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WikiTree Multimedia Project

This is a new project for all those WikiTreers who have some multimedia talent to create various forms of multimedia to promote and/or educate and entertain people about WikiTree. Below is the list of people and their roles/skills. The list is fluid and will grow/diminish as people are available. Please make yourself known if you have interest in this project.

Any of the below can be filled with multiple people. Let me know what roles you feel suited to and what project you might like to tackle (feel free to add more ideas).

Projects can include: Videos, podcasts, vodcasts, downloadable audio, slideshows, graphics

These can/will be used by people to enhance their WikiTree and/or genealogy interest. It will be a place to find out how do something multimedia based, and also to help people share their skills. This may end up as two Projects as the number of people involved grows.

Project Members

Yes, it is all me at the moment. I am looking for people to step up and volunteer their skills. I have taken on a lot here and any assistance is very welcome. You can even "learn on the job". That is the great thing about WIkiTree. We share our knowledge and skills making us stronger as a community.

Project Leader: Paul Bech

Skillset: Video production, voiceovers, animation, graphics


Assistant Project Leaders


  • Bree Ogle: Currently working on a few tutorials. See Space: Bree's Corner for videos, codes, and more


If you'd like to add to our Video library with How-To anything WikiTree, please post them to the proposed Video list below. If you have an Idea for a Video that might need to be done, please add to the list.

Be sure to check-out our existing Videos, to see if the video is already available. Anything that's a few years old may need updating as our great big ole tree changes a lot in a very short period of time!

Proposed Videos

Video Suggestions

This section is a list of suggestions for new video creations

  • Collaboration and WIkiTree
  • How-To: Recording cemeteries for WikiTree
  • Citing sources: How to and why.
  • What WikiTree is about
  • Editing the Biography section
    Using Wiki Markup, cleaning up after merges, style guide.
  • Wiki Markup (in progress)
    Wiki Markup usage on WikiTree
  • Family history highlight
    A vague idea at the moment. I have the idea of selecting someone with a miltary service record and creating a video of their life highlighting the wartime service. This would mainly be in the form of a video slideshow with narration, audio and sound effects.
  • Advanced Merging


If you have been spreading WikiTree Love by doing presentations about WikiTree at events, you can post them to the WikiTree Presentations page. You will also find other WikiTree presentation slides that you can use at your local Genealogy event.

Google+ Hangouts

  • Google Hangouts discussions for leaders to discuss projects and other pertinent information on WikiTree
  • Google Hangouts discussions for WikiTree in General
  • Google Hangouts discussions for Mentors about using Google Hangouts for Mentoring (thanks Billy)
  • See here for discussion on topics and scheduling:

Other Proposed Multimedia ideas

  • Family history groups
  • Family tree displays for family reunions (for individual WikiTreers)

In Production

  • Online resources: Efficient searching methods
  • WikiTree mark-up for biographies

Completed Projects

Gedcom Tutorial for WikiTree "[1]"
Adding DNA Test Info to WikiTree "watch video"
More WikiTree videos


This section will be for tutorials on how to create your own multimedia which you can use for presentations for your own family, as well as for educational and promotional purposes on WikiTree.

Useful Resources

In keeping with the free nature of WikiTree, emphasis here is on free software. There is some excellent commercial software also available (like Adobe Photoshop ) and discussion, tips, etc can also be on these.

Graphic Design
  • Inkscape. Cross-platform vector graphics -- SVG, EPS, AI -- editor (open source alternative to Illustrator).
  • Gimp (open-source alternative to Photoshop).

Video Editors
  • Blender (cross-platform 2D, 3D animation and video editor)
  • ffDiaporama (Win, Linux). Stills to movie with effects and audio
  • Kdenlive (Linux). Non-Linear Video editor.
  • Openshot (Linux). Non-Linear Video editor.
  • Simplescreenrecorder (Linux). Screen capture to a video file.

  • Blender. Cross-platform animation and video editing software.
  • Gimp GAP (Win, Linux). Animation tool.
  • Synfig Studio. Cross-platform animation tool.

  • Audacity . Cross-platform non-linear audio editor


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