Project: Notables/Note-vember Challenge 2015


The Challenge

"Note-vember" is a month-long challenge running from November 1st to 30th. Participants will create profiles for Notable people, write their biographies, and connect them to the world wide tree. Each week will have a different theme of Notables to focus on.

This week's G2G thread is here: Note-vember Week 1 - November 1 - 7.

Who Counts As a Notable Person

The Notables project uses Wikipedia's notability guidelines as a standard. Generally if a person has a Wikipedia article, they are considered Notable. However, if the person does not appear in Wikipedia and you can justify their fame (or infamy!) they count for this challenge.

Winners and Scoring

The winners are the three people who earn the most points, and they get bragging rights and a shiny Note-vember Winners badge. Anyone who earns 150 or more points gets a Note-vember Challenger badge.


How do the points work?

  • 5 points for writing a biography for a Notable person. You can do this on existing profiles that don't have a biography, or create a new profile.
  • 20 points for adding at least 10 people to a Notable person's family tree.
  • 25 points for connecting a Notable person to the world wide tree.

Tracking Your Points

Each Saturday in November, Erin Breen will open a question in G2G, with a title like "Note-vember Challenge Week of November 1-7." During that week, when you create or edit a profile that qualifies for points, share a link to it in the G2G thread along with your qualifying actions (create, biography, connection). At the end of the week, Erin will use the posts in the thread to update the score board.


Coming soon!


Add your name to the list below if you'd like to participate. You can join in any time in the month of November:

  • Erin Breen - I'm the administrator for the challenge.
  • Marie Windham Flores
  • And you, over there?

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