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Welcome to the One Place Studies Project!

One Place Study Project

A One Place Study is a historical and genealogical study of a specific place and all the people who have lived there. Our mission is to encourage and assist those interested in the study of one-place genealogy and history. The project also aims to promote connections to the Worldwide family tree from within local family groups in one-place studies at WikiTree.


How to Join

Are you interested in the One Place Studies Project?one_place_studies.gif

Don't forget to include the URL of your freespace page!

For a full list of participants, see the badge report.

Where are we studying?

To see where we are studying, check out the Project Members page of participants or the One Place Studies category.

To see what locations are currently being studied in the United States, see the One Place Studies/US History page.

Members Only: Starting Your OPS on WikiTree

  • Go to the 'Add' drop-down menu at the top and click on 'New Thing'.
  • #3 - among the things to create is a One Name Study (which you then tweak to become a One Place Study). This will become your Project Page (where you list your goals, who to contact, and so on).
  • Then create the category hierarchy (example:

[[Category:Dorchester, Dorset One Place Study]] [[Category:Dorset Place Studies]] then Save

  • You will see the category links near the top of the main part of the page; click on the Dorchester, Dorset One Place Study one and that will take you to your category page (which will be a listing for all the relevant profiles). The category you will use for the relevant profiles will be (example) [[Category:Dorchester, Dorset One Place Study]]. You put that on the profile of each person who lived there at that time, and then they will be linked to your OPS.
  • Create a Free Space page for your place. This page is a good place to write a more detailed history than can fit on a category page, as well as add photos of the place, details of your study, and anything else that could be useful.
  • Add a template to your Free Space page. See Templates.

Starting Your Research

The research involved in a one-place study will vary according to the records available in that place. Here are some records you will probably want to research for your study:

  • Vital records (eg. birth, marriage, and death records)
  • Parish/church records (eg. baptism, marriage, and burial records)
  • Censuses
  • Land records
  • Cemeteries (If you live near your place of interest, you may want to photograph the local cemeteries! Check out the Global Cemeteries Project to get involved.)
  • Add more here!

Project Boxes for One Place Study

If you need help using the Project Box, ask in G2G. It's best to use only one Project Box so the profiles pages are not crowded.

{{One Place Study
| place = the place covered by your study

Note: Change the text to reflect the name of your One Place study.

This profile is part of the St. Fran├žois Xavier, Manitoba One Place Study.

Useful Resources

Kirsty Gray of The Society of One Place Study has a couple new videos on beginning an OPS:

Starting an OPS from Scratch

One Place Study from Scratch

Reconstructing a Community

Reconstructing a Community

Helpful PDFs about doing a One Place Study

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