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Witamy! Welcome to the Poland Project!

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Warszawa, stolicą Polski; Warsaw, capital of Poland



The Poland Project exists to encourage people of Polish ancestry to record their heritage. The Poland Project is also a project for WikiTreers who are interested in improving the profiles of early Polish people and their descendants. This project serves as a forum for researchers and descendants of all people born in Poland at any point in history; anyone interested in Poland or Polish ancestry may join! Our mission is: to develop, improve and add sources to profiles of those who lived in Poland or have Polish ancestry; to build a library of information and resources; to facilitate collaboration among our members with Polish interests; to create a regional project that will help WikiTree attract members from other countries; to highlight the diversity of the Polish culture and people.

How to Join

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Our Goals

  • Provide a collaborative environment for WikiTree members researching their Polish ancestors.
  • Identify and link to repositories and other areas with Polish records.
  • Establish guidelines for consistent use of Polish related Categories being used at WikiTree.
  • Locate or create profiles for historically significant Poles for a notable category; identify them for the project, add biographies and sources; add project - protection.
  • Search out original rather than derivative documentation and add sources.
  • Ensure biographies are formatted using the Styles and Standards guidelines.
  • Work with the Global Cemeteries Project to ensure cemeteries in Poland are added to WikiTree.
  • Assist the European Aristocrats Project with maintenance of the Polish royal and noble lines (Piast Dynasty, House of Piast)


If you want to designate that your have Polish ancestry, you can place this sticker on profiles, including your own if you wish. If you have other Slavic Ancestry like Russian, Czech, Galician and so on, they have their own stickers you may want to use.

This template can be on any profile of a person with Polish ancestors. This sticker will automatically place profiles in the [[Category:Polish_Roots]] To put this sticker on a profile, simply copy and paste the following below the Biography headline:

{{Polish Roots Sticker}}

This displays the following:

... ... ... has Polish Roots.

Here are profiles and pages using the sticker.

The link for the Polish Roots Sticker is here: Template:Polish_Roots_Sticker

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