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Welcome to the New Zealand Project
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Requirements for Membership

The only requirements for membership in the New Zealand Project is that you join a team and that you respond to the six monthly check-in from the project. We recognise that people lead busy lives and are grateful for any and all contributions you make towards the project's goals.


The New Zealand Project strives to make every New Zealand profile the best it can be to leave a lasting legacy for future generations and to assist current researchers in their quest for family history.

Project members will add New Zealand profiles, merge duplicates and improve profiles by adding sources and writing biographies.

New Zealand Project Teams

Once you have been awarded the New Zealand badge, you need to be active in the project as part of one these teams (you are encouraged to join the trusted list of your team), though you are welcome to contribute to the work of other teams, of course.

  • Topics Team This team manages the small number of Project Protected and Managed New Zealand profiles and looks after New Zealand notables. Members develop and links profiles on sub-projects such as the 1893 Suffrage Petition, New Zealand Politicians, New Zealand Cemeteries etc. Members may also work on their own One Name and One Place studies.
  • Profile Improvement Team: The Profile Improvements Teams are made up of sourcerers, arborists, connectors, biography writers, data doctors, categorisers and others, who are dedicated to improving and connecting all New Zealand profiles.
  • Project Maintenance and Membership Team : The Project Maintenance and Membership Team is responsible for monitoring the New_Zealand Tag on G2G, answering the questions wherever possible or bringing back the link to our New Zealand Google Group for Project assistance. This group will also watch over and improve the project homepage.

New Zealand Profile Notes

New Zealand Categories

New Zealand Location Categories

  • Categories for New Zealand locations are added within the New Zealand sticker and are based on birthplace in New Zealand or places of residence. See here for formatting of region and place (town).
  • Historically correct place names are actively encouraged in the "data" section at the top of profiles but are likely to require extra research e.g. Whangārei, Auckland, Hamilton, Taupō, Tauranga and Gisborne were all part of Auckland Province from 1853-1876. The animated timeline may assist with historical location names.
  • Stickers and place name categories are created using the 16 regions established in 1989:
North Island, New Zealand South Island, New Zealand
Bay of PlentyWest Coast
Gisborne Canterbury
Hawke's BayOtago
  • If the category name appears in red text, that category does not exist. First, double-check the spelling (categories are case sensitive). If the category you want has not been created, you can create it yourself. If you are unsure, check with the project or in G2G.

Other Useful New Zealand Categories

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