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The Dutch Roots/Netherlands Project is a project for WikiTreers interested in improving the profiles of early Dutch people and their descendants.This project serves as a forum for researchers and descendants of all people born in the Netherlands, so all of you with Dutch Roots !

Are you interested in the Netherlands Project?



The Dutch Roots Project is a project for WikiTreers interested in improving the profiles of early (Pre-1811) Dutch people and their descendants (so Pre-1811 till now). This project serves as a forum for researchers and descendants of all people born in the Netherlands so for everyone with Dutch Roots. Mission is to improve and add sources to all profiles belonging to the Dutch Roots Project. The goal is also to help WikiTreers find good resources, how to add them and to improve all profiles that belong to or could fall under the Dutch Roots Project.

How to Join netherlands.gif

Our wonderful team !

Of course we all love to help so if you have questions or need some help and can't reach know where to find us ...  :)

To see our current members, check out the badge report.

To join the project

  1. For all members working on the Dutch Roots/Netherlands project/profiles, if you didn't already of course, we need to ask you to first take the Pre-1700 Self-Certification quiz ! and please read this: Wikitree Pre-1700 Profiles
  2. Go to this Join the Dutch Roots Project G2G and reply by adding an answer and introduce yourself or share what families you are working on or interested in and you will receive the badge :)
  3. Add the category link: [[Category:Dutch_Roots_Project]] at the top of your own biography, this way you become visible as a member at the Dutch Roots Project top level page, and you will get redirected to the Dutch Roots/Netherlands Project Page.
  4. Send a request to join the Dutch Roots/Netherlands Project's Google Group
  5. Add dutch_roots to your G2G tag feed followed tags to keep up with Project discussions and news. See : Communicate
    G2G Tag: dutch_roots
  6. Add your name and area or surnames of interest to the Dutch Roots Project Members page.
  7. Check out the To-Do list to find something to help us work on, and add yourself (or ask one of us to add you) to that task


Project members work together to source and improve these profiles and if needed project-protect them to protect a LNAB and/or the parents or to ensure that merges on these profiles are done in the right direction. For those interested or curious here you can read:what protecting does and does not do and see: point 2
Any improvements you can make to the profiles of the Dutch Roots Project are welcome, but here are some specific goals we are working towards:
  1. If profiles need Project management or Project Protection you can add the project profile as 'co-manager' to Dutch or Dutch Related Pre-1811 profiles, it will generate a project watchlist and feed and will make it easy to collaborate, share, keep track of protect and work on these profiles with all Project Members together, combined with using the Dutch Roots Project Google Group. By adding the Project Account as 'co-manager,' you are adding all your colleague Project members sort of as 'co-manager.' Really Wiki! :)
    * They don't all have the same edit rights as the actual manager or a trusted list manager, but just like a (trusted list) manager, they now 'receive' the (feed) notifications in the Google Group (=Project Account Inbox) and because of this are able to read them and can respond and communicate trough posts, so it's more like an 'active audience-huge trusted list' that now can collaborate, watch over, help protect, source and improve, these profiles much quicker and easier if it's needed.
  2. Project Box (template) Sticker or Categories added, If it is clear these profiles are Dutch or could fall under our project start by using our Dutch Roots Project Maintenance system
    followed by Dutch Roots Project Box (with if you like to categorize profiles further the jaar and provincie parameters).
  3. Of course not all profiles need Project management or Project Protection, so for your 'own' or other profiles that look good, are well taken care of and don't really need Project Management or Protection and no help from project members or maybe just a little, you can use Dutch Roots Stickers for these profiles the project account can't be added as co-manager, but you can still add the Project Maintenance categories and the jaar and provincie with the Sticker.
  4. For Unsourced ones you can also add this template.{{Unsourced|Netherlands}}
  5. All duplicates merged into lowest number, unless the correct LNAB has a higher number
  6. Final ID locked, marking the profile as project protected for the profiles that need PPP or project managment (= profiles with a high(er) risk of duplicates/confusion, for example patronymics, later adopted last names or using multiple last names, populair or often duplicated profiles/families, etc). For the Dutch Roots Project this must be done by the Project Leader, if the profile meets those requirements. See for more info about merging : Merging 'how and why in the lowest number'
  7. Parents are correct and documented, Children are linked if able
  8. Biography is cleaned up, free of any GEDCOM junk, Ancestry trees, dead links, etc., and ideally has an actual written biography. So biography cleaned up and written, using the WikiTree Style Guide (can work with Profile Improvement Project for help)
  9. WikiTree+ tips for Dutch Profiles
  10. pertaining categories added, etc.
  11. Attached family meets these goals, too
  12. Attached to the main WikiTree family tree (ask the Connectors Project for help)
  13. And find some connections between the Pre-1700 profiles and the 1700-1811 profiles, now many Dutch genealogies stop somewhere at late 1600, early 1700, so it would be great of course if we could find 'loose' ends, missing links and (re)connect some of the lineages!


