Project: Profile Improvement/Worklist

This page lists all the subsections of the Project and list who is working on which. Each section will have a leader who helps co ordinate the work and who is a first line to approach with any problems.


Profile Review

In the maintenance category there is a category for Profile review requests. Anyone can submit a profile for review by Profile Improvement members. This is a most important feature. Members who ask for help want to improve their profiles and this is our chance to help them, and save ourselves work later!

All members of the Project are able to check the list and give advice, paying particular attention to the Style Guidelines and what the member has asked advice on. It is important to remain positive and friendly helping members to improve, to guide rather than push. It is probably best if only one Project member deals with each profile to avoid confusion, but if you are getting out of your depth please ask another member for help or to take over the discussion, conflicts can arise when helping people and we want everyone to feel better about improving profiles.

As the advice is placed on the profile bulletin board it is easy to see if someone is already helping, but it can be good training to see how the problems were handled.

There is no need to list yourself here, all of us are expected to be active when needed.


Leader AnneB with Robin Kabrich as assistant.

All profiles need at least one source for every fact. Many profiles have no sources, lots more have some sources missing or do not have sources that can be checked for reliability. The sources group use the [[Category:Unsourced_Profiles]] to find profiles in need of help and try to find sources to add using the Style Guide standard.

Once sources have been added the category may be removed from the profile. (Note for discussion, should we require a consensus that enough sources are added before removing the category.)

Members working on this subsection are -
Connie Graves my watchlist, unsourced Netherlands
Joop van Belzen Working on my own and any profile of the Netherlands.
Michele Bergin any profile from England.
Lianne Lavoie - working on Category: Canada, Unsourced Profiles.
Matt Pryber Germany, United States. James Lawrence 1781-1813
Maggie Sourcing Descendants of Pocahontas project (mainly Virginia)
Vic Watt Colonial New England
Bob Keniston Colonial New England, but mainly Massachusetts
Robin Kabrich My watchlist, Civil War Veterans, any United States profiles I can help with.
AnneB Early Connecticut, especially New Haven, & Massachusetts.
Sally Stovall (Assistant PIP Leader) All United States profiles.
Shirley Dalton Colonial Virginia, my own watchlist.
Lena Svensson Sweden, my own watchilst.
Gaile Connolly My watchlist, which includes my own family and 800+ members of an abandoned gedcom that I adopted
Maryann Hurt My watchlist and other profiles I've adopted or are related to adoptees, and other profiles checked out while rangering.
Hope Tillman My watchlist and related profiles to start with.
Joanne Coombs My watch list and other related profiles.
Dodie Bartlett My watchlist, family tree, and any other profiles related.
Henry Chadwick Colonial New England, especially New Hampshire.
Joe Cochoit Sourcing PGM and medieval profiles.
Debi Hoag Primarily Southeast USA. Sometimes just adding the template.
David Loring My watchlist and anything else I come across including all profiles I adopt.
Maggie Andersson Will help adding profiles to the Swedish unsourced category.
John Bentley My watchlist and other Bentley profiles as part of the Bentley Name Study.
Carole Taylor Puzzles... Love to find a profile that has no parents and find them, and place their loves, lives, and kids and what they did to survive. Civil War Soldiers are my obsession.
Michelle Wilkes My watchlist and UK profiles, mainly Southern England at the moment
Peter Cameron My watchlist, Scotland and England, mostly Lancashire at present

Gedcom tidying

Section Leader position open and AnneB

The Maintenance categories page has a category for gedcom tidying required, these are long standing gedcom imports that have never been tidied, although some may have been merged which makes them look even worse. Project members can use the category page to identify profiles in need of help and work on them following the Style guide for gedcom imports, adding citation needed templates or unsourced profile category if needed.

Active Project members are -

Bea Wijma my own watchlist ,project ones and any profile I come across
John Floyd Any profile that needs tiding up, and any profile while merging.
Michele Bergin any profile, I love to do Gedcom tidying.
Smith-32867 : I do this while merging PGM dupes, many of which were generated by GEDCOMs
Matt Pryber Germany, United States.
Maggie Any profiles: my own, post-merge and some project ones.
Vic Watt Any profiles I fall across, post-merge and some project profiles.
Robin Kabrich my own watch list; James Monroe Walker and associated profiles after I merged his profile from "Needs Merging" category!
AnneB I just keep finding these, and tidy as I go.
Julie Ricketts - I find myself obsessively removing extraneous information as I run across these. Some days I just have to look away.
Shirley Dalton Colonial Virginia, my own watchlist and any others I run across.
Lena Svensson Sweden, my own watchilst.
Gaile Connolly My watchlist, which includes my own family and 800+ members of an abandoned gedcom that I adopted
Nan Lambert Orphaned profiles, and of course my own watchlist.
Ashley Lloyd My own watchlist and any others I come across.
Pat Credit My watchlist, family tree, and orphaned profiles I come across.
Dodie Bartlett My watchlist, family tree, and any other profiles related.
Terry Welshans Orphaned PGM profiles
Summer Orman my watchlist, post merges, project related profiles, randoms
Joe Cochoit Where ever I find it.
Connie Graves My watchlist and others that are glaringly obvious in need of first aid
Debi Hoag Wherever needs doing, primarily orphaned. Sometimes just adding the category.
David Loring My watchlist and any GEDCOM nightmare I come across.
Cindy Vincens My watchlist, including the orphaned profiles I adopt.
John Bentley My watchlist and other Bentley profiles as part of the Bentley Name Study.
Amy Kelly - My watchlist + profiles I run across in challenges and projects.
Michelle Wilkes UK profiles, mainly Southern England at the moment
Joan Whitaker Any UK profile, especially Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire

