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This is a sub-project of the First Peoples Project. For the Native Americans in Canada, please visit First Peoples of Canada.

Native Americans Project
Are you interested in the Native Americans Project?

Welcome. The Native Americans Project encompasses sub-projects according to tribe, event or other area of historical or cultural interest. The geographic scope is the lower 48 US states plus Alaska in North America. The time frame covers pre-colonial until the present. The mission of the project is to add and improve profiles of Native Americans. Project members take primary responsibility for relevant profiles or family groups and work on merging duplicates, cleaning up profiles, adding sources, removing incorrect information and offering research assistance as needed.

Please Note:

  • If you are working on a profile of someone who is Native American or has Native American ancestors, and would like to do so, please add the Native American Sticker to the appropriate profile.
  • Please do not add the Native American project box to profiles. This is reserved for profiles which are project protected and being managed by the project. Thank you.



The primary goal of the Native American Project is to make every single Native American profile the very best it can be. All duplicates should be merged, appropriate categories should be added and the biography should be written using the WikiTree Style Guide. It is also important to identify all Profiles which may be mythical or fictional in nature. It is our desire to leave a lasting legacy of work for future generations and current researchers that can facilitate their quest for family history. Activities in support of this goal include:

  • Track edits to profiles managed or watched by the project through the Native American Activity Feed
  • Track and respond to questions posted to the G2G discussion forum that are marked with the native_american tag

How to get involved in the Native Americans Project

In order to be included in the Native Americans project, and be added to our Member Contributions Page, you need to be active in one of our project teams. To be added to one of these Project Teams contact Shirley Dalton. For more information see our Teams Page.

Project Boxes

Project boxes are intended for Project Profile Management, as in Native Americans Project Profile would manage (along with existing profile managers) any profile needing Project Protection and Project Box. All other profiles will have the Project Sticker.

Read more on Project Managed Profiles here.

Project Box will be added to profiles by Project Leaders and Coordinators. If you are Profile Manager for a profile you feel needs Project Protection, please contact:

Leader = Shirley Dalton or
Coordinators= Jeanie Roberts and Jillaine Smith, Myths and Legends,

Project Sticker

On profiles not requiring project protection, please use the Sticker template. This should be placed below the ==Biography== lines).

Sample usage:

{{Native American Sticker|tribe=Ojibway}}


... ... ... was a Native American and member of the Ojibway tribe.

Name Fields Guidelines

It is the policy of WikiTree's Native American project to use the tribe/nation name as Last Name at Birth for profiles of Native Americans born before the introduction of surnames by that community.

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