Carver on maternal side, and my paternal ancestors came over on the Anne with Warren's wife and daughters. My sister and I are fleshing out the details of our paternal side, which is a great fun way to learn American history! I'm also keen to learn more about Elizabeth Warren, as anyone who survived the trip here with 5 daughters, and had 2 young sons to raise after her husband kicked off in the New World is my kinda gal.
  • Jeffrey Phillips Freeman - I am the direct male descendant of Edmund Freeman Jr. I mostly contribute to pre-1700 profiles by adding sources and scans of sources.
  • Dennis Murphy I am a direct descendant of my 11th gg parents Richard Warren and his wife Elizabeth Walker Warren. I was working on my family history for about 18 years before I made this connection on my Family Tree on another site. I really like the WikiTree concept of having, maintaining and documenting a single tree, it makes so much sense and avoids many of the duplication pitfalls that I have been suffering through for so many years. I am presently in the midst of transferring all of those years worth of information to WikiTree, and trying to learn the Wiki Way. I look forward to learning how to show any possible DNA connections that Wiki did not automatically list, if that is even possible. Since my Warren tree connection occurred, I have gathered several stories and records of the Settlement, maps etc. Thank you for allowing me to tell you how I arrived here.
  • Richard Herndon. I am a direct descendant of Isaac and Mary Allerton, and just discovering this information, am interested in finding more information about their lives both before and after the voyage, and those of successive generations of my relatives. I will later explore the Great Puritan Migration Project. My source was a DNA comparison between myself and the passengers of the Mayflower in alphabetical order. Luckily, I struck gold with the letter "A."
  • Don Daniels. I am a descendant of Separatist Samuel Fuller and Puritan Rev. Thomas Hooker. I am currently seeking links to other Mayflower passengers. I am also seeking links between the colonial Separatists and Puritan families. My primary source for the Puritan side is Hooker, Edward W. The Descendants of Rev. Thomas Hooker Hartford, Connecticut 1585-1908" Rochester NY: self published, (1909). I intend to utilize the Great Puritan Migration project as well.
  • Nancy Caswell Washell. I am a direct descendant of Richard Warren. I have recently discovered that I am also descendant from Francis Eaton, Peter Browne, and a few others. It's been a fantastic journey! I am also direct descendant of Thomas Caswell of Taunton, MA and my line stayed in MA until my grandfather who removed to CT. I am looking forward to helping with this project!
  • Ken Parman . I am a descendant of William Brewster (10th GGF) through his daughter Patience. I have copies of the silver book (MFTFG) for William (Vol. 24) and the pink book (MFIP) for Patience and am willing to do look-ups as needed.
  • Scott Wessel My Mayflower family - Myles Standish 11th GG, Henry Samson 10 GG, William Bradford 1st cousin 12 times removed, William Mullins 11th GG, Edward Doty Sr. 10th GG, John Alden 10th GG, Priscilla (Mullins) Alden 10th GG, Richard Warren 9th GG. am very proud of my family and want to know more about them and the history they played in the early days of the making of the United States of America.
  • Jody Cleveland I am a direct descendant of John and Joan (Hurst) Tilley, they are my 11th great grandparents. Im also a direct descendant of John Howland my 10th great grandfather. Henry Samson is my 6th cousin 11 times removed. I am very interested in Mayflower history and comparing information with other interested parties.
  • Bob Baxter Descendant of John and Elizabeth Howland. I am researching the possibility of having additional Mayflower Ancestors.
  • Ariel Jolley Two of my 10th Great-Grand Uncles were passengers: Edward Fuller and Samuel Fuller. I have many more cousin descendent relationships that are mind-boggling, and I would like to locate the links. I am hoping to contribute through source document research, as well as through the verification of existing references on this site!
  • Stacy Bergot I believe I am connected to the Mayflower via William Brewster (my 11th great grandfather) but have been unable to prove the marriage of the loyalist Reuben Cooke and Elizabeth Landers which has me stumped. I've uploaded my DNA but not sure that will help! I'm also fairy certain that Thomas Rogers is my 10th great grandfather so there is a double connection.
  • A Pendleton I am related to Isaac Allerton (through Remember Allerton Maverick), Mary Chilton (through Susanna Winslow), and Francis Cooke (through Mary Cooke Tomson). I am working on sourcing the later generations and cleaning up profiles after GEDCOM imports.