Idee├źn of vragen?? / Ideas or questions ?? Hulp nodig ?? / Need Help ??
1. The Dutch Roots G2G is our way to communicate, it's very important all members participate and communicate here, so if you have ideas or questions, or something else related to the project please respond /add it at the Dutch Roots G2G and/or just try placing question your self , always tag dutch_roots and add profile ID or link if it's about a profile you request help for, and chose category request for volunteers or requests for genealogy help , this way we all can discuss things, and or help others that need or ask for help with Dutch profiles. So please browse this G2G any time you're looking for a way to contribute to the Dutch Roots project. You are needed ! See: to do task list below for help requests !!
Don't know how ? See: Help page: About G2G

To-Do or Task List

To participate in the project, we have a list of tasks that we need accomplished.:
1. Primary task for all project members is to review/ improve/ source all of your own profiles of people who were born in the Netherlands (or related to/ living at some point in their lives in the Netherlands) and (and if not yet categorized to/ templated by another project!) add the proper Project box, Sticker or category see: Dutch Roots Project Maintenance system Here you can find some example profiles
2. If you want your Dutch Roots Project profiles PPP't, after you sourced and improved them and If you have a good source for the LNAB or if profiles need to be PPP 't already or temporarily, so before they are finished :
3. If your profiles are templated (project box added), ready or PPP't by the project you can add the project profile as manager. Either:
  1. Add the project profile as additional manager and stay manager yourself also, or
  2. Add the project profile as manager and move yourself to the trusted list, or
  3. Add the project profile as manager and remove yourself as manager. Perhaps you have too many profiles and want to reduce your personal watchlist,
Whatever you prefer or do, this way you know for sure the profile is taken care of and will be watched over by the project and enthusiastic and caring members.
To all Dutch Pre-1811 profiles and PPP profiles the project account standard has to be added as co manager, so we can keep track of share and manage and work together on them very easy using the Project Googlegroup.
4. No pre-1700 profiles and/or ready with your own ? For Dutch Pre-1700 profiles that need to be sourced/reviewed etc see: below


1.A primary hunting ground of profiles to be reviewed, discussed and sourced for possible inclusion in Dutch Roots, see: Project_Collateral-Prospect. If a new or unsourced profile perhaps is a candidate for Dutch Roots, add this template: {{Unsourced|Netherlands}}if there are no sources. If it's really clear already it's a Dutch Roots Candidate, please use the Dutch Roots Template Systeem. These are also profiles that still need a Birthrecord and other sources, you can find them here: Needs Birth
2. Also here are some Dutch profiles that still need improvement, sources, sometimes still looking for the real parents etc. some of them now part of the NNS project New Netherland Ancestors and Nederlandse Profielen zonder bronnen /Dutch unsourced profiles
3. Maybe we could check the many Unknowns as well, sometimes all they need is the patronym for last name to become known again. How ? see above, if Unknowns seem possible candidates for the Dutch Roots Project, add them to the Project_Collateral-Prospect first so they can be reviewed, discussed and sourced.
4. And here's our special category : emigrants-imigrants that need research, sources and info Sometimes still searching for parents, so the really challenging ones :) Only add this to the real emigrants-immigrants or just one of them , so not to the whole lineage!
5. More pre-1700 Dutch profiles may be found in the Project_Collateral category. Those profiles have an existing PPP lock on the LNAB. But be cautious about adding them directly to Dutch Roots, because the previously chosen and protected LNAB may not conform to Dutch Roots guidelines.
6. For all profiles already added to any other project, always first ask in G2G what to do and whether they should/could be added to the Dutch Roots project or not, before adding them to the Project_Collateral-Prospect and/or adding one of the Dutch Roots templates !!
7. Sometimes there are some special tasks where we would really appreciate if you could help, families that need sources, or like now we need some help translating specific parts of the help pages, from English in Dutch for the Dutch Roots page in Dutch for these special tasks just look here : Special Tasks
8.Here are the links to our Project Watchlist and Project pending merges which can be very helpful .
9. And also very important keep it fun, it's not a job, no race to win, just a group of people volunteering and working together on this, doing our best to make all (Dutch) Wikitree profiles as accurate and nice as we possibly can. If you need help or advice just ask ,see part about Communicate-G2G

Last Name at Birth or LNAB

You often will come across the abbreviation LNAB around here, which means Last name at Birth. To keep things easy for everyone, we all decided that for Dutch Profiles to determine the most correct LNAB, we will use the Birth or Baptism record of a person, if this record shows the parent(s) only used a patronymic, the LNAB of this person is a patronymic as well, and if parent(s) used or were known by multiple generation patronymics according the record, the child also will receive a multiple generation patronymic for LNAB. If parent(s) used a last name already, that last name is the LNAB, etc.

