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Warszawa, stolicą Polski; Warsaw, capital of Poland



The Poland Project exists to encourage people whose ancestry is from the area of present day Poland and/or ethnically Polish to record their heritage. This project serves as a forum for researchers and descendants of all people born in Poland at any point in history. Our mission is: to develop, improve and add sources to profiles of those who lived in Poland or have Polish ancestry; to build a library of information and resources; to facilitate collaboration among our members with Polish interests; to create a regional project that will help WikiTree attract members from other countries; to highlight the diversity of the Polish culture and people.

How to Join

Are you interested in the Poland Project?poland.gif

Our Goals

  • Provide a collaborative environment for WikiTree members researching their Polish ancestors.
  • Identify and link to repositories and other areas with Polish records.
  • Establish guidelines for consistent use of Polish related Categories being used at WikiTree.
  • Locate or create profiles for historically significant Poles for a notable category; identify them for the project, add biographies and sources; add project - protection.
  • Search out original rather than derivative documentation and add sources.
  • Ensure biographies are formatted using the Styles and Standards guidelines.
  • Work with the Global Cemeteries Project to ensure cemeteries in Poland are added to WikiTree.
  • Assist the European Aristocrats Project with maintenance of the Polish royal and noble lines (Piast Dynasty, House of Piast)
  • Provide information to Wikitree users about current activities within the Project, including ways they can help.

Your Wikitree Profile

  • For those interested in the Poland Project, please copy/paste the following text to your personal profile only: {{Member|Poland}} Jeśli jesteś członkiem Wikitree i badasz swoich przodków w Polsce, skopiuj i wklej następujący tekst do swojego osobistego profilu: {{Member|Poland|lang=pl}}
  • Please note the followed tag has changed from POLAND TO POLAND_EUROPE. This will separate the surname from the country on your "Wiki Genealogy Feed" (which appears on your navigation homepage).
  • It is important to indicate on your profile which language you speak. You do so by adding the following sticker if you speak English: {{Languages|en}}.
    • If you only speak a little English you would add {{Languages|en-1}}
    • The number after "en" (English) is the degree of understanding. 0 = no understanding; 1 = basic; 2 = intermediate, 3 = advanced, 4 = near-native.
    • Use this format if you speak other languages: de = Deutsch, pl = Polski, uk = Ukrainian/українська.
    • For more information and languages see: Language Template page
  • If you are a professional genealogist with focus on Poland, please add this category to your personal Wikitree profile: Category: Poland, Professional Genealogists.

What are we working on now?

  • Skye has become a new Poland Project Coordinator. She brings her expertise from working as the Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria Project Coordinator. Her goals are categorization, and organizing all Polish information so it is more "find-friendly" for Wikitree users. She is also sensitive about bridging the language barrier between English Wikitree and our Polish-speaking Wikitree users. If you have any suggestions, please send her a message!
  • There is a *NEW* approved structure for Poland categorization.Space:Categorization_structure_for_Poland Oct 2022. The Poland Project is constantly working on adding village categories to profiles, pages, and/or projects that can be found on Wikitree.
  • New discussion is being facilitated on how we can build a better bridge between present day Poland village categories and Prussia categories (Germany Project). Stay tuned.

What can you do to help?

