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Mentors Project
The mission of WikiTree Mentors is to improve the overall experience of WikiTree members by answering questions about the website and encouraging members with helpful suggestions. When a Mentor Intervention Request is submitted, they provide guidance and instruction to help reconcile the situation.

Looking for help?

... someone who is good at looking at both sides of a situation.

A Mentor is ...
  • ... a Wiki Genealogist who has signed the Honor Code.
  • ... a member who joined WikiTree more than 3 months ago and has at least 1500 contributions.
  • ... familiar with the WikiTree tutorial pages.
  • ... a trustworthy volunteer who tries to see the best in difficult situations.
  • ... knowledgeable about WikiTree principles and procedures and knows how to find answers to questions.
  • ... able to communicate with guests and new members in a friendly, helpful manner.
  • ... a positive and helpful presence in the G2G Forum.
  • ... has not been involved in a mentoring situation or had a referral badge or been the subject of an MIR in the past 3 months.
See the badge report for the full list of members.


How to Join

Are you interested in the Mentors Project?mentor.gif


Mentors ensure that members are receiving the help they need by performing each task designated in our combined list of duties (see below). From our Honor Code: "We assume that mistakes are unintentional when others make them and ask for the same understanding."

Task List/Responsibities


  1. Respond to any replies that are generated by follow-up messages in a timely manner.
  2. Maintain any correspondence regarding Individual mentoring
  3. Help members who seek help through the mentor listings on the Contact a Mentor page
  4. Volunteer to help with New Member Help requests as they come in
  5. Mentor members who would benefit by a few days of one-on-one help when assigned through Mentor Intervention Requests
  6. Monitor G2G and answer questions
  7. Keep your section of the Mentors Sandbox up to date with notes on your mentees

Leader Mentors (Mentors who are also Leaders)

  1. Assigned to mentor Yellow Referral badge recipients
  2. Assigned to mentor Red Referral badge recipients previously evaluated by Experienced Level Mentors and Rangers to have shown a pattern of abuse.
  3. Acts as Helper in the Informal Mediation process..
  4. Acts as Mediator in Formal Mediation process.
  5. Monitor G2G and answer questions.
  6. Review and Evaluate case presented by Expert Level Mentor in Intervention Conflict Escalation, Mediation
  7. Keep the documentation for conflict escalations up to date with notes on who you're mentoring / mediating.

Leaders / Project Coordinator

  1. MIR Tracking
  2. Assign MIRs and NHRs
  3. Keep Mentor Sandbox updated / archive concluded entries
  4. Make sure that badged/blocked members are entered correctly in Problem Members Doc (PMD)
  5. Keep the Ranger Cheat Sheet synced up with current badge holders
  6. Remind Mentors to update their sandbox sections, etc.

Where and How to Get Help

  1. Learn about WikiTree and how to use it.
  2. Our self-directed Tutorials cover all the basics and some more advanced topics.
  3. WikiTree Help pages cover just about any topic you can think of.
  4. Our community members are ready to help with research; understanding our styles, standards and policies; and finding answers if you're having trouble finding them yourself.
  5. Contact a Mentor if you need some one-on-one help.
  6. If another member has upset you, please Don't WikiTree While Angry (DWWA). Start here to get more help.

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