  • Tina Pobocek I have three great grandfathers (two 11th and one 12th times) who were Mayflower passengers.
  • Chelsea Hoffman I am related to at least one Mayflower passenger, and am currently researching any other connections. Family lore and other family trees imply that I am a descendant of the Hopkins and Snows, but I am not certain (yet).
  • Donald Holway I am looking to collaborate with other Mayflower Descendants to share sources and references as I prepare to have my lineage presented, and hopefully, accepted by the Mayflower Society. I have documented lines to at least 5 Mayflower Passengers. My line to Richard Warren has been validated by Mayflower Society to my great grandmother, Ellis-12662, and I am in the process of providing documentation of the 3 generations to me. If accepted, the link to Francis and John Cooke; as well as Francis and John Billington will be a breeze.
  • Kyle Knapp I recently confirmed my descent from Stephen and Constance Hopkins and am interested in collaborating with other descendants in exploring this connection further.
  • Patrick Maguire I'm a descendant of 14 Mayflower passengers and other Pilgrims, all through my Drinkwater paternal grandmother. With over 4000 people in my (current) family tree, I'm mostly filling in the names and dates going back to those people.
  • Michael Thomas -- I found three passengers on the Mayflower that Wikitree says I'm related to. I didn't know I had them, so I want to know more about them and how they fit into the other lines I've been researching - Giles Hopkins, Stephen Hopkins, and Constance (Hopkins) Snow. Just lately, I've also found four others and am now looking into them.
  • Steven Chambers I am a descendant of Stephen and his Son Giles Hopkins. I have a proven DNA path to his great-granddaughter Elizabeth Cooke (1674 - 1727) my 8th great-grandmother. I am looking to compare DNA to other perceived cousins that can prove their line with records and DNA.
  • Christopher Haviland I am a direct descendant of William Brewster, Richard Warren, John Alden / William Mullins. I'm a member of the The General Society of Mayflower Descendants Kansas Chapter, Alden Kindred of America, The Elder Brewster Society, and The Society of the Descendants of the Founding Fathers of New England.
  • Pat Credit I am a direct descendant of Edward Fuller through both of his sons, Samuel and Matthew. During the Nov/Dec bio-builders I added a new free-space source page: Space: Genealogy of Edward Winslow and I adopted a few of his descendants. Working on improving sourcing information.
  • Trodick-1 Descended from Love Brewster and Resolved White. Currently looking for connections that Esther Martin is the daughter of Luther Martin and Hannah Brewster and for the other line, I am looking for connections that Lorain Peck is the daughter of Isaac Peck and Betsey White.
  • Ott-1038 Descended from Stephen and Gyles Hopkins and Francis Cooke, working on those lines. MtDNA descendant of Gyles wife and daughter.
  • Gildersleeve-23 Descended from Wm. Brewster and John Howland, working on both lines.
  • Jathan Pfeifle - Working online of Lydia BREWSTER, daughter of Elisha BREWSTER (Brewster-866) and Lucy YEOMANS (Yeomans-35), who married Pieter VAN DEURSEN in 1786. (most of line provable in Mayflower genealogy). Line through William Brewster's son, Love. Possible connection to other Mayflower lines as well.
  • Bob Wood - working on Henry Samson (Samson-27) line.
  • Larry Arnett - working on proving connection to Samuel Fuller
  • Darlene Athey-Hill - Descendants of John HOWLAND and Elizabeth TILLEY
  • Warren Ayer - working on my connections to John Howland, Elizabeth Tilley, and Henry Sampson
  • AnneB - George Soule, children, and grandchildren, especially Susannah (Soule) West and descendants. I've purchased the new 2015 edition of MFIP (pink book) for George Soule and will work on updating the Soule family. I also now have the latest 5th and 6th generation books.
  • Annie Blanchard - Received approval from General Mayflower Society Descendants for John Alden. Path also leads to Mullins, Bradford, Brewster, Cooke, Doty, Soule, Rogers, Standish, Warren - total of 13 on the Mayflower. That and $4.00 buys me a cuppa fancy java somewhere.
