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  • Enos Collins - A successful privateer owner who used his privateering fortune to start the Halifax Banking Company, now the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. - managed by Jason Clark
  • John Howe - Loyalist, printer, postmaster, spy, and Magistrate of the Colony of Nova Scotia. - managed by Katharine E.
  • Alexander Keith (1795 - 1873) - politician, Mayor of Halifax, Freemason, founder of the Alexander Keith's Nova Scotia Brewery.
  • Joseph Oxley - Justice of the Peace and a Member of the Nova Scotia Assembly (Legislative Assembly) for Cumberland, from 1826 to 1836. - managed by Erin Breen

Notable Nova Scotians Who Don't Yet Have Profiles

These notable Nova Scotians don't have profiles in WikiTree yet. If you add them, please move their name and a link to their profile to the list above.

  • Thomas Beamish Akins (1809 - 1891) - provincial archivist and librarian.
  • Richard Bulkeley (1717 - 1800) - governor, known as "the Father of Nova Scotia."
  • Harry Piers (1870 - 1940) - historian and museum curator.
  • Thomas Head Raddall (1903 to 1994) - historian and author of historical fiction. Survivor of the Halifax Explosion.
  • William Valentine (1798-1849) - portrait painter and daguerrotypist. Considered the first photographer in Nova Scotia.

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