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Beside your name below, please keep track of what you're currently working on for this project. This is both for your own reference, and to aid collaboration amongst the project participants. If you are going to be temporarily inactive in the project (eg. on vacation), please note that here. Thanks!

  1. Thompson-2421
  2. Trond Oskars - Ancestors and genetic cousins, I work mostly in Nordmøre and Vestlandet generally.
  3. Lena Svensson - My own ancestors, the kings and queens of Sweden (hand in hand with the EuroAristo Project), and categories for Sweden (hand in hand with the Categorization Project).
  4. Doug Straiton - My own interests are in the Kingdom of the Isles and the Viking Period. Any early years history of interaction between Scandinavia and the British Isles. I am also a lead on the United Kingdom and European Aristocrats project for coordination with those projects.
  5. Jarl Mosand - My interests are working with my ancestors and working with Norwegian sources in general. Norway is very well documented to around 1700, through church books, local historians (bygdebøker etc) and the like. My interest is to implement this into Wikitree.
  6. Jennifer Gage- My family comes from Hadeland Norway. I have searched hundreds of parish records to locate my ancestors as we were never told what part of Norway they were from. Finally found the correct area. Each area of Norway has its own Lag (mine is Hadeland Lag) and they also have a lot of documentation on the people from their area. When can prove descendancy to a certain lag, amd jpin, will have access to so much.
  7. Bob Hvitfeldt - Many, many Norwegian Huitfeldts already in Wikitree. I'd like to work on attaching Didital Arkiv docs, and add categories. I'm also in the Sweden Project and Categorization Project. I've added some sources to Counties that didn't have much (31 Oct 16)).
  8. Marsha Magee - I am currently working on adding all my direct Norwegian ancestors onto wikitree.
  9. Jamie Nelson - I'm focusing on my own ancestors and cousins from Bergen and related families.
  10. Judy Bramlage- My focus in Norway starts with my paternal grandfather who migrated from Bergen between the world wars and stretches back to around 1590s in Sogn og Fjordane, as much as is documented. One of first tasks is figuring out to get my brother's Y-DNA into Wikitree from FamilyTreeDNA. Other than that I work a lot on my mother's mother's family name of Rowley and have created a Rowley Name Study, which is mostly centered in New England, USA. I am still working on all my direct Norwegian ancestors into WikiTree. I have the 5 of the 10 Luster, Sogn og Fjordane Gards-og Ættesoge and will glad to anyone with them.
  11. John Buck, Jr. - My Norwegian line begins with my gg grandfather's birth on Svimbøl farm in Tinn/Atrå County, Telemark. He migrated to the Sand/Suldal area in Rogaland where he married. In 1814 he immigrated, with his wife and three sons, to Juneau County, Wisconsin in 1857. They evidently came through Quebec, Canada, though I know of no record for their entrance.
  12. Lynda Crackett - I am English and have lived in Norway for 30 years. Curious about a couple of collateral lines that are Norwegian and also about my Scandinavian DNA matches who may possibly be the result of North Sea maritime activities since I have several seafaring lines in NE England.
  13. Craig Albrechtson - My paternal grandfather was of 100% Norwegian ancestry, with his family from south West Wisconsin. I've been slowly building up a tree for my Norwegian ancestors in Wikitree. Most of my Norwegian ancestors come from, Telemark, Sogn Og Fjordane, Oppland and Hedmark.
  14. Kristi (Moseson) Pagano- All of my great-grandparents immigrated to the United States in the mid to late 1800s, mainly to South Dakota and Minnesota. My Norwegian ancesters come from Norfjord, the Stavanger area, Luster, and other areas I have not yet identified. I am currently working on my own family tree and learning how to research Norwegian records.
  15. R. Greenup (Reba) My maternal great-grandparents came from Mo i Rana, Sogn og Fjordane, and another yet-to-be discovered place in Norway. They immigrated to the US in the late 1800s, initially to the Minnesota area. I am trying to add to my family tree and learning to interpret Norwegian records.