  • Paula Bond - I'm researching and documenting my direct line to Peregrine WHITE and William WHITE. Primarily focusing on DRAKE, COREY, SLOCUM, WIGGINS, GEROW, BOND line (Eastern US > Canada > California, US) | I would love to help others research their lineage from a Mayflower passenger. It is an honor to participate in this group!
  • Tom Bredehoft - Wot, I'm first? Oh Alphabetically.. I'm doing random merges as suggested by others and some I find myself.
  • Erin Breen -
  • Scott Brewster -
  • Heather Brown -
  • Tracy Conrad - Working on Richard Warren
  • Kathleen (Tifft) Cooper - Bradford; Cooke; Warren
  • Talicyn Daniels - Working on Henry Samson
  • Nick Dann - Descended from Thomas Rogers, Stephen Hopkins, and William Brewster. Interested in descendant collaboration
  • Grace Davert - I am working on the descendants of Miles (Myles) Standish all the way to the current living descendants
  • Sue Davis - working on ancestors
  • Tom Elliott -
  • Eowyn - Cleaning up profiles and adding sources (Up to Bartholomew Allerton (7/21/13)
  • Ken Field - Descendent of Thomas and Joseph Rogers. Adding sources to the Rogers - Nickerson - Field descendants. Also looking for documentation of Rogers-1184 education.
  • Bob Fields -
  • Michael Fousse - Descendent of Thomas and Joseph Rogers, Stephen and Giles Hopkins, William Brewster and his wife Mary (Unknown).
  • Abby Glann -
  • Kathryn Greenwald -
  • Karen Harbert - I'm interested in Degory Priest.
  • Carey Haskell -
  • Robert Hathaway - George Soule, his son George, and grand-daughter Mary Soule.
  • Michele Riley Hevingham - Working on Francis Cooke
  • Frances Holsclaw - Francis Cooke Family
  • April O. House - Working on the Priscilla Mullins - John Alden line: Elizabeth Alden, Lydia Pabodie, Pabodie Grinnell, Pabodie Grinnell, Sylvester Grinnell, Mary Grinnell, William Henry Harris, Frank Harris, May Harris, Leroy James Mellecker, Nancy Lee Mellecker.
  • Joan Kelly - working on ancestors Alden, Standish, Warren, Samson, Mullins
  • Jackie King - Have adopted Remember Allerton and beginning to add to that line.
  • Jennifer Krishnan - Helping clean up and document the Chilton line.
  • A. Large -
  • Morag M - Bearse and Cobb. Both married into Mayflower lines about the 3rd or 4th generation (not considered part of the Mayflower Project at this time.)
  • Jim Manley -
  • L Massey -
  • Brandon Masterson - Working on John Alden and Priscilla Mullins' line. Mainly their son, Joseph Alden, and his wife, Mary Simmons.
  • Kelly (Bartlett) Metzler - Robert and Mary (Warren) Bartlett | also Jebediah Allen
  • Roger Miyaji -
  • Melissa Molvik - William White Family
  • Darren Moore -
  • Jim Moore - Thanks to the resources at NEHGS, I have documented a dense family tree in 17th century New England. I'm looking forward to reconciling my work with that in WikiTree.
  • Vera Moore Ancestors: Brewster and White
  • Andrew Morrow -
  • L Oughterson - Working on family links to Richard Warren, Francis Cooke, Edward Fuller, William Latham, and the James Chilton & John Billington families.
  • Jackie Overland -
  • Alden Owen - I am pleased to share that I just made another Mayflower connection, in my tree. To Thomas Rogers.
  • Merry Ann Palmer -
  • Katherine Patterson -
  • Cheryl Phillips - Descendants of George Soule connecting to my father's Phillips surname. George Soule's daughter, Susannah married Francis West, their son, Francis West's daughter, Sarah West married John Phillips. Sarah West Phillips is the great granddaughter of George Soule.
  • Mel Pohl - Just discovered possible family connection to John Howland. Working on New Brunswick family right now before our trip mid-June, but eager to research the Howland link further later this summer.
  • Deborah Ann Pridgen -
  • Lynden Raber - I have just completed another connection to a Mayflower passenger Richard Warren. He is the sixth passenger I have discovered here at WikiTree.
