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Witamy! Welcome to the Poland Project!

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Warszawa, stolicą Polski; Warsaw, capital of Poland



The Poland Project is a project for WikiTreers interested in improving the profiles of early Polish people and their descendants.This project serves as a forum for researchers and descendants of all people born in Poland at any point in history; anyone interested in Poland or Polish ancestry may join! Our mission is: to develop, improve and add sources to profiles of those who lived in Poland or have Polish ancestry; to build a library of information and resources; to facilitate collaboration among our members with Polish interests; to create a regional project that will help WikiTree attract members from other countries; to highlight the diversity of the Polish culture and people.

How to Join


For a list of members with the badge, see the badge feed.

Project Leaders: Maggie N, Michael Maranda, Summer Orman

  • Let us know here on our G2G post that you would like to join the project.
  • Add POLISH_ROOTS and POLAND to your G2G tag feed.
  • Request to join our Google discussion group.

Our Goals

  • Provide a collaborative environment for WikiTree members researching their Polish ancestors.
  • Identify and link to repositories and other areas with Polish records.
  • Establish guidelines for consistent use of Polish related Categories being used at WikiTree.
  • Locate or create profiles for historically significant Poles for a notable category; identify them for the project, add biographies and sources; add project - protection.
  • Search out original rather than derivative documentation and add sources.
  • Ensure biographies are formatted using the Styles and Standards guidelines.
  • Work with the Global Cemeteries Project to ensure cemeteries in Poland are added to WikiTree.
  • Assist the European Aristocrats Project with maintenance of the Polish royal and noble lines (Piast Dynasty, House of Piast)

Project Templates

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