  16. Amanda Frank - My maternal great-grandfather's parents were both from Norway though they married in Wisconsin. I have a large ancestor list made for me by a relative connected to his mother. I may need help entering the names correctly.
  17. Ray Niekamp - My maternal grandfather's father was born in Cristiana. His father might have spelled the last name differently (Olson instead of Olsen), and might have been born in Sweden. Looking forward to unraveling this knot.
  18. Steve McGillivray - I can currently trace my Norwegian ancestry through my paternal 2x great-grandfather who emigrated from Gol, Norway and settled in the Mitchell/Worth county area of northern Iowa. I recently connected with a distant cousin on ancestry who's work may let me add 14 more generations to that line, going back to 1275.
  19. JD Ingraham - DNA testing of what I thought was my Scottish side of the family shows a large Scandinavian influence, and the other side of my family is Olson, descended from a Jens Olson from Norway in the mid 1800s. Looking to narrow my own history into some details with new sources.
  20. Jan Frederik Anker Solem I live in Norway, and have about 60% Norwegian ancestry (the rest being Swedish, German, and Danish). Currently working mostly on the Stoppenbrink and Anker families.
  21. Sigmund Pettersen In addition to continue adding information about my own ancestors I'm interested in the connections between the more "famous" families from Northern Norway from the 16-1700 until now (families such as Blix, Arctander, Falch, Ellingsen, Hveding, Giæver, Stoltenberg etc.) I'm also willing to work on finding sources for unsourced profiles and translations for those who don't read Norwegian
  22. Eric Hoffman - I'm primarily interested in my own ancestry, but also in learning more about the language, genealogical records (both parish records and bygeboker), etc. As a bit of a database nerd, I'm also interested in pushing for some sort of agreement on how to enter Norwegian names here on WikiTree.
  23. Bjørnar Tuftin - I'm Norwegian and have 15 Norwegian born great-great grandparents. I love WikiTree's concept of collaboration and the idea of adding my research to a place where it might all outlive me. And I'm always happy to help people who are unfamiliar with Norwegian primary source resources and Norway in general.
  24. Jim Wiborg Great to see a Norway Wikitree team! My father's families come from Oppland, Hedmark & Aust-Agder. Sign me up! Tusen Tak - Jim
  25. Leif Biberg Kristensen - I am a native Norwegian who since 1997 have been doing extensive genealogical research for the period 1660-1840 in the Lower Telemark region of Norway, mostly in the parishes of Solum and Holla, but also to varying degrees in Bamble, Porsgrunn, and Skien, in addition to follow-up of lines to other parishes in the vicinity. I'm running my own genealogy site called, where I have published my own transcripts of parish records etc. as well as a database of (currently) close to 30,000 public individuals. I'm planning to transfer a substantial part of this database to WikiTree.
  26. Jostein Hareide - I'm Norwegian and have tracked my maternal side back to the 1300s. I have 1100 people in my tree, and have taken a DNA. It shows 65% Scandinavian, so I am viking to the bone. The 35% left is Northern Europe.
  27. Kitty Munson Cooper my paternal side is Norwegian from several families: Kristiansand, Dramnen area and Etne, Hordaland. I own the Etnesoga and am happy to do lookups. I blog about DNA but also am quite proficient with the online Norwegian archives.. Here is my page about Norwegian research My father is Norwegian American, descended from 3 different families from Etne, Hordaland, and Vest Agder, and skogar, vestfold plus Telemark.. I own volumes II-V of the Etnesoga. I am mainly known as a DNA blogger but I have also many years of Norwegian Genealogy experience and have a page of help here:
  28. Katy Dehmlow I am interested in my Norwegian ancestors. I have a book on the Lewis and Molanda Lewis/Lewison family of Wisconsin and Southern Minnesota.
  29. Harald H. Soleng I am a native Norwegian and have followed my ancestors to different parts of Scandinavia.

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