  • Ron Roberson -
  • Ky (Moore) Rogers - John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley
  • Tamara Rose
  • Kelley Rosenbach - working on Hopkins and Snow
  • Beverly Rothman - random merges
  • Russak, Casimer - Edward Doty
  • Michael Sackett - Descendant of John Alden. Finished preliminary family entries connecting my part of the tree to John and Priscilla. Will continue adding and fleshing out families I have added
  • J. Salsbery - Descendant of Francis Cooke, John Cooke & Richard Warren. Since joining WikiTree I have added and improved on their descendant's profiles when needed. It's time I joined the project.
  • Steve Sammons -
  • John Schmeeckle - Richard Warren and Edward Doty; especially Doty families in New Jersey
  • Therese Schmidt -
  • Dana Schreder -
  • Lisa Skaggs - Isaac & Mary Allerton all info verifiable please
  • Zachary Smith - Descendant of Francis Billington and Resolved White
  • Chet Snow - Constance Hopkins Snow and entire Snow family + allied families
  • Duncan Sparrell - Documented descendant of William Brewster, John Alden, Thomas Rogers, William Bradford.
  • Kathie (Kirchhaine) Sutherland, MD -
  • Janis (Paulding) Swanson - Working on Henry Samson and others as that intertwine
  • Becky Syphers - Have been working on the following families - Alden, Bradford, Cooke, Fuller, Howland, Rogers, and Warren. Have offered support on Brewster. Initial merging complete and biographies cleaned up. Do follow up periodically.
  • Jeanne Taylor - Chilton, Winslow, Latham, Washburn, Sargeant, Gale line
  • Traci Thiessen - Alden, Mullins, Hopkins, Standish and Soule.
  • Roger Travis -
  • CL Trenholm -
  • Steve Turley -
  • AL Wellman - presently working on Betsey (or Elizabeth?) Samson/Sampson mother of Sally Samson
  • Michele West - working on John Howland and comparing records to my own
  • Bea Wijma Working on searching for and adding Dutch records to their profiles, and trying to solve the Wiliam White En (Ann Fuller) Foller riddle .
  • Timothy Wilder -
  • Kay Johnson Wilson
  • Kimberly Wilton - I have connected my grandmothers side of the family to Priscilla Mullins and am working on expanding the tree
  • Carroll Woods -
  • Christopher Wright - Working mainly on John Howland and William Brewster
  • Carole Taylor -my DNA test results say I am a descendant of John Alden/Priscilla Mullins- Plus I also have my Lee family back to Hancock Lee/Mary Willis..
  • Douglas Ross - Alden descendant via Morton, Atherton, Tichenor, Byram line to Abigall Alden
  • Elizabeth Godwin - I am descended from Willam and Mary Brewster, Stephen Hopkins and Elizabeth (Fisher) Hopkins, and Constance Hopkins; as well as Richard Warren. I can search for duplicates as well adding missing descendants in these lines.
  • Cheryl Aldrich Skordahl trying to connect my tree to Hopkins & Cooke
  • Roland Henry Baker, III Mayflower lines: Alden, Allerton, Bradford, Brewster, Chilton, Cooke, Hopkins, Howland, Mullins, Priest, Rogers, Standish, Samson, Tilley, Warren, White, Winslow. My Mayflower application was for Stephen Hopkins. I am currently researching all the descendants of James Gardner Sampson 1768 – 1831 son of Micah, descendant of Henry Samson.
  • Cheryl Wimsett: Seeking others who are related to William Brewster through the Fosdick family. Seeking DNA family ties.
  • Jessica Hatfield- Working on descendants of Richard Warren and Pastor John Robinson, my ancestors. Will be working on merges.
  • Cindy Cloyd - waiting for response from California Mayflower Society re: submission
  • John Kingman I have confirmed my descendancy from Mayflower passengers Samuel Fuller (8th GGF), Francis Cooke (9th GGF), and Edward Doty (9th GGF). On the lookout for more. Also looking into helping make the Relationship Finder's Mayflower Passenger Quick Links work better.
  • Denise Baker - Approved ancestral line to John Howland, Elizabeth Tilley, John and Joan Tilley. Currently working on lineage back to Richard Warren.
  • Doris Williams Smith - I am working in the book Plymouth Colony: Its History & People 1620-1691 by Eugene Aubrey Stratton and will add people who have not yet been added and edit where necessary to people who have been added.
