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The Mexican American War Project is a Sub-Project of the Military and War Project!

This sub project is for members who manage profiles of individuals or free space pages of units that were involved in the Mexican–American War, or who have a historical interest in that conflict.

This was also known as the Mexican War, the Mexican American War or the Invasion of Mexico, was an armed conflict between the United States and the Centralist Republic of Mexico (which became the Second Federal Republic of Mexico during the war) from 1846 to 1848. It followed in the wake of the 1845 U.S. annexation of Texas, which Mexico considered part of its territory, despite the 1836 Texas Revolution.

Mexican American War Project



The leaders of this project are Paula and Terry Wright

Project Coordinator: Eric Daly

If you're interested in participating in this project, please do the following
1.Add the line [[Category:Mexican American War Project]] to the text area of your profile page. This will add you to the list of participants on the Category page .
2.Add Mexican_American_War to your list of followed tags. That way you'll see all our discussions in your G2G Feed.
3.Ask Paula or Terry to award you the Military and War Badge.


Any improvements you can make to the profiles of the Mexican American War are welcome, but here are some specific goals we're working towards:

  • For each person:
    • All duplicates merged into the final lowest profile ID number.
    • Final ID locked, marking the profile as project protected (must be done by one of the Leaders)
    • Template included on the page
    • All relevant categories are added
    • Parents are correct and documented
    • Biography is cleaned up, free of any GEDCOM junk, Ancestry trees, etc., and ideally has an actual written biography.

Categories and Structure

  • Projects are not permitted to define, create or maintain categories or the structure thereof.
  • Please follow the guidance the Categorization Project has issued.


The template for the Mexican American War was originally created when the project was a sub-project of the Westward Ho! Project. After the Military and War Project was created to oversee all projects falling under this category, the Mexican American War project was moved and became a sub-project of the Military and War Project.

Add this

{{Mexican American War
| category = where to link this profile
| enlisted = mmm dd, yyyy
| discharged = mmm dd, yyyy
| branch = United States Army, Mexican Navy, etc
| unit= Division, Regiment, Ship, etc
| image = image file}}

This is the new template display as a sticker (on the right side)

... ... ... ... served with the United States Army, Mexican Navy, etc during the Mexican-American War
Enlisted: mmm dd, yyyy
Regiment/Unit: Division, Regiment, Ship, etc
Discharged: mmm dd, yyyy

WikiTree Resources

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External Links

  • - DESCENDANTS of MEXICAN WAR VETERANS a search site for History ,images,maps,historical sites,
  • University of Texas Library - This Web site contains essays, biographies, and a timeline that provide background information about the war, as well as primary sources from the war such as proclamations, letters, diaries, images, maps, music, and poetry
  • Northern Illinois University Web site - contains a historical overview of the Mexican-American War (1846-1848), as well as documents, images, sound recordings, and lesson plans related to the conflict
  • The U.S. Mexican War (1846-1848) - includes an overview on the war and its aftermath, biographical essays, an interactive timeline, video clips, and lesson plans. It also contains primary-source materials such as maps, illustrations, and posters
  • Historic American Newspapers - Search America's historic newspaper pages from 1836-1922 or use the U.S. Newspaper Directory to find information about American newspapers published between 1690-present.
  • Library of Congress - Pictorial Americana WAR WITH MEXICO selected images related to the Mexican War.
  • Family Search - United States, Mexican War Pension Index (FamilySearch Historical Records)
  • - WESTWARD EXPANSION (1807-1912) The Mexican War and Political Aftermath.
  • - Mexican War veterans : a complete roster of the regular and volunteer troops in the war between the United States and Mexico, from 1846 to 1848 ; the volunteers are arranged by states, alphabetically (1887).

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