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Welcome to the Messengers Project!
... a sub-project of the Volunteer Coordinators Project

Quick links for members: Messenger Tracking | Messenger Google Group | Off-Cycle Volunteers

The purpose of the Messengers is to introduce new members to our 5 week guided tour of WikiTree: New Member How To.

When a member joins, they receive the first "stop" in the tour when they are confirmed by a Greeter. A Mentor checks in with them on their second day to offer help if it's needed. Once a week, for the next five weeks, the new member will get the rest of the "stops" via the Messengers.


How to Join

  • Visit our joining thread on G2G and leave a message to let us know you're interested.
  • Add MESSENGERS to your list of followed tags so that you'll receive notifications from G2G posts.
  • When you join the project, we will ...
    • ... set up necessary permissions.
    • ... award you the Volunteer Coordinators badge, because we are a sub-project of that project.
    • ... add you to the Messengers Google Group.
    • ... teach you exactly what to do. :-)


Day 1 - Greeter Confirmation. See here for sample message.

Day 2 - Mentor Introduction. Introduce yourself as a Mentor and offer assistance.

Week 1 - Introduce them to How to Make the Most of a Profile:

Week 2 - Volunteer Coordinators Introduce them to How to Join in the Community:

Week 3 - Introduce them to How to be a Successful WikiTreer:

Week 4 - Introduce them to How to Manage Your Watchlist:

Week 5 - Introduce them to How to Dig a Little Deeper:

DAY Day 1 (Greeters) Day 2 (Mentors)
Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5
MONDAYGreeters Vicky Shirley Debi Gilly
Vicky Vicky
TUESDAY GreetersDavid S Dorothy B. OPEN Cindy away 6-27 Mary Cindy away 6-27
WEDNESDAYGreeters Ronel Charlotte
Away on 6/27-30
OPEN Cindy away 6-28 Cindy away 6-28 Shirley
THURSDAYGreeters Marlene Shirley Janet Shirley Marlene Marlene
FRIDAYGreeters Michelle Charlotte
Away on 6/27-30
Open Debi David S. Susie
SATURDAY Greeters Shirley Susie
Shirley Carole Mary Open
SUNDAY Greeters David S. Marlene Mary Open Open Open
DAY Day 1 (Greeters) Day 2 (Mentors) Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5

Tools & Info for Your Convenience

  • Date Calculator -- It's pretty simple: Enter today's date, set the "Add/Subtract" indicator to "Subtract" and enter the number of weeks you need to go back.

How to Do Messages

  • Scroll back to the appropriate day in the feed. (Example: if you have Monday Week 1 and today is March 20th, you would go back in the feed to March 13th.)
    • Use the date calculator above to make this easy
    • Add the following parameter to the URL to skip ahead quickly: &start=xxxx
      Replace "xxxx" with the number of entries you want to skip ahead. A good rule of thumb is the # of days back * 125
      EXAMPLE: for Week 5 messages: 35 days * 125 = 4375. So your URL would look like:
      This will get you close. You'll have to page forward or back to find the starting point for your day.
  • Post your message for everyone who joined on that day. (So, in the above example, you would leave the Week 1 Message for everyone who joined on March 13th.)
  • When you have finished with your day:
    • Open the Google Tracking Spreadsheet
    • Scroll down until you find the appropriate Volunteer Date
    • Mentors: Put an x in columns B & C
    • Messengers & Volunteer Coordinators: Put an x in the column of the message you were posting
    • Put the current date in column J "Messaged Date," replacing anything already there
      • Column K "Next Work Date" will automatically update to "Messaged Date" +7 days
        (for more info, see "Info about Next Work Date")
    • Scroll down the sheet looking for Orange in the Next Work Date
      • If you find Orange and and all the message columns aren't blue:
        • Work the day if you have time
        • Alert the group if you don't have time
    • Close the sheet, it will be saved automagically

Sample Messages

Day 1 and Day 2 will be covered by the Greeters and Mentors, respectively. The following messages will be delivered by the Messengers according to the schedule above.

Week 1

Guest name --

You've been here a week now, and we hope you enjoyed your first stop on your guided tour of WikiTree and were able to make good use of the things you learned.

Our next stop will give you some pointers on how to make your profiles stand out: [ How to Edit a Profile].

As always, your questions are welcome!

Your Name

Week 2

Hi, Guest

It's time for your next stop on the guided tour!

This week, we'd like to show you [ How to Join in the Community]. There's no shortage of opportunities to get involved through social media, our forum, and projects.

Be sure to check out the [[Project: One Name Studies|One Name Studies Project]] to see if anyone has started a project for one of the surnames in your family. Don't see one? Follow the instructions for starting your own!

Please let me know if you have questions. :-)

Your Name, WikiMessenger

Week 3

Guest name --

You've been here for several weeks now! We hope your profiles are starting to come together and that you've enjoyed getting to know all of us a little better.

You're probably getting a good feel for the collaborative nature of WikiTree by now. We know that collaboration isn't always easy. So, we've put together a few pointers that can make working in this type of environment a little easier: [ How to be a Successful WikiTreer].

As always, your questions are welcome!

Your Name

Week 4

Guest name --

You may have been hard at work getting connected to family members who are already here and adding those who were missing. You probably have at least a few profiles that you manage now.

There's a fast and easy way to access those profiles using the Watchlist. So, this week we're going to look at [ How to Manage Your Watchlist].

Please let one of us know if you have questions! Just click my name above the comment, then ask in the comment section of my page. We want to help!

Your Name

Week 5

Guest name --

This week we have your last stop on the guided tour. Hopefully, you're feeling like a WikiTree pro! If not, you can always revisit the tour stops via the comment boxes on the right side of your profile.

You've covered a lot of ground the past few weeks. Today, we want to give you just a few more tools that can take you even deeper into the WikiTree forest without getting lost: [ How to Dig a Little Deeper].

As always, your questions are welcome!

Your Name

Shortened Links for Missing Week Messages

  • Note: These links are for times when a volunteer is missing a previous week's message. Please use wording from the "All-In-One" sample when more than one message is needed. Delete already posted and upcoming message lines and the numbers at the beginning of the line you use.

1. Pointers on [ How to Edit a Profile]

2. Community involvement and ways to stay up-to-date with what's going on in the [ Community]

3. Collaboration tips for [ being a Successful WikiTreer]

4. Managing the [ Profiles on Your Watchlist]

5. The WikiTree forest and [ How to Dig a Little Deeper]

"All-in-One" Message

Thanks for volunteering! You are now a full member of the WikiTree community, and you can start adding your family. Once you sign the [ Honor Code], you'll be able to fully participate and edit Open profiles, as well.

Since WikiTree is different from other genealogy sites, we have a guided tour to help new members learn their way around. The first stop is [ How-To #1: How to Start Climbing Our Tree]. The How-To's are intended to be visited about once a week, but feel free to work through them at your own pace.

To meet other WikiTreers, check out our G2G forum, including the [ G2G Question of the Week].


"No More Messages" Message

Use this when a guest has notified you via comment or PM that something has come up in their life and they need to not receive messages. If you see this message on a volunteer's profile, do not leave more posts.

Guest --

Thanks for the message. I wanted to make sure there is a post here to let others know that you have requested no more emailed comments at this time. To adjust how many WikiTree automated messages (not from comments) you receive, visit your Settings page (

The tour stops begin with [ How-To #1: How to Start Climbing Our Tree]. The How-To's are intended to be visited about once a week, but feel free to work through them when you are able to return.

Your name

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