  • Kelsey Price - Descendant of John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley (Currently researching my line: Desire Gorham>Desire Hawes>Elizabeth Daggett>Thankful Daggett>Brotherton Daggett)
  • Karen Kay - Dr. Deacon Samuel Fuller Sr.
  • David Blair - just completed my line back to William White through Ephraim Howard Dunton
  • Jennifer Merkle Descendant of Love Brewster
  • Dave Nicolson Two lines to Howland/Tilley, one line to Brewster.
  • Cynthia Edgemon Rushing - Working on Isaac Allerton Sr lineage (father of last surviving Mayflower passenger, ) and Robert Cushman (The Fortune) lineage. Will later begin on Diegory Preist.
  • Kit Pelletier Rev. John Robinson, Isaac Robinson, Mercy Weeks (Robinson),
  • Christopher Childs Descendant of William & Mary Brewster, Edward & _?_ Fuller, and Richard Warren; "step-descendant" of John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley (their granddaughter became stepmother to my forebear Benjamin Skiffe). Slowly re-tracing quick work I did earlier offline; seeking confirmable sources.
  • ReBecca Weedo Bennett Descendant of John Howland (birth father), descendant of AbR Captain Abraham Pickering (adopted family),
  • Jones-49863 Josiah Barker descendent of Peter Brown in MM Vol.1.
  • Debra Lynn Hotchkiss working on Warren, Brewster and Chilton lines
  • Jerri Thorpe McCoy Descendant of William and Mary Brewster. Mayflower Society member. Currently a state historian for the Mayflower Society, so I have all the silver books, MFIP books, and the JHMF books. I can do quick lookups.
  • Lydia Vierson GSMD Member, Descendant of John Howland, Elizabeth Tilley (and her parents). Part of the GSMD Dna project I have hard copies of SIlver Books Vol 18, Part 1 for Robert Warren and Vol 1 for John Howland through Desire + Capt John Gorham. Also I have Vol 23 Part 1-4. I have been adding the first 5 generations from Vol 23.
  • Corey M. Williams Descendant of Isaac Allerton. Working on reconciling this lineage in order to join the Mayflower Society.
  • Hayward Houghton II Direct descendant of Howland/Tilley and Richard Warren. Member of Mayflower Society. Interested in Cleaning up these lines.
  • Susan Ballam Abanor The Mayflower families I descend from are Alden, Allerton, Brewster, Brown, Cooke, Doty, Hopkins, Priest, Mullins, Samson and Standish. Working on sources for Mayflower lineages.
  • Rodney Rarick John Howland /Hannah Howland-Bosworth, the relationship finder, defaults through Elizabeth Howland-Dickenson, each down to my Paternal and Maternal 4th Great-Grandparents, Hannah connection better sourced, researching Elizabeth lineage.
  • David Winters Direct Descendant of eight Mayflower passengers: William Bradford, Stephen Hopkins and son Giles Hopkins, John Alden and wife Priscilla Mullins and her parents William and Alice Mullins, and Richard Warren.
  • Teresa Shinn I am a direct descendant of many Mayflower passengers and i wish to help document & improve their profile pages. I'd like to join please. I've joined PGM & I am an 11th great granddaughter of John Alden. i have been a genealogist for 25 years and I understand how to use wikitree, how to source and how to merge. Thanks.
  • Sarah Smith -- I'm the 12th great-granddaughter of Elder William Brewster (through Jonathan > Benjamin > William > William > Hannah). Working on providing sources, accurate dates, and children.
  • L Sauls Direct descendant of William Brewster through his grandson Wrestling.
  • Anne Dale I am a direct and straight-line maternal ancestor of Clarissa Kibbe who married Ezra Blodgett. Ezra is the son of Hannah Alden and Joshua Blodgett. I am working on this line and am particularly interested in other mtDNA descendants of this line.
  • Teri Osborn - I am the 10th great-granddaughter of Richard Warren. Working on fully sourcing this connection and hoping to obtain enough documentation to apply to the Mayflower Society.
  • John Stephenson - I am the 10th great-grandson of John Howland. I am working on documenting this direct ancestor to apply to the GSMD.
  • Brian Shaw Jr I am a direct descendant of John Alden and indirect descendant of 2 other passengers that I have found so far. I am now researching other connections to Mayflower passengers.