Patronymics are in fact really easy, and you are not assuming one if you have found a Birth or Baptism record, because a patronymic always just is the first name of father + ending (the ending often depends on time and place), so if father in the Birth/Baptism record is named Pieter Jansz, the LNAB of the child is Pietersz, is father named Pieter Janszen in the record, the LNAB of the child is Pieterszen. (See here for more explaining about multiple generation patronymics.)

All later versions, and this can be many, because of the inconsistency in writing due to the fact they all wrote phonetically (so how they heard or understood things, that's how they would write), are added to the other last name field and the most current one (last found or taken from Death Record etc.) is added to the current last name field.

The inconsistency in writing also can result in different LNAB for children of one and the same parent, in one record fathers first name perhaps was written as Pytter Jans and in the record for the next child as Pyter and for the third child it might have been Pieter, so the first child would have Pytters for LNAB, the second Pyters and the third Pieters, for every child the other versions can be added to the other last name field though.

If there's no birth or baptism record we can compare earlier records of the parents, for example their marriage or other records, to see how their names or last names (if they used one already) were written, to determine the most correct LNAB for the children.

If there are none for the parents, we can look at the earliest record of the person him or herself, so for example his or her marriage record. But keep in mind that if this record is from around or after 1811 (the time when people had to officially adopt a last name !), he or she might have been born with just a patronymic, so if that's the case, early records for the parents are extra important to see if the parent(s) before 1811 also used a last name already or if parents only were known by patronymics. See also: patroniemen met een later toegevoegde achternaam Pre-1811

Also note that women in the past did not automatically adopt the last name of their husbands, so unless there are records showing the wife with her husbands last name we will not add it to the current last name field. See also: Patronymics vs spousal names

If there really are no records at all showing a persons LNAB (or last name) the LNAB is Unknown.

Location Fields

To be historically correct can be a lot of work and quite a puzzle because not only the names but also the regimes of places, provinces and countries due to for instance many long wars could change quite often and sometimes really quick, it also would mean we would have to create thousands of categories; we didn't. There are a few, but we prefer to (mostly) add the modern full (so no abbreviations !) location names to the location fields of Dutch profiles (to keep things easy and to make sure the location pin works) and if needed to add a link or perhaps a short explanation to profiles about the history of a location.

For categories see: Regional/Geographic Category Structure for the Netherlands

Dutch Roots Project important links

Dutch Roots Project Goals
Last Name at Birth or LNAB
Dutch Naming Convention
Reliable sources (for all but especially for Pre-1811 profiles)
Latest Project Update
Dutch Names and Name Fields
Dutch Roots Project Needs or maintenance system you can use for Dutch profiles that still need work
Dutch Roots template and Dutch Roots Sticker
When is a profile 'ready' ? Example Profiles
Location Fields
Dutch Roots Emigrant-Immigrant Categories
Emigrant/Immigrant Help Category
Need some help from our project ? Dutch Roots Project Profile
WikiTee+ Tips for Dutch Roots
Other Categories

Wikitree in het Nederlands-Wikitree in Dutch

Main WikiTree topics explained in Dutch.
Wikitree explained in Dutch for Dutch speaking /reading new Wikitreers en genealogists.
Wikitree explained in Dutch for the more experienced Dutch speaking/reading Wikitreers en genealogists.

Dutch Archive-Nederlands Archief

For all Dutch sources and how to find them :
All kinds of (Dutch) concepts (terms) related to genealogical research and more also a searchengine for people,places etc. can be found here:

Acceptable Resources list

  • project list of acceptable sources (links + info from the source are also added /or images of the source) :
  1. Archives
  2. Birth, Baptism, Death, Marriage or any other official primairy registrations/records
  3. Regests, Charters
  4. Books that cite primary sources. This would Include books that transcribe birth/ marriage/death records as well as authored family histories or trees that cite birth/marriage/death records.
  5. Military records.
  6. Will and estate records.
  7. Notarial records/deeds
  8. Court records.
  9. Burial records.
  10. History books that would have collected information from the subjects themselves.
  11. Newspaper articles with the publication name, date, and location.
  12. A proof summary of multiple sources of supporting evidence used to draw a reasonable conclusion. ( for example: Multiple working links to different preferred free (public) online genealogies/ pedigrees/ kwartierstaten, etc. everyone can access, citing reliable secondary, and of course preferred primairy sources. (so no payed website links like, etc if they are not public, unless of course If there's really nothing else = a source is better than no source at all)
    *Note that most online genealogies and especially the ones that don't show or cite sources, only are seen or used as leads, not as source. If they cite sources please try to find and add them to the profile.

For Pre-1700 (and Dutch Pre-1811) profiles see:

Dutch naming convention

See Also:
Movies with info about last names


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