Project: New Members Committee

New Member Committee

This committee is comprised of a small group of leaders and Team members for the time being but could potentially expand if the need arises.



Our purpose is to develop and implement practices that will help new members better understand how to do their genealogy within the WikiTree styles and standards as well as help them get involved in the collaborative community.


  • To help members overcome the learning curve of the site
  • To provide a variety of ways for members to learn
  • To reduce the number of Mentor Intervention Requests
  • To increase the number of sourced profiles
  • To help members get connected with our collaborative community
  • To increase the number of new members who contribute

Brainstorming Items

Following is a list of current ideas on how to achieve the above goals. We need to determine which ones are feasible and how to implement them. Then put them into action!

If you have ideas, please add them to the list.

  • Review New Member How-To pages to see if anything needs to be updated.
  • A quiz based off the New Member How-To pages. Members who complete it would get a badge. This wouldn't be required of every member but could be a requirement for joining a project or completing a mentoring.
  • A Google Group that new members (or anyone) could join that would function more like a newsletter. It would send out 2-3 posts a week showcasing features, offering how-tos, giving tips, etc. They could also be posted in G2G.
  • A Zoom-type series that new members could register for that would go over the New Member How-Tos
    • Along these same lines: a "webinar" course presented monthly that could be attended by any interested new members and a first step for certain mentor intervention situations -- e.g., lack of sources.
  • Short tutorial YouTube videos
    • Organize the YouTube videos into playlists
    • See if non-English speaking members want to help translate videos (after we figure out the best way to do that)
  • Generic version of orphan trail
  • Matchmakers - a team under Tree Huggers that would follow certain tags and try to connect people with projects or other things they might be interested in
  • Have ONS Coordinators monitor their surname tag and reach out to people who add it
  • Have a list of non-Notable example profiles more here
  • Discord channel for new members that includes all Project Leaders, Project Coordinators and mentors who are members of the Discord server to provide real-time help.
  • Some people learn more easily with simple visual aids. Get a small team together to work on a few key topics eg Creating New Profiles We could have a ‘Visualise’ button.
  • Star Teams. Have a number of very small projects, designed to last a week or two. Have 4 new members and one more experienced to help out. (5 points of a star). Award a star on completion of the project.
  • Provide a list of names of "new member advocates" Because of the MIR process, it appears that "mentors" are seen as a "bad thing", and so people do not turn to them.
  • Add link to Examples gallery to Special:EditFamily.
  • Have a list of example messages members can use when they want to politely reach out to another member they see who could use some guidance. Along those lines look for ways to help members who want to help other members (but don't want to be mentors).
  • Update website to use translation through language choice -- what would this take? more here
  • Poll members who have signed the Honor Code and gone inactive. more here
  • Survey new members to point them on a "track" through the help tutorials according to their genealogical experience level and/or their interest in joining WikiTree. See this answer.
  • Add a "See Also" part to the top or bottom of help page.
  • Have a team of people who respond to "Introduce yourself ..." posts and directs them to Projects, Discord, Tutorials ... what else?"
  • Create some sort of "index" of helpful pages. More here

Items in Progress

Open University type courses

This is being developed by Amy Gilpin and Doug McCallum.

The Project's mission is to assist new and existing WikiGenealogists obtain the skills needed to create and/or improve the accuracy of profiles, and to be successful on WikiTree's platform.

The Project's goals include, but are not limited to:

  • Reduce the number of New Member Help Requests
  • Reduce the number of Mentor Intervention Requests
  • Reduce the number of pre-1700 profiles created without sources
  • Improve the accuracy of new profiles at their creation
  • Improve the accuracy of existing profiles through improved technical and research skills

Items Completed

  • Added this line to the Greeters message posted when someone upgrades: "Finding a known ancestor and collaborating with the profile manager is a great way to start." (16 August 2021)

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