  • Sarah Peterson According to WikiTree Thomas Rogers is my 10th great grandfather via my paternal grandmother's side of the family. I would like to explore this and share with more of my family members.
  • Sara V Mosher As a descendant of 14 passengers on the Mayflower, I'd like to begin by collaborating on the profiles of John Howland's daughter Hope Howland and her husband John Chipman.
  • Emily (Boy) Holmberg I have taken my husband's family back to William Bradford using various sources for my tree on Ancestry. A cousin has suggested there may be another connection. I am interested in helping as I can and confirming his connections.
  • Allison Hunter Hill My husband and I both have Mayflower ancestors, and I would like to explore them further as well as add any information we may have. I live in Boston and can also contribute locally if needed.
  • Karen Murley I am fairly certain that I am the direct descendent of multiple Mayflower passengers (I think 24 at this point...but I am in varying stages of research/proof...20 are prelimarily proven through my state's GSMD historian to gen 5/6/7, depending on the passenger). I never knew about any of this, so am excited but kind of overwhelmed. I am about to begin working on my application for GSMD and am trying to figure out the best line to apply through. Currently I'm thinking of applying through Chilton, as he's the only one so far with an approved application matching through the 7th generation. I am also trying to figure out how my direct Gifford line connects to Mayflower passengers...I'm pretty close but can't verify everything yet.
  • Melissa Jamison I am a descendant of Edward Fuller through his son Samuel. I am working on providing better sources in his line.
  • Cheryl Cantrell I am a direct descendant of six Mayflower passengers: William Bradford, William Brewster, John Alden, William Mullins, Priscilla Mullins, and Richard Warren. I am interested in collaborating with other descendants and would like to pursue membership in the Mayflower Society.
  • Christine Preston I am in PA working on Cemeteries in the Lycoming County area. I have recently expanded my family cemetery search to Tioga, Bradford, and Clinton Counties. I found a descendant in Tioga County and will further the research.
  • Robert Baxter I am a Mayflower decsendant of 4 Mayflower passengers. John Howland and John, Joan and Elizabeth Tilley. Desire Howland, daughter of John and Elizabeth, married John Gorham and thier daughter Temperance married Thomas Baxter, My 7th Great Grandfather. I have spent a lot of time learning about this Thomas Baxter as he is sometimes confused with Thomas Baxter from New Amersterdam and New Haven.
  • Linda Barnett
  • Chris Sanborn I am decendent from Stephen Hopkins and Isaac Allerton. I am currently working to confirm a line connecting me to William Brewster.
  • Bobbie Hall working on Stephen Hopkins for 3+ generations. Adding project boxes and categories to all children/grandchildren (up to 1700 births on great grandchildren. Sending queries out to PMs of profiles who aren't documented in MF5G (Silver) book, asking for sources & documentation to support their links to MF pax.
  • Jen Hutton I am descended from Giles, Stephen and Constance Hopkins, Edward Doty, John Howland, Elizabeth, John and Joan (Hurst) Tilley, William and Mary Brewster, and Francis Cooke. I'd like to fill in more details for my own family research, and am open to working on any specific projects that our leaders feel could use some extra help.
  • Tayla Hanson I'm descended from the Ramsden/dell, Herseys, and Chubbucks.
  • Robert (Bob)Cochrane I am descended from Thomas Rogers (Rogers-171), through five generations of Richmonds, one Cook, two Herrick, and three Cochrane.
  • David Charbonneau It seems that I am a direct ancestor of George Soule Sr, my 9th great grandfather and a descendant of John Howland and his father Henry Howland Sr, my 10th great grandfather. Hoping to continue researching for any additional Mayflower ancestors and helping to assist accurately completing their profiles.
  • Taber-1580 I am a descendant of Frances Cooke (Cooke-36) and Peter Brown (Browne-66)
  • Switlik-1 Working lineages for Gladys Helen (Gill) Long (1893-1987) as means to improve knowledge of the original migration (and origins before that) and of the many subsequent ones, especially those post the Revolution (D.A.R.'s domain). Not so much interested in the application process as in computational modes, their uses and future. Main vehicle? Thomas Gardner Society, Inc. I, myself? Am of the undocumented before the mid-1800s.
