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The Nova Scotia Project is a sub-project of The Canadian History Project.

This project covers Nova Scotia from 1713 to present day, and Cape Breton after 1763. (For ancestors before these dates, check out WikiTree's Acadians Project!)

The goals of the Nova Scotia Project are:

  • to create and improve profiles of famous and notable Nova Scotians,
  • to create Free Space profiles for events, places, and other topics of genealogical interest pertaining to Nova Scotia,
  • to bring together WikiTreers with an interest in Nova Scotian families, and to share resources to further research



The coordinator of this project is:

(See the Canadian History Project page for the top-level project leader.)

If you would like to be involved in the Nova Scotia project, please do the following:

  1. Add nova_scotia to your list of followed tags. That way you'll see all of our discussions in your G2G Feed.
  2. Ask the Canadian History Leader to award you the Canadian History Project badge.
  3. Add your name to the list below, along with what you are working on, or what you would like to do.

Project Protected Profiles

Premiers of Nova Scotia - A list of Colonial and Provincial Premiers, and our progress chart for working on their genealogies.

Notable Nova Scotians - Our listing of profiles protected under this project, and suggestions for new profiles.

Colonial Governors of Nova Scotia A list of Colonial Governors, from 1710-1786, and our progress chart for working on their genealogies.

Lieutenant Governors of Nova Scotia A list of Lieutenant Governors, from 1786-1867, and our progress chart for working on their genealogies.

Lieutenant Governors of Cape Breton 1784-1820 From August 26, 1784 until October 9, 1820 Cape Breton was a seperate colony.

Related Categories

Notable Nova Scotians: This category list famous or historically-significant people from Nova Scotia.

Our Progress

Beside your name below, please keep track of what you're currently working on for this project. This is both for your own reference, and to aid collaboration amongst the project participants. If you are going to be temporarily inactive in the project (eg. on vacation), please note that here. Thanks!

  • Erin Breen - facilitating the project and getting things started for now (June 2, 2014)
  • Jessie Boutilier - general research of Cape Breton families; I have a lot of books from the area
  • George Churchill - Research assistance in the South West part of Nova Scotia and special interest in the Churchill family.
  • Laurie Giffin - Many of my ancestors were "New England Planters" who settled in Annapolis, Colchester, Guysborough, Halifax, Lunenburg, Queens, Shelburne, and Yarmouth Counties before 1776.


Canadian records including Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia-specific

Some families that settled in Nova Scotia

Some useful sources which are under copyright (not available online or behind a paywall)

Ideas for in-person visits

  • Nova Scotia Archives
  • Many communities have a local historical and/or genealogical society (you don't have to join to pay them a visit, its a good idea to contact them in advance to make sure they are open when you stop by)
  • A listing of Nova Scotia cemeteries by county. This does not include a database of persons

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