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Welcome to the Nordic Project!


How To Join

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Our Mission

The Nordic Project is an umbrella project for Nordic-related free-space projects, project teams and sub-projects.

The mission of the Nordic Project is to become a knowledge hub for Nordic genealogical research. We can achieve this by developing project space pages that help researchers, and by working on profiles of all those born in Nordic countries, to increase the number of Nordic profiles on WikiTree, encourage collaboration, and ensure profiles meet the highest standards possible.

Please review the relevant country sub-project (Profile Standards in development) before you begin working on profiles.


The Nordic Project is designed to present Nordic profiles at WikiTree in the best way possible. We achieve this by:

  • identifying and reviewing Nordic profiles that already exist on WikiTree.
  • identify problematic profiles that qualify for Project Protection.
  • identify profiles that should be Project Managed.
  • create and develop profiles, ensuring they are as accurate (well researched) as possible.
  • help maintain and improve the Nordic categories.
  • discuss and set up guideline documents for Nordic research.
    • Please note that guidelines and resources for a specific country are usually found in the sub-project of that country, as well as their own mission and goals.

Project members also help answer questions asked in G2G tagged Nordic or with any of the Nordic country tags.

Membership Information

In order to join the project, you must first be a WikiTree member. If you are not yet a WikiTree member, see How to Use WikiTree to get started.

Project badges will be awarded to those who complete Part 1 of the Nordic Trail. The Membership Coordinator will contact you and put you in touch with a Trail Guide. The Guide will then lead you through the Nordic Trail - Part 1. You may want to advance to Nordic Trail - Part 2, but it is not required.

Once you've successfully completed Part 1 of the Trail, you will be:

  • asked to choose the sub-projects you would like to work on.
  • invited to join us on our Discord server where active researches communicate in real-time.
  • added to the Nordic Project google group that we use for Project communication and discussions within the project.

To keep the badge, you need to

We recognize that people lead busy lives and may not be active on WikiTree every single week of the year, but you should at least have the intention to contribute towards the project's goals on a somewhat regular basis.

If you "just" need help with your Nordic ancestors the best place to ask questions is in G2G, remember to add the tag "Nordic" and/or the tag for the specific country.

Project Communication

Google Groups is the official WikiTree communication platform for this project. We also use Discord for collaboration. If you would like to be added to the Project's Discord server, please ask Missy Berryann to send you an invitation.

Useful Links

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