  • Emmons-1491 I am a member of the Mayflower Society through William Bradford. I also descend from William Brewster, Mary Brewster, Love Brewster, Richard Warren, John Alden, Priscilla Mullins, and William Mullins. I am very interested in filling in my tree in and around Plymouth, including connections to the Conants and the Hobarts. I have copies of the Silver books for Bradford, Brewster, Warren, and Alden.
  • Wells-15030 Working on Jedidah Hawes (1709 - 1764)
  • Andrew Payzant - Descendant of Thomas and Joseph Rogers, and member of the Mayflower Society (GSMD).
  • Jones-66945 I am a descendant of Isaac and Mary Allerton and possibly Elizabeth Howland (still trying to verify this link). I am a member of the NEHGS and have a degree in Early Colonial History and Medieval European History. I'm interested in primary sources to support ancestral connections.
  • Richard Tubbs is researching his descendants from Thomas Rogers.
  • MacFarland-179 I am a direct descendant of 15 Mayflower families: Wm Bradford, Wm Brewster, John Alden (2), Edward Winslow Sr., James Chilton/Mary Chilton, John Howland (2), Thomas Rogers, Myles Standish, John Tilley, Richard Warren (2), Edward Doty, Francis Cooke, George Soule, Peter Brown, & William Mullins(Priscilla). Both of my parent's ancestors arrived in Early New England and stayed there for 360 years, so they were easy to trace. I have been doing family research since the early 70s’ and am not finished yet! WikiTree provides such great tools and collaborations. I am so excited to have discovered it and am looking forward to meeting many more cousins!
  • Holly Torpey I'm a decendant of Stephen Hopkins at least 8 different ways. I also descend from William Brewster, Joseph Rogers, and John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley. My ancestors lived in and around Wellfleet until the mid-1800s.
  • Hunt-20026 I am cousin of Richard More Sr. (6th cousin 13 times removed) and Agnes (Cooper) Tilley (9th cousin 14 times removed).
  • Marilyn Kenyon I am a direct descendant of Samuel and Edward Fuller. I recently broke down a brick wall only to discover that I am also a direct descendant of William Brewster. I have numerous early colonial ancestors on my paternal line so I am always on the lookout for another possible Mayflower ancestor. It really is a joy to make these discoveries.
  • Barry J Fellner, II I am a descendant of John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley. In my research on family, I also discovered that my daughter-in-law is a descendant of Degory Priest. Currently working on proof to obtain Mayflower Society memberships.
  • Christine Rogers I am descended from the following Mayflower passengers: Constance Hopkins, Stephen Hopkins, Joseph Rogers, Thomas Rogers, Elizabeth Tilley, John Howland, John Tilley, and Joan Hurst.
  • Joshua M Carnahan John Alden is my 9th Great Grandfather. I am decended through David's daughter Ruth (Alden) Sprague. I look forward to seeing if I can contribute.
  • Gregory Hile Currently working on Alden, Bradford, Browne, More, Mullins, and Tilley. Looking forward to contributing.
  • Michael Williamson Currently working on Alden, Mullins, and Soule. Hoping to learn and contribute.
  • JB Majors I am a descendent, from what I can gather of a few Mayflower folks. Howland, Chipman, White, and maybe more.

Useful Links


The Greater Society of Mayflower Descendants is publishing a series of books called "Mayflower Families through Five Generations." These books, often refered to as the "Silver Books", are sold by online booksellers and online at Some local public libraries have these books.

The Great Migration Begins series, published and sold by NEHGS, contain biographies of each Mayflower Passenger and their known children. Often primary source documents are cited as references. There is a subset of the Great Migration Series has been published recently. titled "The Pilgrim Migration". It covers the immigrants to Plymouth Colony and their wives and children.

Saints and Strangers by George Willison has some background material about the Pilgrims' time in Holland, the perilous adventure and the first years of the settlement.

Bradford's History is recommended reading. I believe that it can be read on line.

Bangs, Jeremy Dupertus, Strangers and Pilgrims, Travellers and Sojourners - Leiden and the Foundations of Plymouth Plantation, General Society of Mayflower Descendants, Plymouth, Massachusetts, 2009 Details from the Leiden, Netherlands archive records for those who came to Plymouth Colony.



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