  • If you speak fluently in Polish and English, we would like a team to translate the "Help" pages in the Wikitree drop down menu to Polish. If you are interested please contact Skye.
  • If you are aware of any projects, categories or free space pages directly related to Poland, please let us know. We would like to increase the visibility of that item by adding it under a village category. The village categories in Poland serve as an index to all things related to that village from any point in history (scroll down for more information.)
  • ANYONE may categorize a village, following the instructions. Instructions are there to provide consistency throughout the project. If you would like one created for you, simply add your profile to the appropriate voivodeship (it may not be seen if listed in the county/powiat category.)
    • If you are able to create a village category, please help the Poland Project by finding other Wikitree profiles connected to that location. Double click on the "Find" option at the top right of your screen and scroll toward the bottom, where you will see the option to look for pages, categories, etc. Enter the village name, county, or voivodeship (in English, Polish, German or other possible language.) Add the category you just created. You only need to add the English or Polish version of the village category (profiles will appear under both languages after Wikitree Admin performs a software backup.)
  • Have you gathered a ton of information about a particular village and do not know what to do with it? Consider sharing what you know and create a free space page! If you create a village category for that village, you may attach the free space page in the Category Information Box (CIB). Contact any coordinator for help.
  • Poland Project has updated the voivodeship space pages that are linked within the categories. Please add any information you would like to share that is of use to other genealogy researchers of that region. Please do not hesitate to correct any errors.
  • We recently added the category Category: Poland, Family Brick Walls. If you have brick wall ancestors from Poland place those profiles here. Anyone can look at this category and try to assist you in their time. Please make sure the privacy settings are open; otherwise, placing the profile here serves no purpose.


Poland has a very long complex history of border changes. The Poland Project's category structure uses present day location categories as a baseline index for anything attached to that village/city (Wikitree profiles, Cemeteries, Projects, etc.) Therefore, you should create a present day Poland village category. It is optional to add a historical category (listed below.) If you would like a category made for you, place the item in the correct present day voivodeship where it will be seen by coordinators and make sure you set the privacy settings to OPEN (it needs to be open in order for us to work on it.) If your only knowledge is that your ancestor is from Poland, only place {{Polish Roots}} and Category: Poland, Family Brick Walls on their profile. Please DO NOT place them in the general Poland category.

  • If your ancestors are from Prussia (Poland, 1701-1918), each present day voivodeship has a hyperlink to relevant Prussian Provinces. You should categorize with the present-day Poland location and the Prussian county/bezirk (preferred by the Germany Project.)
  • If your ancestors are from Congress Poland, Russian Empire (1721-1918), each present day voivodeship has a hyperlink to those Russian provinces. You should categorize with present day Poland location (and if desired, add the Congress Poland province. Villages are not actively created under the Congress Poland time-frame. Typically they are only created when linked to other projects.)
  • If your ancestors are from Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria (1772-1918), each voivodeship has an explanation of how to categorize. The Galicia Project is heavily developed already. You may also create a present-day village for Poland (usually needed for cemeteries, projects or time-frame outside of Galicia), but we do ask that you add the village from Galicia as a subcategory to the present day location. See example: Category:Cieplice,_Przeworsk,_Subcarpathian,_Poland. Contact Skye for help.
  • Historical categories such as Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth or Second Polish Republic are only needed for projects or pages. They include regions outside of present day Poland.

Again, the Poland Project categorizes villages under present day information. The present day village category can be attached to any profile, page, project from any point in history. It serves as a baseline index for everything attached to that village: See the approved Space:Categorization_structure_for_Poland.

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WikiTree Resources

Remember: a lot of questions can be answered by referring to the help pages link at the top right on all pages.

Poland Project Stickers

For more information about stickers and creation of stickers or sticker templates related to Poland: Space:Poland_Stickers

If you want to designate that your have Polish ancestry, you can place this sticker on profiles, including your own if you wish. If you have other Slavic Ancestry like Russian, Czech, Galician and so on, they have their own stickers you may want to use. This sticker is not attached to a category.

{{Sticker |category= Polish_Roots |image = Flags-17.jpg |text={{Name}} has Polish Roots.}}results in:

... ... ... has Polish Roots.

This template can be on any profile of a person with Polish ancestors. It will automatically place profiles here: Category:Polish_Roots. Copy and paste this text, then add below the biography heading on any of your ancestor's profiles:

{{Polish Roots Sticker}} results in:

... ... ... has Polish Roots.

For more information on Polish Roots Stickers: Template:Polish_Roots_Sticker

Project Templates

Place the following sticker on any Polish related profiles that require project management, regardless if they emigrated or not, especilally if they are notable. For a list of all profiles using {{Polish Roots}}: Category:Polish_Roots.

  • The template gives you this: {{Polish Roots}}results in:
    Flag of Poland
    ... ... ... has Polish ancestry.
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    Discuss: polish_roots

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