Basic Layout

Leader probably the same as Gedcom tidying.

This is an extension of gedcom tidying but applies to manually entered and merged profiles as well, this is where the facts of the Biography are arranged in the order they happened, inline sources are added to the correct facts, profile templates and succession boxes are added if required. A start can be made on adding any media and categories. If some dates are missing now is the time to add estimated dates, especially for birth and death as these help with matching profiles, use of the {{DateGuess}} template is recommended.

We still need a method of identifying these profiles, probably a category that can be added when other groups have done their work of adding sources etc.

Project members active in the section -

Dodie Bartlett My watchlist, family tree, and any other profiles related.
Michele Bergin any profile.
Robin Craig - Working to improve my own profiles as well as those in the PGM and Magna Carta projects.
Jo Hollingsworth - As a former professional editor, I can't really help myself. May as well make it official!
Maryann Hurt as Sally says, "My watchlist and many other messy profiles I come across" which stir my interest.
Ashley Lloyd My watchlist and many other messy profiles I come across.
Maggie N. - Presidents Project Profiles.
Jillaine Smith I (and other PGM volunteers) do this as part of PGM project work.
Sally Stovall My watchlist and many other messy profiles I come across.
Bea Wijma my own watchlist, project ones and any profile I come across


Section Leader

This is the hard and interesting part, assembling the sources, layout and media into an engaging story of the persons life, this is where all the preparation done earlier pays off, it is acknowledged this can be the hardest part for many people, even when writing about your own line, let alone strangers. The hope is that many Profile Managers will take over this stage when the see the work that has been done.

Project members active in this section are -

Bea Wijma my own watchlist ,project ones
Michele Bergin any profile, but mainly England based, that I feel I can write up a good narrative.
Smith-32867 01:53, 30 March 2014 (EDT): Mostly colonial New England profiles
Matt Pryber Germany, United States. James Lawrence 1781-1813
Robin Kabrich Working mostly on my own watchlist with concentration on Civil War Veterans or any others that interest me.
Lena Svensson Sweden, my own watchilst.
Joan Whitaker Working on adding biographies on my own profiles. Not very good at it, but getting better and learning all the time.

Working on own Watchlist

Just as important as working on the identified problem Projects is working on our own, showing members what can be achieved, getting profiles noticed in Profile of the Week contests or on social media.

