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Welcome to the Notables Project
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Project Goals

The primary goal of the Notables Project is to create and improve profiles for notable figures from around the world and throughout history.

We are also tasked with monitoring and providing necessary protections for all Living Notables across the Global Tree.

Contact Us

The best way to contact the Notables Project is by posting a message on the current month's Notables thread in the G2G forum.

Join the Notables Project requesting membership on the Notables Google Group. Once approved, you can e-mail us at:

Leaders: Scott Fulkerson, David Randall, and Russell Butler.

Membership List

Requirements for Working on Profiles of any Notable

Before working on any profile of a notable, one must be familiar with and agree to follow the requirements involving notables on WikiTree. See: Requirements for Working on Profiles of Notables on WikiTree

Profiles Managed by the Notables Project that Need to be Connected

Please assist in connecting these notables. All of these notables will have deceased relatives where a possible connection to the Big Tree may be found. Additional profiles will be added to the category.

Click on the number of current connections under "unconnected notables" at the top of the profiles to identify deceased connections on the private tree to start. If you are able to connect, please leave a comment on the profile of the notable so that the category can be removed. Even if you can't connect, adding additional profiles will help get closer to making a connection.


Partner Projects

Because the Notables Project overlaps with all other WikiTree projects, we encourage collaboration with our partner projects by actively working with them to create, develop, and maintain Notable profiles. Project Leaders should contact any Notables Project Leader on issues of mutual concern.

Notables Managed by Other Projects on Wikitree

  1. Australia- Melanie Paul
  2. Canada - Russell Butler
  3. Denmark (MiniChallenge) - Dagmar Thorisdottir
  4. England - Jo Fitz-Henry
  5. Germany - Jelena Eckstädt
  6. Iceland (MiniChallenge) - Dagmar Thorisdottir
  7. Jewish Roots - Elaine Martzen
  8. New Zealand - Fiona McMichael
  9. Norway (MiniChallenge) - Dagmar Thorisdottir
  10. Sweden (MiniChallenge) - Dagmar Thorisdottir
  11. United States Black Heritage - Emma MacBeath

Global Project Country Projects - David Randall

  1. Andorra - Mark Lemen
  2. Armenia - Staci Golladay
  3. Cyprus - Mark Lemen
  4. Greece - Mark Lemen
  5. Grenada - Lisa Gervis
  6. Indonesia - Jay Day
  7. Jamaica - Elizabeth Viney
  8. Japan - Caitlin McCann
  9. Kenya - Eric Bain
  10. Liberia - Emma McBeath
  11. Liechtenstein - Mark Lemen
  12. Luxembourg - Eric Weddington
  13. Poland - Skye Sonczalla
  14. Saudi Arabia - Ray Sarlin
  15. Singapore - Darren Kellett
  16. Taiwan - Betsy Ko
  17. Tanzania - Steve Greenwood

Oceania - Darren Kellett

  1. Fiji
  2. Kiribati
  3. Marshall Islands
  4. Micronesia
  5. Nauru
  6. Palau
  7. Papua New Guinea
  8. Samoa
  9. Solomon Islands
  10. Tonga
  11. Tuvalu
  12. Vanuatu

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