Project members who are concentrating on their own profiles include -

  • Joop van Belzen Improving my own profiles and help others to find Sources and to add those in the biography in a proper manner.
  • Melanie Armstrong - I would like to help with the clean up.
  • Holly Battle - Working on any profile in the maintenance category; love long profiles and merging. Also getting back into my own profiles where I have been sloppy!
  • Barbara Jean Duren - Have merged or rejected all duplicates on my watchlist, added birth dates to everyone who was missing one on my watchlist. Currently, working on cleaning up profiles and adding sources to any profiles I find that need them and adding categories as need.
  • Lianne Lavoie - Preparing some of my own profiles for Profile of the Week nomination, and improving the sources in my tree.
  • Robin Kabrich - working on my own, plus collateral profiles for the Civil War Project (many of which are mine!)
  • Julie Ricketts - Working on profiles of my own and cleaning up those that cross my path. Mainly concerned with GEDCOM clean-up, primary sources and adding estimated birthdates to make lists of potential duplicates easier to navigate.
  • Becky Syphers Mayflower, New England, and Nova Scotia ancestry. Presently add profiles from my watch list that need cleanup to my cleanup category.
  • Dan Thompson - While concentrating on my own watchlist also working on collateral profiles primarily in PGM and Scottish Clans.
  • Sally Stovall Working on my own profiles plus all other profiles I come across.
  • Lena Svensson Sweden, my own watchilst.
  • Shannon Thomas - I am working on my own profiles and any others that I come across.
  • Gaile Connolly My watchlist, which includes my own family and 800+ members of an abandoned gedcom that I adopted (if I ever get to the point of knowing enough about the life of someone dead long enough to be open, I would love to try for Profile of the Week)
  • J. Salsbery - I am constantly cleaning up profiles that I run across while working on other projects I am involved in; Magna Carta Project, Categorization Project, etc. When I see a profile that is in need of improvement, I usually stop to do it. This includes cleaning up my own where I was sloppy or in a hurry, or when I merge or connect to other profiles.
  • Chryse Whitis - I am currently working on my watch list. I am still available for questions or comments.
  • Patt Roche - On my watchlist, currently double checking sources, data accuracy and hunting for missing sources. Adding their siblings families, that I have information for, in hopes of connecting to other branches and orphaned profiles. Will keep an eye out for housekeeping opportunities and tackle some of the profiles already listed here.
  • Melissa Dyniec - I really want to improve my watch list, but if there's somewhere I can help, I'm glad to do that too.
  • Anders Kaas Petersen - I'll start on my own watchlist and many also some other Danish profiles.
  • James Hail - I am just beginning with WikiTree and have already seen conflicting information between what I have found and others. My first steps are to reconcile my existing data with others to provide the most accurate information currently known.
  • Ashley Lloyd - My own watchlist definitely needs work.
  • Pat Credit Mostly my watchlist.
  • Sarah Rojas Working currently on my own watchlist then I plan to move onto my followed surnames!
  • Joanne Coombs I'm currently tidying my watch list, adding estimated date templates and sources where needed.
  • Dorothy Barry - Cleaning up and adding sources to my watchlist especially those that are a part of the Barry_Name_Study and those Barry profiles that have no manager.
  • Dodie Bartlett My watchlist, family tree, and any other profiles related.
  • AnneB After being here two years, I decided it was time to add my own family, but now I have to clean up the family I added with a small gedcom.
  • Summer Orman - currently focusing on GEDCOM clean ups of my own watchlist and any profile I run across; sourcing as able; main focus is any member of the O'Neill dynasty of Ireland, for which I have an Irish roots subproject; I love to clean up GEDCOM imports, and name fields, particularly putting middle names and titles in correct areas.
  • David Loring I am guilty of trotting off across the world working on profiles of unconnected (to me) people whilst ignoring my own! I need to get back to that.
  • Weldon Smith I'm starting with my own profiles, making them consistent in style and as completely sourced as possible (almost 600 of them and counting). I stop and add Open Space profiles of background and history to put my profiles in more complete context. I like that part the best. Then I plan to work on profiles that my lineages connect to. The above should take about a lifetime, but if any time left over, I can grab tasks from our worklist.
  • Maggie Andersson Working on my own watchlist to start with.
  • Cindy Vincens I have a lot of profiles from GEDCOM imports and from adopting orphaned profiles, so I'm planning on taking care of these first.
  • John Bentley My watchlist and other Bentley profiles as part of the Bentley Name Study.
  • Charlotte Shockey - Working on my Watchlist currently and any I come to along the way.
  • David Peter - working on updating, cleaning and improving profiles on my watchlist.
  • Kerry Larson - Working on sourcing and formatting for any profile in my ancestry, or any others needing help I come across.
  • Ray Niekamp - Cleaning up my watchlist, and others I come across.
  • Bobbie Hall - Working on my own profiles and watchlist mainly, as I have a lot still needing biographies written. Mayflower, New England and Scotland are my focus.
  • Julie Guthrie - Initially my own watchlist, then the wider Guthrie family, and afterwards, who knows.
  • Iain Old - Own watchlist - Olds, McAuslands, Binghams, Scotts, Watts, Selkirks, Kidds etc etc.
  • Joan Whitaker - Working mainly on my own profiles, but occasionally doing bits of work on others that I come across.

Unknowns Sub-Project

Leader Shirley Dalton

Shirley Dalton

Nan Lambert Currently concentrating on the many variants that should be Unknown.

Database Errors Sub-Project

  • Connie Graves gender errors, Error 310, and assorted from weekly list
  • Nan Lambert Primarily working on duplicates and profiles that should be open.
  • B.W.J. Molier Dutch profiles and profiles I come across.
  • Carol Keeling Working on merging duplicates, DB error code 106.
  • Marty Acks Working most on missing and wrong genders
  • Joop van Belzen Dutch profiles especially Zeeland.
  • Dawn Ellis Working on my own family errors and specific error categories each week.
  • Jan Terink Dutch profiles in locations Noord-Holland and Amsterdam
  • Kitty Linch Working on errors mostly on orphan profiles.
  • Bob Keniston Working on gender issues and bio clean-up.
  • Debi Hoag Working mostly on 811 unmerged bio cleanup with some parsing errors thrown in to keep it interesting.
  • Peter Cameron Working mainly on UK relationship errors & duplicates.

This page is still under construction, please contact AnneB for details and with any questions.

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